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MAX MOOSE Interview:

Chris G


March 29, 1999

by Ben Clissold
Pic of Chris Profile
NOTE: Chris is no longer resident at the Hallam. He can now be found all around Melbourne, at clubs like Marquee.

Chris G is best known for two gigs. He was the longest serving DJ at Stylus, and he is now playing the most popular Friday night in Melbourne: Frantic @ Hallam Hotel. He played retro at one, and commercial dance and house through to R&B at the other. He is versatile...

Name:Chris G - my surname is too long!
Other Occupations:Sales
Achievements:(too modest to answer this)
Marital Status:Single, I was when I checked today
Motto:One day?
Hobbies:Sex, drinking, partying, my Playstation
Hates:No comment
Favourite Book:Mix Mag
Fav. TV Show:-
Fav. Movie:

Face Off

Fav. Type of Music:HOUSE!
Fav. Artist:At the moment - Phats & Small
Fav. Song Ever:Amphetamine by Draxx - head to head with Dreams by Quench
Fav. Current Song:You don't know me - Armund van Helden (29/3/99)

Where are you playing at the moment?
Hallam Hotel, Bullwinkles bar on Friday & Saturday.

You’d have to be happy with that. It would be the biggest Friday in Melbourne, and Saturdays are growing.
Oh, yeah!

What was your first gig?
Stylus in ‘95.

Not a bad way to start. It was at its peak back then. I remember you playing a great retro mix there. We used to dance for hours at a time.
It was fun.

Where else have you worked?
Stylus, Hallam, and the Fawkner Club.

What was your best gig and why?
Stylus, the birthday weekend, the first birthday. Mind you, the whole place was rockin’

What was your nightmare gig?
Stylus, the night I dislocated my knee whilst I was working.

How did you do that?
Well, that’s what happens when you drink too much and walk on wet tiles, wet from beer... Your beer... Trying to walk quickly in a crowd......

Understood. What would be your dream gig?
Ministry of Sound - UK

Most embarrassing moment?
Something that happens quite often, actually. Stopping the wrong record by accident.

You had a good start to your DJing career. How did you get it?
I worked with community radio as part of my Year 11 communications project. That and hanging around a guy by the name of Albert Sibilla. (DJ Albert from Hallam)

Who is your idol as a DJ?
Mr John Course

Why do you DJ?
Like the Ford ad says: “I live it”.

Do you prefer vinyl or CD?
Twelve inch vinyl by far. It gives me something to do, and the sound is not comparable. Vinyl has a much warmer analogue sound.

To you, what makes a song great?
It's structure.

Do you have any superstitions?
Don’t work on your birthday? I do. I don’t know. Who cares?

What’s your trademark?
“Yeah Baby”?

I would have said, it was your love of saying things like “Here we go Melbourne” or anything else with “Melbourne” tacked on the end?

What makes you different?
Come and see...

Good answer. What do you think of requests?
Hmmm? It depends what they are. I don’t play Stepps.

Gee that’s sad! What is the funniest thing you’ve seen from the booth?
Done to me or patrons?

Lots. I can’t remember her name, but she was good.

Who is the best DJ in Melbourne?
John Course.

Finally, do you like mooses?
Hmmm. That’s X-Files shit.

Well, that’s it. It only took us four months to get there, but we did. Thanks Chris.

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