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Feature Articles

UnderAge Clubbin' (Lucy Carr, September 2nd, 2000)
For a Happ'nin' New Year's (Ben Clissold, November 16th, 1999)
Funny Stories (Ben Clissold, October 12th, 1999)
The Redhead set to close (Ben Clissold, February 3rd, 1999)
Diamonds goes into receivership (Ben Clissold, December 17th, 1998)
Are passes effective? (Ben Clissold, October 29th, 1998)
Inside the Mind of a DJ (Ben Clissold, October 26th, 1998)
Why a Nightclub Should Ban Smoking (Ben Clissold, October 21st, 1998)
Selling to Students (Ben Clissold, October 21st, 1998)
For Beginners (Ben Clissold, June 28th, 1998)
When You Finish School (Ben Clissold, July 17th, 1998)
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Tourist Guides

MAX's tourist guide to Melbourne (Ben Clissold, October 2001)
MAX's tourist guide to Canberra (Ben Clissold, May 2001)
MAX's tourist guide to Perth (Ben Clissold, June 2001)
MAX's tourist guide to Tasmania (Ben Clissold, July 2001)
MAX's tourist guide to Europe (Ben Clissold, August 2002)
MAX's tourist guide to the USA (Ben Clissold, August 2001)
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DJ Interviews

Scotty E (Thur @ Wheelers Hill, Fri & Sat @ Spy Lounge, occasionally @ Club UK) (Ben Clissold, January 22nd, 2002)
Chris G (Marquee) (Ben Clissold, March 29th, 1999)
Peter Allen (Goo @ Metro, Switch @ Red Ant, SubCulture @ CBD) (Ben Clissold, November 13th, 1998)
Scotty B (Tuesday, Friday @ Berwick Inn, Saturday @ The Palace (Camberwell)) (Ben Clissold, November 21st, 1998)

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Cover Band Interviews

You guys can do these...

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