MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Mercury Lounge

Level 3, Crown Complex, Southbank
Night name:Mothership
Music:RnB/Funk, Bands
Short desc.:Best R&B night in Melbourne, very cool
Age group:
Correct at:May 15 í06 (Max Moose)

Max Moose congratulates Mercury Lounge Sunday for its
results in the
Ď04-Ď05 Party Animalsí Choice Awards.
Readers voted it an Hon. mention in best RnB night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:25:38 2005
good sounds, hot boys, good crowd and also its sunday. so yeah its mad to have a
club that rocks on a SUNDAY!;)
Dana, Maidstone, Fri Apr 1 23:54:20 2005
Best RNB, Funk,RAP, HIP HOP music
Nicole, Rowville, Thu Mar 10 21:56:52 2005
they play great hip hop and rnb,and theres always a good crowd there.
Bec, Ringwood, Sat Oct 23 18:25:03 2004
I enjoy the crowd, not too young, the mucic is awsome and only people who
really want to have fun are game enough to go out on a Sunday night, to still
get up on Monday and tot off to work where the whole world awaits them!!!!
Tamara, Hillside, Thu Oct 14 17:59:21 2004
it plays the best rnb music and has really good djs
Nat, Narrewarren, Mon Sep 27 15:41:45 2004
omigod, what hap 2 merc? used 2 b so packed! now thinning out, is there a betta
rnb nite on sun sumwhere else? if so, pls tell me!! music is still good, so im
confused :(
Bec, Ringwood, Mon Sep 13 23:13:12 2004
where are all the photos? need more photos and esspecially from lou lou's bar on
thursdays at knox!!!
val, mulgrave, Fri Jun 25 11:03:15 2004
it's nice and laid back, you have a live band up first then current R&B and
retro hits, which is a good mix. And the women are nice and friendly.
Daniel, Craigieburn, Tue Jul 15 05:14:50 2003
I like the variety of hip-hop and rnb music that is played and the freestyle
Kelly Lutze, st albans, Tue May 20 07:09:47 2003
I love mothership on sunday nights cos' i love the variety of hip hop music and
the freestyle battles.
kelly lutze, st albans, Mon May 12 06:11:19 2003
I'm a mad rnb/hip hop fan so i just love the music they have
Anna, Bundoora, Fri May 9 05:22:20 2003
Lurve the R&B music, it is totally awesome!! Also love the atmoshere of all
the goodlooking men! heehee :)
Nyree, Kilsyth, Wed Apr 2 02:34:01 2003
Mothership is one of the best r&b and hip-hop nites around Melbourne. This nite
is all about dancing and enjoying yourself. The crowd is older, 21+, and forget
seeing any aussie yoboos there; the crowd is mostly indian, african, american
etc and are very well behaved, polite- the most non-pretentious crowd I've ever
seen. Free before 10.30; a nite well worth going to if your a devoted r&b fan.
Juls, Warranwood, Mon Feb 17 11:07:28 2003
February 11, 2001
It had been nearly two years since I last visited Mothership. What was I thinking? This night is great. Very cool music, but you have to be into R&B, hip-hop and so on to really enjoy it.

Most of the detail in the following reviews is still pretty accurate. The night is all about the music. Top DJs just keep the crowd bouncing gently to the finest mix of R&B. hip-hop, funk and so on. Nothing to stressful, just cool.

A very multi-cultural crowd makes the most of it. It is such a friendly crowd. Well dressed, well behaved, and ... wait for it ... courteous. It is for cool, relaxed, and laid back people. Not too many pretentious types either.

I'll be back there soon.

Ben Clissold
August 22, 1999
Iíve been to Mothership about three times in the last month or so. It is a great night! It is the best atmosphere of any of the mainstream clubs I have been to lately. Its totally different to your Toga, Q Bar, etc... The combo of the live stuff, and Peril & Rudeboy is certainly different to any other club in Melbourne Iíve been to.

Brad Floyd
Did someone say R&B? You had better believe it, brother. This stuff is great, and makes for an interesting night. I finally found a night where I knew hardly any of the music I heard but loved it anyway. So cool.

Mercury Lounge has a funny reputation. It is supposed to be full of old blokes, and pub music - well not on Sunday. The crowd was youngish and vibrant, and the music was as far removed from a pub as you could imagine. A good portion of the crowd was African, Indian, or Sri Lankan, most aged 21+, and very well dressed and behaved. It was without doubt the most polite crowd I have ever experienced in Melbourne. The place was packed, yet people stopped to apologise for bumping into you, and usually shook your hand. That just added to the enjoyment.

The music was great, thanks largely to top DJs like Peril, and each week you get a different original band. Add to that MC Rudeboy (a guy who just talks on the mike) and you have an experience like nothing else. But you have to like the music.

If you do not, there is not much else on offer. No pool tables, or video machines, and limited seating. This partly results from the relatively small size of the place. It is basically one oddly shaped room, with a viewing deck, a stage, and a dancefloor. Lighting is minimal on the dancefloor, but that creates mood. The three bars are reasonably accessible, as are the DJs.

The only slight down side, however, was the cost. $7 with a pass on a Sunday night is steep, and there was no low prices inside either. Still, the music is great (if you like R&B), it is a different type of night, and is like nothing else I have witnessed. That made for a very good night. It would be my favourite Sunday night venue at the moment. A real experience.

Ben Clissold