MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




60 King St, Melbourne

MARKSY, epping, Thu Nov 6 00:24:55 2008
Fun Crowd, great atmosphere, krazy fiukn round bass, what more is there for me
to say ey?
Billy, St.albans, Mon Sep 18 17:24:14 2006
September 30, 2000
Inflation is about the last remaining venue from the days when King St was infamous. A lot has changed since those days. The area is not nearly as bad as it used to be, but ... Now it seems to rely on Nightclub Tours for business. That was the nature of this visit (and every other visit I have ever made there).

The crowd is a real hotch-potch. Mainly nightclub tourists, but you find all sorts in this crowd. There is something for just about everyone (except me). Dress is very relaxed. The crowd age varies from 18 through to 30, and you find some older.

This is one venue that gets busy late. Generally I have dropped by at 1 or 2am (on the bus), and the crowd has been building. I am told it peaks very late, but have never been there long enough for that. It still, however, relies on the tours.

It is really a two room venue, although there is at least one room unused downstairs. At ground level, you enter (and receive your membership) and find stairs to your right, and an entrance straight ahead. This entrance takes you to the retro room. This relatively small room has a dancefloor on the left, a bar straight ahead, and then heaps of booth seating to the right. The DJ plays heaps of pub and retro tunes, and the dancefloor stays popular.

Upstairs is the main room. Straight ahead is an elevated bar and seating. On the right is a huge stage, which is the dancefloor. It rocks to a mix of commercial dance, though to house, with some dancy top 40 thrown in. Ahead of the stage is a bar, and some seating. To the left are a couple of pool tables.

Inflation is an odd venue. It is so well known, yet is in need of some work. It relies too heavily on nightclub tours, and needs a freshen up.

Greg Michael