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MAX MOOSE Interview:

Peter Allen

Goo @ Metro Thursday, Switch @ Red Ant Saturdays, SubCulture @ CBD Saturdays

November 13, 1998

by Max Moose
Pic of Pete Profile
Note: Pete is back @ SubCulture...

Peter Allen is one of the best alternative DJs in Melbourne, and a good mate of mine. We shared a promotions duopoly at Monash Uni, and have bounced more than a few ideas off each other over the years. He has since swung into DJing, and with credits like Goo, Hard ‘n’ Fast, and SubCulture, Melbourne’s three best known alternative nights, he isn’t doing too badly.

Name:Peter Allen
Other Occupations:Professional DJ
Achievements:Working in Melbourne’s three biggest clubs - Metro, Chasers, Chevron - or at least they think so
Marital Status:With Di
Motto:You’re only young once, but you can be immature your whole life
Hobbies:LaCrosse, Play Station - eight hours a day and calices on your thumbs. Gran Tourismo is great
Hates:Pushy patrons, that think you’re there to serve them alone. They get worse as they have more alcohol
Favourite Book:The Hobbit
Fav. TV Show:Simpsons, not sick of the repeats yet. South Park, sick of it after the first re-runs.
Fav. Movie:

Braveheart, I’m a bit of a Mel Gibson fan

Fav. Type of Music:Changes week to week. Recently been listening to ‘70s and ‘80s mainstream like Maynard’s Rewind (an awesome retro mix). You need a change.
Fav. Artist:TOOL
Fav. Song Ever:Anything, anything - Dramarama
Fav. Current Song:RPM - Sugar Ray (13/11/98)

So Pete, where are you playing currently?
Smut @ Chasers Fridays

What was your first gig?
Goo at Metro, in about June 1998.

Not a bad start?

Where have you worked?
Metro (Goo), Chasers (Hard ‘n’ Fast, Smut), Odeon (Insane), CDB (SubCulture), Chevron (Speed), Caseys, Icon Bar (Plektrum)

What was your best gig and why?
I can’t tell you that. I’ll get in trouble. All three of my current gigs.

Maybe I should change that question. Of the nights you are no longer involved with, which was you favourite?
I’ll still upset people. Ah, Hard ‘n’ Fast, because I met my girlfriend there.

What was your nightmare gig?
One night I was DJing when the three phase (power) blew. No light, no music.

What did you do?
Well, I have a loud voice. It was just before New Years, so I shouted: “This is a rehearsal for next week”.

How long did it last?
Only about a minute, it blew during setup as well, so we had an electrician on hand.

I once saw a guy spill a drink all over the mixing console at the Hallam. Fortunately the DJ just called the band on, and they dried it up during an impromptu set.

What would be your dream gig?
I probably already have it. Wouldn’t mind my own club?

You‘re not alone. That seems to be the dream of all DJs, promoters and so on. I know a thousand people who want me to join them, but none of them have the money.
(laughing) I kinda have a five year plan.

How did you start DJing?
I was working in promotions at Goo. I used to get there early to help setup. Until people arrived, I used to hang out in the booth with Andrew Menna, and learnt that way.

Who is your idol as a DJ?
Definitely Andrew Menna. I got involved at Goo, he taught me, and pushed for me to get more nights. He looked after me, and was really passionate about the music. He had a go at clubs that sacked me.

Why do you DJ?
I love music, and you get a full time wage for part time work.

But don’t you have to buy your own music?
Ha. I get most of it for free from record companies as a promotion.

So you’d have a good collection then?
Oh yeah.

Do you prefer vinyl or CD?
CD. Its all that I’ve got. When you DJ alternative music, there’s no beat mixing, which dance DJs do. That’s easier with vinyl. All I need to do is press stop and play.

What makes a great song?
Crowd reaction. Especially at Metro. You couldn’t play some of my favourite songs, ’cause they wouldn’t work on the dancefloor. You don’t want good music, but popular music.

Any superstitions?
No, not really.

Do you have a trademark?
I get there when it opens, and stay there ’til it shuts. I like to get out in the crowd myself. I also like to mention my name once a night.

What do you think of requests?
All right as long as people realise that they are requests no demands. Oh, I guess I do have a superstition. If someone asks for a song three times, I won’t play it. You tell them that, then they get their friends to ask instead. You know its their friend, so you tell them you won’t play it. When you’re in the booth, you can see everything, you know who’s there with who.

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen from the booth?
Patrons. Nothing really comes to mind. Let me think about it.

Who is the best DJ in Melbourne?

You say that like you mean it.
Ah yeah, you know...

And finally, what do you think of mooses?
They make good beer.

Just a stupid answer to a stupid question.

Cool, thanks Pete.

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