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Keep’n Rhythm
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Thur & Sun @ Manhattan Hotel, Fri @ Cue Sports, Sat @ Mountain View

Saturday, July 1, ‘00
Hype now have a huge following, there is the typical Mountain View Saturday night crowd, but also the people who discovered them on a Thursday night coming along as well. This makes for a huge crowd, but a fun one.

Hype go off The guys are sponsored by airwalk, so don't be surprised to see airwalk gear being handed out during the night. As usual on a Saturday there are drinkcards galore, but you will have to work for them.

Very energetic, all the songs were done really well, and, unlike a few coverbands, Hype do keep the songs sounding true to the originals.

A fairly young looking band - and girls they are very easy on the eyes!! In my opinion they're just going to keep getting bigger.

Jenni Wallace
Friday, December 2, ‘99

Hype up close Hype are one of the newer breed of cover bands, that have appeared over the last couple of years. The best way to describe them is fresh, because they have energy and the sound. They also have an excellent play list.

Hype play a great mix of alternative, from classics to current, but popular enough that you will know every word. They cover even the most recent songs accurately, and do a great job of the faster songs by The Living End, which tend to catch out so many bands.

They are a young four piece group. Drum, lead guitar, bass guitar, and singer. They dress grungy, but with a current look (ie no long hair), but it is their energy that works. As such, they are ideal for a young, student crowd.

Their sound is very authentic to the original, and they did not miss a beat or a line. On top of that, they do a great job of involving the crowd. Their playlist allows you to sing-along to every song, and their energy gets a mosh-pit going. The singer also gets the crowd going, and things like kicking McFooties into the crowd communicated an attitude of: “We’re here to have a good time!”

Go and see Hype when you want a lift, or a mosh, or even a sing. Keep your eye on them.

Ben Clissold @