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When you Finish School

by Ben Clissold

Only a few months to go for this year's VCE students. Then its out into the next big stage in their lives. Will it be work, Uni, TAFE, nothing, or year 12 all over again? What you do in the next few months will decide that, so its worth putting the hard work in now, so you do not regret it later on.

It is a tough point in your life, because you are making decisions for your future. Until this point of your life you have had a defined path to follow, from here its up to you. From kinder your parents moved you to primary school, and then to High School. Now the choice is yours. If you go onto further study, you will have to do it all over again as you move into the workforce. Your future is in your hands, but the independence is a good thing.

This is the key thing with finishing school. You are going to gain the freedom of a license, your social life can take off, choices are yours, but they are never easy. The one you are facing now is what next. Can I make it to uni, how about TAFE, maybe an apprenticeship or other work? How do you decide?

Well to put it simply, work out what is for you. Uni is definitely not for everyone, neither is TAFE, but an apprenticeship may be your go. It depends on who you are, how motivated you are, and where you want to get to. Following are a collection of different ways to go.

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