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The Redhead set to close shortly

by Max Moose

STOP PRESS: Seven is Redhead reborn

It must be the time for clubs to close down. Despite the economic success of recent times (without the ALP), another club is soon to close its doors. This follows hot on the heels of Diamonds, and a couple of others are rumoured to be following shortly. Sadly this time, it is one of my favourites, The Redhead.

After the Grand Prix, it will not reopen. Its final night will be Saturday, February 27th, and what a night that promises to be. More than 25 local DJs will feature on the last night, and the last month features many other big name acts too: The building has been sold, and the venue will no longer trade as a nightclub. The good news, however, is that The Redhead will re-emerge later in the year in a merge with Saratoga. A new club will be purpose built to continue The Redheadís fine tradition of accommodating big name international DJs.

I am not sure where this leaves nights like the long successful Lipstick on Thursdays. Silvers have moved in to get the promoters and DJs from that night, but Silvers is less than half the size of The Redhead. Will a Saratoga merge cater for the less hard core dance fans? I donít know, but with the talent that The Redheadís closure will release, I am sure something good will pop up somewhere.

Without knowing all the details, yet, The Redheadís closure seems a little odd. The readers of this site are telling me that all three nights are running successfully, so it is unlikely that the manager, Tom Walker, would choose this fate. It seems that the decision was out of their hands.

This is quite out of step with the promises of last year, when it was announced that both The Redhead and Carousel would be closing when their leases ended. This proved to be a bit premature, seeing as both had long term leases, into the new millenium.

Anyway, that counts for little now. This news means we best enjoy the last month of a great club...

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