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Cnr Exhibition & Little Bourke Sts, Melbourne
Bobby McGees

H.I.P. Invitation

Hospitality Industry Party Monday's @ Bobby McGee's is BACK!!! Monday 26th March from 8pm!! Free entry before 9.30pm. Get a bunch of friends together and come along, drink specials all night, lucky door prizes, Bobby's HIP Monday member medallions, awesome DJ's and lots more!!
Jodi Brown, Melbourne CBD, Wed Feb 29 10:59:16 2012
It was the bomb.
AnonyMoose, Mon Mar 13 04:36:49 2006
everything you here is true we are ready to rock melbourne again. costumes are
ready, song books are written up and drink cards in our back pockets. Cant wait
to party with you guys again. SPREAD THE WORD THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!!!!
dj dean , mikey and johnny bobby mcgees, Fri Mar 10 17:54:21 2006
bobby mcgees will never re open they are a functions venue now! everyone will
just have to wait till another night club opens on a monday nite
d, Thu Feb 23 16:51:16 2006
Yeah, there was no Monday like Bobbys but its gone so get over it.
Nicky, Mentone, Thu Feb 23 11:18:04 2006
I'm with Mel and Sarah. There's just nothing good on Mondays any more. For that
matter, there's nothing for us hospitality people. Bobby's used to be the best
night out every week even tho it was on Monday. Bring it back!
Chloe, Diamond Valley, Wed Feb 22 18:00:35 2006
I agree!
Mel, Kew, Tue Feb 21 18:26:06 2006
I tried to go out again last night. There has been nothing to do in Melbourne on
Monday nights since Bobbies closed. I wish they'd reopen it. :(
Sarah, Eltham, Tue Feb 21 17:49:20 2006
Its a very sad thing indeed......everytime the holidays loom around the corner i
get very excited for many weather......end of exams.....girls in
bikkinis.....but as of late i have also been shedding the odd
tear.......especially on monday nights......which has been lefy very empty after
the late and great bobbie mcgees shut down..........does ANYONE know if any
venue even closely compares to this once great place......ANYONE?!?!?
Despondant, Wed Oct 20 22:06:26 2004
Bobby McGee’s closed over a year ago (yes we all miss it), but they have only
just now instructed us to dismantle their website. This is your very last chance
to relive the memories and download the photos (right click and save) by
. The memories are great, maybe even inspirational.
Come on Johnny!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Oct 12 05:19:31 2004
Folks, its been over a year since Bobby McGee's closed down, but the management
have only now asked us to close down website:
This is your last chance to visit the site, relive the memories, and download
the pics (right click and save). Be quick!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Oct 4 03:21:38 2004
Icon was brilliant on Monday for the Melbourne Alive Launch Keg Party. Easily
the biggest and best crowd I've seen out on a Monday (other than Cup Eve) since
Bobby's departed.
Great atmosphere, with dancing on the bar, the beer keg/champagne cards, general
cheap drinks, great party tunes, and really friendly people (including some of
the All Blacks and some Max Moose readers from the US and Germany!). This is my
new Monday!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 21 08:30:25 2003
I'm with Kara! Where have all the bobbies ppl gone?? Give us a report on any new
monday spots!
Leah, Mon Oct 13 20:10:45 2003
Because it is holidays for many of you, I am guessing a few people will be here
looking for a new Monday since Bobby's closed.
There are only three options worth considering right now:
Rush (old South Yarra Saloon): The Bobby's staff and DJ (Johnny). Party tunes.
Mercury Lounge: Great bands and DJs. Possibly the biggest night, but bands don't
attract the Bobby's crowd.
F4: Looked fairly quiet the other week, but soldiering on. Might be worth a
The Loft and Portland Hotel have already given it away. None of them are going
that great, but if you want some advice: Rush unless you are keen on bands, then
take Merc. A couple of others are likely to open soon.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Sep 22 06:02:54 2003
I've heard that the Bobby's crowd is moving to a new bar on Toorak Road, called
Rush!! Its totally awesome, groovy place with similar drink prices but with tap
Ez, East Doncaster, Tue Sep 9 18:38:36 2003
Folks, just a warning, Bobby McGee's still haven't informed us of an official
transfer of their nights. Until they do, take the comments below as you like...
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jul 17 07:01:46 2003
THE NEW BOBBYS IS GOING TO BE @ THE LOFT!!! same djs and security, excellent
music, heaps of giveaways including drinks, CHEAP DRINKS!! COEMA ND AHEV A BALL!
ME, Wed Jul 16 17:22:28 2003
Plenty of people want to know where the official H.I.P. night from Bobby's is
going. Despite the claims, Bobby's has not decided where to transfer the night
to. Hopefully that decision will come this week.
If you are looking for somewhere to party tonight, though, there are at least
two new nights trying to catch the HIP crowd tonight...
The Loft: Level 2, 117 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
The Portland Hotel: 127 Russell St, Melbourne
The Loft has DJ Johnny and the security team from Bobby's. The Portland Hotel
(CBD not Portland) has Micky B and Piero from Metro Saturdays, drink specials,
and have been working hard. May the best venue win.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Jul 14 17:40:04 2003
Sad but entertaining night for the last ever HIP night at Bobby's. Thursday is
the last night ever :(
It was huge. You rarely see longer queues anywhere. Many of the regulars were
there, and everyone made the most of it. We're going to miss it.
Where will we go now on Mondays? I'm waiting for the official word. You'll hear
it here first.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jul 8 07:10:50 2003
So much fun, with great people in a fun and fabulous atmosphere!!
Bec, Tue Jun 24 07:26:18 2003
Sadly, Bobby’s is making way for a brand new venture :-(
The last H.I.P. night will be 7.7.03.
For details on what is happening go to:
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Jun 23 05:32:59 2003
The music is fantastic, the crowd was great and it is just a really enjoyable
Kimberley, Narre Warren South, Sat Jun 21 00:26:46 2003
Atmosphere when the guys get up on the balcony and hold the words to songs (my
fave.. living on a prayer, bon jovi)
Rachelle Brown, Gowanbrae, Thu Jun 19 02:12:29 2003
It rox! Great Music, good looking young people, cheap drinks, games, and fun to
be had by all!!
Lisa, Montmorency, Mon Jun 16 23:53:54 2003
Cold night and exams start today. Bobby's should have been dead, but it was a
great night. Awesome crowd. Very well dressed and behaved. Truly classy without
pretentiousness, for the 18-25s (and a few older buggers like me).
Heaps more hospitality people out tonight with the students studying and the
hospitality ppl having to wait until Monday to party after the long weekend.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jun 10 05:36:27 2003
Bobby's rocks. It has a laid back groove and everyone is there to party and I
love the street look they have going....
Nick Furlong, Ascot Vale, Thu May 29 09:59:10 2003
It rocks! You'll never find a better group of staff anywhere in Melbourne (and
I've been a lot of places)
Shelley, Fri May 2 04:17:37 2003
no uni on tuesdays so we can party all night long and the variety of music is
chontelle, hoppers crossing, Sat Apr 26 21:21:38 2003
great setup, love the dance floor, the DJ plays the best music
Beck, Williamstown, Wed Apr 23 09:08:59 2003
Brilliant night at Bobby's tonight, even more brilliant than normal. Full house
from about 9-9.30, and one of the best types of crowds you will ever see. Great
atmosphere. Go take a look.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Apr 22 04:47:56 2003
Great crowd, great atmosphere.. just a good vibe about the place.
Aaron Schultz, Donvale, Mon Mar 24 19:33:54 2003
Great atmosphere, good D.J and resonably priced drinks
Katie, Box Hill, Sat Mar 15 04:23:03 2003
it was the best nite of my life, it was my 18th, i really like the crowd as
there were no dero's there
kc, narre warren sth, Sat Mar 15 04:18:43 2003
great atmosphere, great music, really good crown, great cheap drinks, just a
great place
Mel, mill park, Mon Mar 10 21:14:31 2003
HIP @ Bobby's is probably back to being the best night out in Melbourne
(depending on your tastes). Just awesome this week!
Magnificent crowd. So well behaved, dressed to impress, very friendly, and heaps
of fun. DJs Matt and Johnny played some tunes we hadn't heard for a while and
the crowd went off.
If you're looking for a night with a real mix of music, a lot of 18-23s, plenty
of quality and a heap of fun, get to Bobby's on Monday.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Feb 5 03:08:39 2003
Once again hot! Usually not the best conditions to go clubbing, but Bobby's had
a bumper crowd. The heat meant it filled a little later than normal. Fairly
young crowd in, but dressed and bahaving typically Bobby's... great.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jan 14 02:30:18 2003
Monday 23rd was fairly magnificent at Bobby's again. Huge crowd and larger
queues. Like most places on the lead into Christmas, there were a few too many
guys, but not as bad as the rest of the week. It'll balance up after Christmas
again. It should be a great summer at Bobbys.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Dec 28 21:44:08 2002
It was one of the all time greatest ever nights at Bobby's tonight! When I say
get there at or before 10 I mean it. Don't show up at 12 and complain about the
100m long queue. The cream competition was very entertaining too.
Can't wait for M*A*S*H on Wednesday. I might even dress in theme (Christmas) for
a change.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Dec 17 05:20:27 2002
Arrived at Bobby's fairly late, so it was quietening off a touch, but it was
still very busy, and had apparently been massive. We'll be back there on
Thursday, so come and party with us!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Dec 11 08:26:58 2002
I love this time of year!
It was the biggest Monday of the year at Bobby's tonight. Absolutely packed, and
a massive queue despite the rain. Awesome quality crowd too. Definitely another
big hit this summer.
Don't forget M*A*S*H (medical industry) night this Wednesday - tropical storm
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Nov 26 06:16:22 2002
April 29, 2002
Forget about this being the best Monday night in Melbourne, it is the best night anywhere anytime in Melbourne, as long as you can get in. You see, this is meant to be a hospitality industry night. Sometimes you need some proof that you work in hospitality to get in, unless you know someone with a medallion, othertimes it costs $5 for the privilege. It is always packed, but at its best when it has a true hospitality crowd, and is not over-run by uni students.

If you do not have access to a medallion and it is uni holidays, you can expect at least an hour wait in the queue if you arrive after 10pm. Once out of that queue you get put in the CBD bar downstairs, where you are given your deli number and wait to get called. There is not much to do there, while you wait another good half hour or so. If you are lucky, after your hour and a half wait and your enthusiasm has all gone, you are allowed to go upstairs to where the action is. This is only a problem during uni holidays.

Upstairs is something else. The crowd is great, probably the best looking crowd in town because they get dressed up: jeans are definitely not the go here. But more than that, because the majority work in hospitality, the crowd is very friendly, polite, and fun. You find a real spread of ages in there from 18-25, with the majority arriving before 11 when the entertainers begin.

The DJs play a broad mix of music, mainly by request from about 9pm. They usually start with R&B and party favourites, but move through to house by about 1pm. In between you have interruptions for singalongs, and competitions. The night I am basing this review on, there was a basketball shoot-out at 11, a name the song competition and dancing contest at 12, and singalongs like “Lightning Crashes”, and “Never tear us apart” during the rest of the night. You also have performers lead the crowd in set dances like “Blame it on the boogie”, “Staying Alive”, and “YMCA”. It sounds daggy, but it is great fun.

It is the size of the place that makes it work. It is reasonably small, one room, on one level, with a small submerged dancefloor in the middle, below the accessible DJ booth. The lighting is quite impressive. The surrounds are interesting, made to look like a city in itself; it looks good, like some places I saw in Queensland. There are a few video games, and a little seating, but bar access is usually a problem. The downside is simply that the venue is too small for the crowd. On a busy night you cannot move, the bars take forever, the dancefloor overflows, but you still have a great time.

If you do manage to get to the bars, you receive a pleasant surprise. The bar staff entertain like the crew in the movie Cocktail, and drinks are cheap, with a weekly special, like $3.50 Coronas. I have a feeling they are even cheaper at certain times. To continue on the cheap theme, there is no cover charge if you work in hospitality, and $5 for others. (This all disproves a marketing theory that price simply reflects quality).

This is one of the few nights I try to get to every week, and hate to miss. It is just enormous fun. I guess it is unfortunate that during busy times, it is difficult to get in without industry ID, meaning so many have to miss out. However, it is the hospitality focus that makes the crowd fun. It loses that edge during uni holidays, when the regulars are forced out, but for most of the year, there is nothing else like it in Melbourne. Many have tried and failed, but only Bobby’s delivers every time.

Ben Clissold

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