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Tuesday, August 1, ‘00
A great cover band currently hitting the streets of Melbourne. The four guys that make up this band all have plenty of experience (with the likes of Pean and Kartoon).

Currently it's made up of a drummer (ex-Kartoon) a guitarist (ex-Kartoon and filled in with Pean for a while) a bass guy (usually plays with Pean) and a singer (don't know where he's from).

They fit together well. The music is almost flawless and the energy they generate keeps the crowd jumping. Playing all the latest alternative/rock songs with the good old traditionals that all cover bands sing and generally a good mix of '80s, '90s and today they should appeal to most age groups.

The Governor Hotham is not a place where the crowd really gets into the music, more a sit and listen to the band. However, Freeeze played on this with the singer and guitarist wandering around the venue talking and dancing with people during songs.

They are starting to pick up some regular gigs, and if you liked Pean, Voodoo Surf Gods, Flaming Moes and the like, then Freeeze is a band for you.

Look out for them at a venue near you!

Jenni Wallace @