MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Spy Lounge

22 King St, Melbourne
Night name:Spy
DJs:Scotty E
Music:Com/Top40, RnB/Funk, House, Party/Retro
Short desc.:Used to be one of the biggest nights in town
Dress:Smart, Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23
Correct at:Mar 27 ’06 (Max Moose)

err Lucy, i think u'll find t-bird probably enjoys watching the naked ladies
TrannyBoy, F. Gully, Sat Mar 10 14:12:29 2007
In regards to T-Bird from bundooras story how she said the people at the C.L are
polite and that she can't wait to get back there, Thats awful for you to be
excited to get back to a strip club even if you are with blokes, can't they take
you out anywhere else, you'd rather hang with blokes watching nude ladys.
Lucy, Albury, Fri Feb 16 12:26:02 2007
I don't thinkg there is such a thing as a strip club that isn't tacky... And it
is useless for a female to make comments about how nice bouncers and staff are
to a girl - they are always nice to girls and the guys that are with them. It's
a whole different story when it's just a bunch of guys.
Anyway people are just angry that spy lounge has been taken over by a strip
club, because spy lounge was a good club and it's a shame it went out the way it
TrannyBoy, F. Gully, Sat Jul 1 15:57:09 2006
Yes, Spy lounge is now a Strip club called 'Centrefold lounge'. Sorry Davey if
you feel that way but i have to say that Centerfold Lounge is NOT tacky, and is
one of the Classiest strip clubs i have ever been too. MUCH better than that
sleazy Dallas Dancers. And the men that go to C.L are definately of a higher
class. The dancers at Centrefold lounge are really friendly & make me (a female)
feel relly welcome, They like to sit down and have a chat even if u dont want to
spend money and after a couple of visits they know u on a name basis. And they
even challenged me and my Boys to a game of pool.!
Even the Security staff are nice. We are always greeted with a smile and a
handshake. And when we leave, Its a smile, a handshake and a see you later
Sweetheart (to me) Or a see you later Champ (to my boys)
I havent been to centrefold lounge for two weeks but i cant wait to get back
this Friday night because I really Enjoy going there.
So Davey.. before u go making thoughtless comments about an awesome venue, i
suggest u pay them a visit first
T-Bird, Bundoora, Tue Jun 20 12:34:40 2006
Hasn't Spy Lounge Closed and become a strip joint: Centrfold Lounge?
Ex-Agent, Middle Park, Mon May 8 17:04:21 2006
Hi was wondering if and how you can apply to be a dancer at Spy Lounge if you
guys still have dancers, could you please email me to let me know, thanks.
Rebecca, Bacchus Marsh, Mon May 8 16:49:32 2006
Spy has now moved to the bottom of the fiddler pub on saturday nights.
22 King st is a strip club now! Fucking Tacky ...
The place used to be fun, bombed out BAD.... pathetic waste of time
Davey, Sun Mar 12 16:58:31 2006
Melbourne Spy Lounge
Pop, RnB, Top 40 - Melbourne's most exciting party pumping over three action
packed levels!
Melbourne's biggest party is happening Saturday night at Spy!
Last Saturday five lucky people were spied from the crowd and were given drink
cards! They showed us their moves on the podiums and boy, were they impressive!
This week we are doing the same hot offer - strut your stuff and be in the
chance to win a drink card!
Say,"Funky Moves" at the door for you to receive FREE entry all night!
See you Saturday,
Love Sharon and the Spy Crew
Spy Lounge, CBD, Thu Feb 16 03:43:18 2006
They play a variety of music which i like and they have different areas you can
dance in, so you can have your own space.
Jacqueline, Nobel Park, Fri Feb 10 03:32:16 2006
Wanna be part of Melbourne's hottest party this Saturday night?
Come and see for yourself what all the hype is about...
the club rocks all night with the most Wicked, Fun and Sexy Party People!
Join in on that action this Saturday night and say "Party On" at the door for
you to receive FREE entry all night!
Spy Lounge, CBD, Thu Feb 9 16:25:58 2006
Just letting all you party people know Spy Lounge is under new management from
HEAT nightclub which is closing down this weekend. Hopefully if they get you
wonderful HEAT party people in, it will keep going if not the place will will
follow in HEAT's footsteps. Spy needs to turn their lights up and move the DJ
booth make it a party joint instead of a dungeon if it did maybe I would go
Sparrow, Melbourne, Wed Sep 28 23:25:06 2005
bartendas are so fukn hot there and great drinks!
D, Sun Aug 28 19:49:57 2005
Spy Lounge was just brillliant last Sat. It's a massive club with good music
that kept me and my friends dancing all night. Staff are nice crowd is hot!
there were quite a few AFL boys in the RnB room. Eye Candy all round!!
Brianna, South Yarra, Tue Aug 23 12:56:02 2005
we used to work at spy and it was pretty good, hot chicks and good times!!!
P.S to all the girls out there, thanx for the good times in the staff love room.
P.S Ady, we love u, u en bastard haha
mattjye, tennyson, Tue Aug 16 03:53:57 2005
Hey Amanda, I went to Spy Saturday and didn't think it was too bad. The
roadworks out the front didn't seem to help... I didn't think the music was
repetitive, same stuff everyone's playing (Next Blue, Billboards etc..) Can't
say I heard the same song 3 times. RnB room rocked too! I had a great night.
Tim, Richmond, Mon Aug 8 12:41:22 2005
I've only been to spy lounge once so I wouldn't say I'm the best person to judge
but I've been to a fair few clubs and spy just didn't do it for me. When I
walked in I thought it was a preety cool looking venue but most people around me
looked around 10 years old! I'm only 18 myself so it's not like i was expecting
an over 28's or anything but all the people i saw were very young looking and
above all immature acting.. i saw about 5 guys jumping off chairs and the stage
towards the back of the first level.. I heard some of the songs played around 3
times as well. I thought they could have at least played some different stuff..
plus i didn't really like the girls dancing on the podiums.. it made me feel
kinda sleazy. My friends have been there before and really liked it so maybe it
was just the night I went on..?
Amanda, Werribee, Sun Aug 7 21:59:03 2005
went to spy lounge on saturday, and im pleased to see its changing.. With one
exception (the evil dark haired girl on the lower level) all the bar staff are
tops, especially the two girls in the r&b room that dance on the bar.. Nat and
Rosy rock!!
Aaron, Taylors Lakes, Tue Jun 14 20:29:49 2005
good music downstairs and some nice guys there. spy rocks.
krystal, dandenong, Fri Jun 10 04:22:22 2005
great music and heaps of friendly people
Kara, melbourne, Tue Jun 7 02:27:35 2005
kylie im not fussy i know a good club when i go to one..and spy went very quiet
very early thats all im sayin
tristan, berwick, Mon May 30 17:42:12 2005
Tristan, I think you're being a bit fussy. I thought Spy was good last night. I
had a great time.
Kylie, Vermont South, Sun May 29 23:39:34 2005
went to spy lounge last night was good early then after 2 just went realy dead
needs to pick up again soon i think the city was quiet last night anyway ,also
wentto mercury lounge for a bit older crowd not my sorta scene what clubs are
actually goin off all night these days?
tristan, berwick, Sun May 29 16:06:20 2005
Yeh SPYS been not very busy the past weeks!!! but its gotten better and the
cheap uni priced drinks are soooo goodd.I like the dancers too
emma, Sat May 28 19:36:59 2005
Went to spy a couple of times loved it the first few times , took a break for a
while and went to other clubs , came back to spy and noticed a sudden change in
the crowed like it wasnt as packed, alot of empty space and alot more oldies now
whats up with that? What also annoys me are the dancers that dance on the
podiums they may be good dancers but please show some respect it's not a good
look when the guys are staring up their minis! Spy has diffenetly gone down in
the past few months i think its time to find a new club
Ange, Melbourne, Tue May 24 15:41:09 2005
I like spy lounge because its big, i like the music, the guys and the whole
Sylvia, Coolaroo, Fri May 13 16:01:57 2005
Great atmosphere, good deals, awesome music. Just an all over great club.
Ariel, Pakenham, Thu Apr 28 05:24:35 2005
i like the type of music either up or down stairs and there is a good
atmosphere and the ladys are great
David, thomastown, Wed Apr 27 01:45:41 2005
Spylounge used to be somewhere we went on occasions... but not really anymore.
Re-visited the place on sat night (pretty late) and there wasn't that many
people there. Costs about $6 from memory but it's free entry after 1 of you have
an sms.
It has R&B upstairs and a mixture of commercial stuff downstairs. Great if you
like R&B and guys that pinch you on the ass..
Adele Greenwood, Montmorency, Tue Apr 12 12:27:36 2005
its kool fun how u can dance on podiums and tables. its good atmosphere.
Jacinta, victoria, Mon Apr 11 02:16:02 2005
the music is great and the people there are totally talented and nice
kristie, south morang, Tue Apr 5 08:19:45 2005
Spy lounge has a good atmosphere, plenty of room to dance, reasonably priced
drinks, and great staff & patrons!
Selena, footscray west, Tue Apr 5 01:28:00 2005
Young crowd, exciting atmosphere, easy to get to.
Chris, Williamstown, Thu Mar 31 02:30:16 2005
Went down wit friends again d other nite, ppl @ the door were real nice- music
was good rnb- HOWEVER the male crowd were particularly young and sleazy i must
say..wreckd abit of the fun through the nite- otherwise it was awesome and props
to those chick dancerz they were awesome
ash, hawthorn, Sat Mar 26 23:25:25 2005
its pretty mad. good set up i reckon.
Emma, Rowville, Fri Feb 18 02:15:21 2005
fantastic music and energetic atmosphere
Crystal, Doncaster, Wed Feb 16 04:42:29 2005
The crowed is my type of people, and lots of my friends go there, but overall
its a great place to party at!
Anon, Fri Feb 4 02:20:21 2005
Went to Spy on the W'end!! Awesome, best nite i think i've ever had.... We had
free drinks all night with a $100 drink card, friendly atmosphere, awesome
music!!! I would definately reccomend it to everyone for a great night out!!!!
Sim, Mon Jan 17 10:02:07 2005
Could someone please tell me:
How much it costs to get in here?? and is it better on Friday or Saturday
nites?? Thanks heaps :)
K, Thu Jan 6 08:53:40 2005
good vibe, plays great music, great people, and its just the best night out,
play the good old skool mixed with best of modern club music
Laura, East Bentleigh, Wed Jan 5 22:18:14 2005
good place to have a dance, but still good place to kick back upstairs and have
a chat..
Anon, Altona, Sun Dec 19 16:50:44 2004
Why does everyone complain about club "music"???
It's the same everywhere and it has been for years and, most likely, it will
remain the same for years. People within the club scene prefer the status quo...
rocco, Fri Dec 10 13:29:12 2004
its awesome ... absolutely goes off! Best atmosphere, everyone is so friendly
and nice ... all young people just wanting a good time and a dance!! Really
good music, dancing, set up and good if you wanna pick up cause there is
usually plenty of good lookin guys!!!
Anon, Wed Dec 8 02:48:22 2004
i like how there are different rooms which cater for different tastes in music
and also the people there are more my age
Anon, Ringwood, Sat Dec 4 17:33:05 2004
Love it, nice place, well stocked bar n lotsa cute guys :P Its already a place
with heaps of memories so yea its always on the cards if somewhere new just
aint as great
Fi, Coburg, Wed Nov 24 04:22:58 2004
Cheap Drinks. Free Entry. Big. Lots of Music Varieties
Brendan, Wantirna, Fri Nov 19 02:46:34 2004
Always busy, friendly crowd, plays nothing but the best of music, all in all
alyways guarantees a fun night
Andrew, Watsonia, Wed Nov 17 17:18:24 2004
i know everybody that works there and all my mates go there. its a great club
bobby, reservoir, Fri Nov 12 04:05:02 2004
I'm from another state and got told to go there and it was pretty crazy!
Simo, Reynella, Wed Nov 10 21:55:28 2004
Fun crowd who all wanna get up and dance.
Emma, melbourne, Mon Nov 8 22:01:43 2004
There is always so many people, the music is the best.
Laura, donvale, Fri Oct 29 02:27:39 2004
Good music, Good Location, Friends with a bartender ;)
Leesa, Knox, Thu Oct 28 01:06:51 2004
i think it has great music, its a good venue and the women are ok. Good crowd
David, Thomastown, Wed Oct 27 03:37:04 2004
Free drinks with the password is always good. My friends and I also love to go
places where we can dance and there is 3 floors of dancing. They have a pretty
good mix of things from hip hop to oldies.
Jackie, clayton, Tue Oct 26 03:12:39 2004
Yo Bradley dude! I completely agree, especially the two girls workin in the r&b
room last saturday.. OOOOOOOOHHHHhhh yeah
Rowan, Thu Oct 7 00:21:17 2004
Good music, lots of fun and everyone is up for a good night!
Stacey, Watsonia, Wed Oct 6 03:19:20 2004
How hot are some of the female bartenders that work at this place!! I now love
going there
Bradley, Epping, Sun Oct 3 21:21:50 2004
Great Atmosphere, Good music. Fun Time.
Melanie, Highett , Fri Oct 1 03:11:10 2004
Music isn't as bad as i was told, but the boys are very YOUNG & very SLEEZY - i
guess there are worse places you could end up
Elysha, Brighton, Tue Sep 28 19:49:11 2004
the free beer from 9 to 10, then the half price till 12. Also the music and the
Jules, Yarraville, Tue Sep 28 15:33:30 2004
The music is ok, but the boys are REALLY young. Crowd is too sleazy for me, but
the candles are good!
donna, 3142, Tue Sep 14 20:35:50 2004
Cool building, but it always seems to smell & your feet get stuck to the
floor....... the toilets need to be cleaned too - there always seems to be vomit
on the toilet seats!!
Nikita, ,, Mon Sep 13 16:27:04 2004
I LOVE this club!!! Its packed with friendly people the music is awesome it
totally GOES OFF!
Fiona , South Yarra, Tue Sep 7 10:37:58 2004
The Music Is MaD!!!!
Rachel, Armadale, Tue Sep 7 03:53:28 2004
Me and Meh friends are regulars! Its a great night and has lots of hot guys!!
JAK, - , Thu Sep 2 07:12:54 2004
really wicked people, cool music, great atmosphere, awesome deals especially
Saturday nights.... IT GOES OFF!!!!
Naya, melbourne, Thu Sep 2 01:19:26 2004
Yeah it's definitly an AFL hangout! My cousin plays for the sydney swans and
they all came to Spy on saturday. Me and my girlfriends are there every week and
always have a fantastic time, it's a great club.
Rebecca, brighton, Tue Aug 31 15:30:32 2004
Went to Spy Lounge on Sat and had a ball!! Wall to wall AFL players and a really
friendly crowd. All the big carlton players were there so my boyfriend got his
shirt signed by kouta!
kathy, South Yarra, Tue Aug 31 13:23:23 2004
Great specials, good atmosphere, heaps of friends to have fun with, easily
Jacqui, Leongatha, Sat Aug 28 18:15:51 2004
Hey donna, Im soo with you on this issue! The quality of spy lounge used to be
great!! Fun ppl looking for a fun night out, however nowadays it seems that the
quality has just taken a huge dive! It's disappointing to say the least.. and
yes spy lounge does let under age ppl in... I know for a fact, perhaps if they
checked ids more thoroughly then the problem would go away... however do you
think theyd still get all the business they do then?
Just a little something to think about
Lee, Sth Yarra, Fri Aug 20 15:20:25 2004
Been at Spy 3 out of the last 5 week ends after a couple of months away.....
WHAT HAPPENED?? Music standard has dropped dramaticly, and the quality of crowd
has dropped with it - but at least it's still the one place we can party every
week without them asking for ID!! Melb needs more places for VCE students to
wind down!!
Donna, Toorak, Fri Aug 20 14:35:57 2004
it just great place evryone is there to have fun and there is alot of hot
jono, melton, Tue Aug 17 17:45:23 2004
Spy Lounge ROCK'S......
I love th emusic and the atmosphere its great, its wicked to just chill with
your mates and have a drink. See you all Saturday night.
Violet, Reservoir, Tue Aug 3 10:49:18 2004
I think Spy Lounge is totally awesome, i go there alot to hang out with friends
and my boyfriend. I love the music, and love to have a dance. Shout out to my
boyfriend Michael, I love you heaps!
Gabby, northcote, Tue Aug 3 10:45:41 2004
i love spy lounge becuase of the good looking people there and because of the
house music which it plays.
Elise, Roxburgh Park, Thu Jul 29 05:37:41 2004
the atmosphere is great. The people are friendly. The music is rockin, and the
free entry and cheap drinks is the best night out
Belinda, Eltham, Mon Jul 26 21:07:44 2004
i like spy longe because the atmosphere is excellent, people are friendly and
the music rocks.
adrienne, Mon Jul 19 22:52:29 2004
i enjoyed my night there, despite the place being over run by dirty dirty
people. over all a great night out for a younger group. ps, the guy working the
front bar down stairs on sat night is very hot!!
Chloe, Toorak, Wed Jul 14 20:59:32 2004
Headed down to Spy on saturday night for a bit, was really wierd... used to be a
regular there but when i got in it was fairly dull to be honest.Maybe it just
wasnt the right night to go back and check things out.. the crowd didn't seem as
jumpy or good looking for that matter as they used to be.. Any ideas why?
Jasper, Park Orchards, Wed Jul 14 09:46:14 2004
Despite the physio's warnings, I ventured to Spy Lounge on Saturday, for the
first time in a while. It was heaps busier and a better crowd than the last time
I was there. Everyone was partying hard too.
The crowd is younger in there than it used to be. Not much younger, but more
vibrant in some ways.
At 1pm, the place was just bouncing. It was very busy, and alive. Actually, King
St seemed really alive.
Anyway, enough of my babbling. It was a good night, and the photos are up if you
want to take a look.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jul 14 06:57:01 2004
Jess I think your being way too hard. I was there on Saturday too and thought it
was one of the best nights there in ages. Huge crowd and plenty to look at.
Yeah, some of the regulars who thought they were too good looking have moved on,
but those people weren't that much fun anyway. The new crowd is younger and more
easy going. I don't mind that.
jack, Mon Jul 12 06:34:59 2004
used to love the place but hadn't gone in a while so poped in on sat nite for
old time's sake and gee'z has the place gone down.. the people they let in there
now.. it's totally changed. although it's a good place to get pissed for really
cheap.. but i'm not going back there for a while.. back to billboards.
jess, Sun Jul 11 19:53:48 2004
all my friends go there and i also like the music which they play. i mostly hang
in the r'n'b room.
Jasmin, Epping, Thu Jun 17 04:05:39 2004
Spy Lounge is probably the most popular club in melbourne right now. Such a
well dressed and friendly crowd! Great music and believe it or not, friendly
staff that go out of their way to make you feel special. No wonder it's packed
every weekend!
tiana Griggs, South Yarra, Wed Jun 9 14:21:36 2004
great laid back crowd, good set up, gr8 party place. music typical but cheap
drinks make up 4 it. be there before 10 30 to avoid huge lines..
danielle, kew, Sun May 30 17:25:10 2004
basically i love the wide range of music cause they play all types and the
crowd is cool n the drinks are cheap
kristian, reservoir, Thu May 27 04:46:03 2004
everybody's out on a saturday, we have all sunday to recover, drinks are cheap,
music's good - there's places to sit and chat and places to dance - its lots of
cassie, ivanhoe, Sat May 22 06:07:48 2004
always manage to have a good time, good drink specials, i know lots of ppl who
r regulars so its good to go there n bump into friends!
Courtney, Wonga Park, Fri May 21 03:20:48 2004
They play good music, big place and lots of people i know i see there
Sarah, werribee, Wed May 19 04:42:47 2004
There is r n'b music, and the drinks are inexpensive.
Amanda, prahran, Mon May 17 04:11:32 2004
great place to drink and dance, top crowd
Jack, Alphington, Sat May 15 03:13:18 2004
the chicks are hot, the drinks are cheap, the service is great so really how
could you go wrong. one of the best clubs of melbourne for young ppl!!!
Jason, Thu May 6 15:57:03 2004
it is always busy, good lookin girls, good atmosphere and because its the
shaun, eltham, Tue May 4 05:52:00 2004
The atmosphere is great and all of the girls that go there are good quality and
they play maad music!
Matt, Mt Evelyn, Tue Apr 20 02:56:50 2004
the musics wicked and all my friends go there. it just a deadly nightclub.
Phyllis, preston, Wed Apr 14 17:21:34 2004
Great place, great people go there and everyone has a great time! Met some great
guys there. Even one's who i've just chatted to for the night just as friends..
but a lotta hotties come 2! My best friend met her bf there.. i luv the place
cuz i know i can always go there and have a good night and dance!
jane, Ringwood, Fri Apr 2 17:42:57 2004
Awesome place, friendly people, good tunes. Even though the place gets packed,
the bar staff remember what you're drinking, and you don't even have to ask,
your glass just appears in front of you. Door staff are friendly, not stuck up
their own a**es like most door staff.
FrankC, London, UK, Wed Mar 31 12:39:26 2004
because you always have a good nite, the atmosphere is ausome and the music is
the best and stays good all night..i love it!!!!
Shae, Riddells Creek., Tue Mar 30 18:32:05 2004
Love the R'N'B, Hip Hop it plays. The crowd is great, atmosphere even better.
Everyones there to have a great time.
Danielle, Melton South, Fri Mar 26 21:36:21 2004
Its big. Hot looking people go there. They play good music.
Flavia, Melton, Thu Mar 25 18:43:46 2004
Great atmosphere, friendly bar staff, and specials all night long - wicked
music to dance or kick back too as well
Lydia, Devonport, Mon Mar 22 17:40:47 2004
It has a good variety of music, its all fairly commercial plus it has a lot of
kewl people there, its a good venue, good atmosphere, good fun
Bec, Malvern East, Mon Mar 22 01:02:50 2004
wicked. good music and chicks to pick up.
Cameron, strathewen, Mon Mar 15 13:03:27 2004
spy lounge was great last night.Great quality especially that chick up on the r
n b level with the white top in the corner i was grinding with,classy crowd with
some good music
A, Eastern suburbs, Sun Mar 14 14:00:52 2004
good music, lots of people, footy players
Jodie, Fri Mar 12 04:40:46 2004
hey, can anyone tell me where theyve spotted afl players out and about! itd be
great appreciated, thanks!
J, Mon Mar 8 01:02:15 2004
good music, good atmosphere, good boys, good deals
Kara, Sunbury, Tue Feb 24 05:53:56 2004
Spy is the best, me and my friends are there most Saturdays because of the
relaxed, friendly atmosphere! The music is also great, but even if you dont feel
like dancing there are plenty of great bars to sit around and chat! The people
on the door are great! Super friendly and welcoming unlike most clubs. Every
Saturday is a fun one at spy lounge, and all the guys are really hot which is
also a bonus! Overall the club has a really great party vibe so get down there!
Louise, Werribee, Mon Feb 16 15:00:27 2004
Cheap drinks, half decent people and plenty of girls.
Aiden, Hawthorn, Mon Feb 9 04:18:39 2004
I'm an RnB nutter so love to dance and spy kicks ass for the RnB. Plus all the
sexy ladies are in the place.
James, Warrandyte, Sat Feb 7 18:43:32 2004
Frozen Daiquiri Party!
2 for 1 delicious frozen daiquiris ‘til midnight.
The Melbourne Spy Lounge continues our Endless Summer Party Weekends! You’re
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Spy Lounge, City, Thu Dec 18 06:56:24 2003
Anthony Mundine at Spy, Tigers (B'Ball and AFL) at Spy, New Lights, New Door
Guys, Great Drink Deals, Hot Dancers. On track to getting back the mantle of
Saturday Hot Spot. We'll be back. Ben, enjoyed the photo spread!!! Check it
Lloydy, Kensington, Thu Dec 11 13:08:57 2003
Big night at Spy Lounge on Saturday! The biggest and best I've seen there, but I
haven't been there as often as some.
Word is that it is a bit younger than it was, making it more fun & friendly.
Upstairs in the RnB room was especially packed, complete with a stack of NBL
players. Downstairs, Scotty E played a typically great party/top 40 mix. A
pretty good night all around.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Dec 11 06:34:12 2003
Max Moose Subscriber Offer
Mention “Max Moose” upon entry this Friday & Saturday night to receive:
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The Spy Lounge features Scotty E, Big Dave and DJ Darren spinning the hottest
party mix of top 40, commercial dance, RnB & retro over three huge levels with
six bars, two dance floors and an awesome friendly party vibe!
Spy Lounge, City, Thu Dec 11 06:02:32 2003
Dropped by Spy Lounge late, for the first time in years. The ridiculous attitude
at the door is gone, and the whole venue feels so much better for it. Plenty of
quality people in, but the fake ones have gone; thank goodness.
It is a unique venue, one that everyone has to experience at least once. Several
levels, several areas from lounges to dancefloors to bars, and always somewhere
different to be. It is hard to get bored there.
Great DJs through the place, pumping out commercial, RnB and favourites.
Crowd was a bit younger than the old days, with most people aged 18-25, but with
a girl/guy next door feel about it. Pretty well dressed crowd, and very
friendly. I'll be back.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Dec 4 09:17:59 2003
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The Spy Lounge features Scotty E, Big Dave and DJ Darren spinning the hottest
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six bars, two dance floors and an awesome friendly party vibe!
22 King St Melbourne. Contact: Ph.
9629 5077
Spy Lounge, City, Thu Dec 4 08:40:08 2003
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Spy Lounge features DJs Scotty E, Big Dave and Darren spinning the hottest mix
of top 40, commercial dance, RnB & retro over three big levels with six bars,
two dance floors and an awesome friendly party vibe!
22 King St Melbourne. Contact: Ph.
9629 5077
Spy Lounge, City, Thu Nov 27 05:45:58 2003
Eveyone can celebrate now that Spy lounge have finally got rid of the mean old
bald guy and the rude cowgirl from the door!! Me and my friends had the time of
our lives at Spy last sat and were greeted with a SMILE by the NEW FREINDLY DOOR
STAFF! Spread the word - the rudesst door staff in Melbourne are GONE and Spy
Lounge is going off on Saturdays!!
Naomi Willis, Brighton, Thu Oct 9 15:39:11 2003