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MAX MOOSE Interview:

Scotty E

Thur @ Wheelers Hill, Fri & Sat @ Spy Lounge, occasionally @ Club UK

January 22nd, 2002

by Max Moose
Scotty E Itís all about technique
Scotty E has done a lot of great gigs in a very short space of time. He loves his pumping house beats, but also has one of the best groove sets you will ever hear. He is also a pretty decent bloke. Here is the inside word...

Name:Scotty E (Erdos)
D.O.B.:September 20, 1979
Other Occupations:Manager of DJ company (Melb City Disc Jockeys)
Marital Status:Single
Hobbies:Spending money
Fav. TV Show:Seinfeld
Fav. Movie:


Fav. Type of Music:Vocal house
Fav. Artist:Bob Sinclair
Fav. Song Ever:Flashdance
Fav. Current Song:Whereís Your Head At - Basement Jaxx (Canít get enough of it) (22.01.02)

What are your current gigs?
Wheelers Hill Hotel (Thursday, Friday & Sunday) and Club Uk (Here and there) (22.01.02).

Where else have you worked?
Spy Lounge, Tatou, P.O.D, Hallam Hotel, 21st Century, Forum Theatre etc.

What was your first gig, and when was it?
Milennium nightclub, Mornington in 1998.

What was your best gig and why?
Tatou. Because the crowd never left the dance floor and rocked to every tune!

What would be your dream gig?
Any Ibiza gig.

What was your most embarrassing DJ moment?
Falling out of the DJ box into the crowd (mind you I was pissed!).

How did you start DJing?
I used to buy every song that I liked and one night I took my music to a friendís party and ended up DJing. The party went off and Iíve never looked back.

Who is your idol as a DJ?
Andy Van, John Course and Wil E Tell.

Why do you DJ?
The love of music and the perks (women and free alcohol).

I believe that first part of that. Do you prefer vinyl or CD?
Vinyl cause you more feel of mixing.

What makes a great song?
A uplifting beat and catchy lyrics.

Do you have a trademark?
My music is always funky.

What makes you different?
I always play to the crowd and never to myself!

What do you think of requests?
They can all go and get F@#ked!!!

What is the funniest thing youíve seen from the booth?
A bloke pull a girlís boob tube down and her tities fell out (and they were great!).

Who is the best DJ in Melbourne?
Quinny (Sean Quinn).

And finally, what do you think of mooses?
Love your work!

Very humble. Cheers.

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