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Before you go any further, think about visiting www.melbourneunderage.com. They have heaps of details on the Melbourne Underage scene.

by Lucy Carr

I really like going to underage events cause I think it sucks so bad that you have to wait until your 18 to go out and have fun.

My fav is 'Chasers'. I love going out, so it's really cool when places like Chasers come out and let you have a really fun time. I love dancing so having cool dance music all night is a grouse idea. I also think it's really cool how some, well most places have different rooms so if you don't like techno to dance to, you can go to the r n'b room or whatever.

I really like it how some places have free drinks. Some places charge like $3 for a can of drink, which sux. It's so much easier when they're free. Why do they think that underage teenagers are loaded with money?

That's why Chasers is the best place to go. It's so good and I go whenever I get the chance. There are so many your own age there, and you get to meet stacks of people. And the night never gets boring. It's a great way to meet new people (hot guys, or a great way to meet girls if you're a guy).

Some places charge up to $20, which is expensive but if our into having fun, it's really worth the dosh. Why should teens like me have to wait until we're 18 to go out?

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