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Crazy Haus



Mountain View Live
Mountain View

186 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley
Hyped up?

Anybody know why the View closed?
Mikey, Glen Waverley, Sun Feb 6 02:09:12 2005
I was down at Rumours the other day. I think it might be something good.
I've always believed that (Knox) Ozone was a big venue short of being good, and
the nightclub area at Cue Sportz was a missed opportunity.
Well, they've taken the opportunity now by building a very decent looking club.
Okay, it was in pieces when I saw it, but it looks good.
Rumours is a big four room venue, very similar in style to East 93 and Jooce.
The front room will play commercial dance. There's a side room with pool tables
to the right. Out the back is a lounge room, and a band room.
They've scooped the pool by stealing Crazy Haus from the View, and Metrik (our
favourite new(ish) band) on Saturday.
I'm looking forward to this one, partly because I really miss Jooce & East, but
secondly because its a huge opportunity to be great.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Oct 5 05:04:05 2004
I can't believe that Crazy Haus are leaving the View! A few people have said it
had been done to death but I don't agree.
I guess I'll have to go try this Rumours place. Does anyone know what its going
to be like?
Mel, Wheelers Hill, Tue Oct 5 00:03:38 2004
02.09: Frysie from Big Brother
Frysie from the latest Big Brother is coming to visit The View Thursday
September 2.
The View, Glen Waverley, Mon Aug 23 06:00:15 2004
Crazy Haus are awesome live; they play a great mix of songs, and the DJ breaks
the live scene with some awesome music, plus the happy hours (9-11) are great
Steve, Rowville, Fri May 30 07:39:10 2003
This night was pumping. Full house. The vibe in the room was awesome. I've been
to The View many times before' this is definately the place to be on a Thursday
night. They have really hot bar staff as well!!!! Crazy Haus rock!
Sam, Dingley Village, Sat Apr 26 21:18:50 2003
Great band, cool people, fantastic nite and the new room looks ace!
Samantha, Thu Apr 17 17:57:46 2003
good atmosphere and fun band and good dj
Sar, Mulgrave, Thu Apr 10 04:25:25 2003
this place has the potential to be great andf with heaps of young chicks its
very easy for the blokes out there to get some action. i agree with the comments
about the bouncers though, they get really rough if looked at the wrong way.
the baron, mt waverley, Mon Feb 10 17:26:58 2003
I am suprised that you guys haven't got down there with your camera's yet as
this night goes off with heaps of uni students and young people rocking along to
Crazy Haus till all hours of the morning. The place is packed to the rafters,
I tell you!! Get down there and get some pics of it on your website. You will
not be dissapointed.
Rob Giles, East Burwood, Thu Jan 30 05:55:36 2003
The View wasn't too bad tonight. It should be a touch bigger next week with
exams finishing up, but not bad.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 15 04:16:17 2002
I agree with most of the above comments. However something needs to be done about
the bouncers. The Mountain View has the potential to be a fantastic venue that
already has a good crowd and music.
J D SMITH, Sat Jul 13 17:11:33 2002
Went to the view last night (11/7/02) and it went off. The last week of the school
holidays certainly brought everybody out and the place was packed. The only
complaint i had about the whole night and this problem happens everywhere no
matter where you go, the bouncers are ... . A bit unfair but i guess nowadays, you
just have to have luck when your in a pub, and i don't just mean trying to pick
up. Cheers
Henry c, Fri Jul 12 09:49:09 2002
April 26, 2001
On what was a really slow night around Melbourne, we went to "The View" to take a look at the new renovations. To our surprise (it was dead everywhere else that night), it was jam packed, with a very good type of a crowd. You couldn't move.

The following reviews cover the detail of the night very well, so I won't rewrite them. The renovations seemed very good. I haven't been to the View often enough to give too much detail on the change, but the venue certainly felt far more club-like than I remembered it. They have moved the bar back, creating a lot more room to move. They have also made good use of lighting to make the room much more moody. It feels more like a modern club, more along the lines of Mercury Lounge. Fairly impressive.

Ben Clissold
The Mountain View has become so much better since the renovations have become complete. Pushing the bar back has opened it up so much more and you can now have an extra place to dance. The only criticism I have is that there should be a larger amount of bands given a chance to play in front of such a large crowd. The Mountain View regulars would love it. - Julian Coleman (26.4.01)
March 1, 2001
One Saturday a few friends and I went to Mountain View Live to see a band called Hype. We instantly loved the place so we decided to go back on a Thursday to see Crazy Haus play. We are now members and go there every week.

Mountain View always gets packed. There is usually a long queue by 10:30 and its usually still there by the time the band finishes, which is about 2am. On a 30 degree day the View can get very hot but it doesn't stop the people from coming down and the place from getting packed. The crowd is usually a very young crowd ranging from people that are 18 to their late 20s.

Its full of locals and people from places like Caulfield that aren't too far away. Its easy to get there by public transport as the station is only a 10 to 15 minute walk from the venue. Its also not far from the freeway making it easy for people to get to. The crowd are usually very nice and laid back. The dress code (if there is one) is very laid back as you can get in in jeans and runners.

As you walk in the door there is a rather big bar to your right and some tables and chairs to your left. You keep walking straight and the dance floor is to your right with the stage infront of that. If you turn right and walk over the dance floor you will find another seating area with three pool tables and a couple of video games.

On a Thursday night Crazy Haus, a fantastic cover band, play at Mountain View. They play everything from Pearl Jam to Five. Their lead singer makes everybody laugh with his onstage antics. They get involved in the audience bringing girls onstage to dance, and handing out free drinks and drink-cards. They always pull in a big crowd and make the night very enjoyable. The crowd always gets very involved with the music jumping around and singing.

When the band are not on stage, DJ Jason Young takes over keeping everybody dancing with a great variety of music from hip-hop to dance and pop. The drink specials go all night and there is a happy hour from about 8 to 10pm with great cheap drink specials. On a Thursday night with a pass it will cost you $2 or $5:50 without a pass.

Its a fantastic venue and Crazy Haus rock. I would definitely recommend Mountain View Live on a Thursday night.

Jess Smith
December 2, 1999
Note: Since this review was penned, Hype have moved to Saturday whilst Pean are touring, and Crazy Haus have moved in...

For months people have been talking about Mountain View Live's Thursday night. I thought I had better go and find out what all the fuss was about.

The stifling heat of the night meant other venues around town were pretty quiet, but not Mountain View Live. We arrived around midnight (30c) to discover a full venue & queue. Once inside it was packed, not to mention a little warm. Apparently it had been full since about 10.30 or so, and it didn't quieten down until 1.30 or so (good for a Thursday).

The crowd is mainly local, although it is very nicely located in Glen Waverley, not far from the Monash Freeway for those living in the outer South East, and nearby to Monash Uni Clayton, Deakin Rusden, and Deakin Burwood. It is a renown hang-out for each of those universities. It is a pretty laid back type of crowd, although the girls put in more effort than the guys in the fashion stakes, not dissimilar to Jooce. They are mainly aged 18-23.

The venue itself is a little smaller than I anticipated, given its reputation, but the ideal size for a Thursday night. It is one dark L-shaped room. You enter at the little part of the L, where you find the rather large bar, and some seating. The room takes a right, and halfway along the wall is a stage for coverband Hype, with a dancefloor beneath it. At the far end are a couple of pool tables, video games, and tables to sit around.

The main focus of the night is the dancefloor, and the band. Hype are a young and energetic, alternative coverband. They really enjoy their work, and their music, and they are not bad at it. The crowd reacts to the music, and the band do a good job of involving them further, by bringing them onto the stage for various competitions, and having them sing-along. Their play-list is good, very popular alternative, although I am not sure why they played Mambo Number Five. I had the feeling they weren't sure either.

Between sets DJ Jason Young (21st C - Sat) plays a bit of everything, from house and commercial dance to top 40 and retro. His continual switching of genres was a touch annoying, but he kept playing good music, and kept the floor full. He is quite accessible to the dancefloor for requests.

It is all excellent value, especially when you get in free before 9, or pay $5 thereafter, unless you have a pass which gets you in for the hefty sum of $2. Add to that some drink specials, and you have a great night for all the poor, broke students out there.

Thursday at the Mountain View has all of the elements that make for a great Thursday night. Young people, lot's of them, good entertainment, and good prices. Best of all, for the locals, it is close to home, so taxis are affordable, and you will probably know people there. It is pretty hard to go wrong.

Ben Clissold