MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Saturday @

21st Century

1 Davey St, Frankston

Music:Com/Top40, Party/Retro, Alternative, RnB/Funk, House, Techno, Bands
Short desc.:Great entertainment, four newly renovated rooms
Age group:
Correct at:Oct 27 ‘10 (Max Moose)
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So many rooms, so little time
Marti, Frankston, Mon Aug 25 22:58:45 2008
love how its got a rotating floor
brooke, garfeild, Tue Sep 4 21:11:20 2007
fun and great DJ's
marissa, Fri Mar 16 01:18:58 2007
its good
AnonyMoose, Sun Mar 11 18:57:00 2007
its my fav
AnonyMoose, Fri Feb 16 04:12:00 2007
Nitro have taken over the Pelly Bar@21st Century. Not a lot needs to be said
about Pelly...quite ROCKS!!! Nitro on stage @11pm, lots of silly
goin' you're Nitro keyring for discounted entry... need one? get on
Adz, melbourne, Thu Nov 30 22:12:21 2006
Great music, and all of my mates go there
Jessica, Frankston North, Mon Oct 16 00:35:18 2006
The music.The dancing. The Friends. The drinking. Meeting new people. Escaping
from evyday boring life.
Sherri, Mornington, Wed Oct 11 19:15:54 2006
20.05New Era lands.Disco Bros
Electric – Ok people lets Turn On The Music at the new look TwentyFirst every
Saturday Night as Future Clubs presents the finest DJ line-up the Peninsula has
ever seen
Disco BrothersSaturday 20th May
Dirty SouthSaturday 27th May
Ivan GoughSaturday 3rd June
Doors Open @ 10pm. Admission $12.
TwentyFirst, Frankston, Thu May 18 04:35:23 2006
friends.. cheap.. best music.. REVOLVING DANCE FLOOR.. fire room.. pelly..
TALENT!!! need i say more?
deLLie, pearcedale, Tue Mar 28 21:30:22 2006
Twenty First Century is proud to announce the formation of a working partnership
Future Clubs, a division of Future Entertainment, was recently founded to
provide marketing and entertainment services to major venues across Australia.
Future Clubs is a joint venture between Mark James, Jason Ayoubi and Alistair
Kennedy, all of whom have a significant heritage in the nightclub industry.
As its first major project for 2006, Future Clubs will produce spectacular, high
profile events and entertainment at TwentyFirst and reposition this iconic venue
as a contemporary event space, live music venue and the epicentre of Peninsula
TwentyFirst will relaunch to the public in late March 2006 following a major
renovation which will include cutting edge sound and lighting, luxurious
lounges, a VIP vodka bar as well as a brand new skygarden.
Future Clubs is now taking enquiries and bookings for March 2006 and beyond.
Future Clubs, Mon Feb 20 18:55:53 2006
big, roomy and great music
monique, cheltenham, Thu Feb 16 02:14:49 2006
all of my friends go there its local/handy and always ends up being a good
lauren, frankston, Sun Feb 5 21:29:50 2006
Max Moose congratulates 21st Saturday for its results in
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it an Hon. mention in best tek night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:26:51 2005
The revolving dancefloor is fun, its pretty relaxed and they always play the
best house music all through saturday night.
Lauren, Wheelers Hill, Fri Jun 17 06:46:45 2005
Hot chicks, great atmosphere, lots of variety.
Frantzy, Frankston, Sat Jun 4 05:04:04 2005
Love the revolving dancefloor!!
Sarah, Seaford, Wed May 18 19:26:45 2005
it has all different genres of music as I like hard nrg(techno), trance, top 40,
r&b and hip hop and friendly people.
Lisa, Deer Park, Mon May 9 02:29:15 2005
Although it is not local, 21 is becoming a regular sat night for me! Relaxed
atmosphere near the beach, the best house music around for non stop dancing and
the revolving dancefloor is kinda cool aswell. Sick of the house music, just
walk on in to the pelly bar which is also heaps fun for a change. There's also
plenty of room to move at 21 which comes in handy. Overall, a great sat night
out if you wanna dance till the late hours of the morning!
Lauren , Wheelers Hill, Wed May 4 17:55:31 2005
It's rocking and fun. it's a great time.
amanda, keysborough, Wed May 4 06:31:46 2005
fun, cheap, friendly, pleasent, i like it lots although can get crowded but
controlled well. toilets looked after well.
AnonyMoose, Fri Apr 22 18:38:07 2005
21 is a regular Saturday nite for me. The reason I keep going back is, it is
local, they have a variety of music and the atmosphere goes off!! There is
nothing better than hitting the floor with all your mates havin' the time of
your life at 21!!
SeanA, Langy!, Tue Mar 15 22:41:56 2005
It's fun and carefree. Nobody cares where you're from or what music you like
cause there's something there for everyone. Attracts all differents kinds of
people not just one kind.
Olivia, Eaglemont, Fri Jan 28 05:25:13 2005
I think i like it because it's local, easy to stumble home and always has a
great mix of cover bands (in the pelly bar) and dance etc.
Lids, Carrum Downs, Wed Jan 12 04:16:59 2005
Pelly Bar plays ace pub music, da main room plays sexy RNB stuff & best of
all,da atmosphere rox coz my buddies r there wif me!! )
ScHmOo, Skye, Wed Nov 24 04:30:22 2004
Its big enough to get some air when its hot on the dance floor and the music is
Mel, Mount Eliza, Thu Nov 11 05:55:46 2004
Sian, 21st is awesome on a Sat nite.. Goes off... Especially in Pelly Bar!!!
Sim, Fri Oct 29 16:55:09 2004
Going to the 21st Saturdau night better be good! lots of Good RnB I Hope! I'll
fill u in Wednesday what it was like......
Sian, Cranbourne, Fri Oct 29 16:11:28 2004
21st is definitely the place to go if you have diverse musical tastes, great to
be able to move around from room to room and it is always busy with heaps of
happy people.....
C T, Seaford, Mon Oct 18 02:51:25 2004
21st is a great place 2 go on a saturday night. The music in the Main Room and
The Pelly Bar are Bloody Good. It's a bummer that DJ Greg Gurnett isn't in the
main room anymore but it's good 2 see him on 80 retro nights. Ray D & Jay D do a
good job and The DJ in the Pelly Bar does a sweet job pumping out the old & new
tunes. Rock on DJ Doltz (pelly bar) and the band is good.
Cluber who likes 2 Party, Franston, Sun Oct 17 20:37:29 2004
Not a bad local club! $10 dollars enrty before 11pm with an $18 drink card! Has
3 different rooms! 4-5 pool tables, rotating dance floor! Good Service, People &
atmosphere :)
samantha, Seaford, Tue Sep 7 14:27:41 2004
went 21 first tym eva, thought it was a disgrace, pelly bar is ok, but not much
chop, many otha places id ratha b on a sat nyt
shags, carnegie, Mon Aug 23 21:32:58 2004
First time @ 21 and I was beyond impressed!!! the layout, DJ's, lighting system,
choice of rooms and manor of the crowed all were spectacular. OH and the famous
revolving dance floor of course!!!
21 is definitely worth visiting even if it's only a one off, but I will be back
for sure!!!
DT, Frankston, Mon Jul 26 19:49:07 2004
Lots of people all out for a good time. If you get bored with one area, you can
move to a different room
Kat, Mt. Eliza, Mon Jul 12 22:11:00 2004
Went to 21 on saturday. MASSIVE crowd, we actually had to line b4 11, which I
have never had to do. Fantastic night got to see all my frankston buddies again
yay:p Hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself on the dance floor. Those
drink cards are a killer...
Cazz, Blackburn, Mon Jul 12 17:42:14 2004
After having not gone to the 21st in about 5 years since the downfall of the
place when (Old man Greg) stopped Dj there. I was dragged along.. I have never
seen such a club with so much potential go to waste. The new Dj console looks
amazing, staff very good. Music in the House room very good. The main room was
absoltuly rubbish i have never heard such inconsistent music it chopped and
alnight. I am lead to believe these kids were mobile disco Djs a few weeks ago.
I think you guys need to have a good hard look at your self!!!!
###, frankston, Tue May 11 08:37:41 2004
Variety of music... i don't think so.... i went there last week and the Pelly
Bar was shut.... all they play is RnB. and it's bad RnB. i think they played
maybe 3 different songs.
Crystal, Thu Apr 22 22:43:28 2004
a lot of ppl and a good area to go aroud with differnt music
Anon, Thu Apr 22 17:45:47 2004
this is my fave because all my mates go here of a sat night and there are drink
cards which help you out before 11
Shane, Bel Post Hill, Fri Mar 12 03:37:12 2004
Being a Frankston girl myself going out to your local club, 21st, is great for
catching up with all ya mates and not having far to stumble home
Christine, Frankston, Fri Jun 27 09:13:46 2003
all my mates are there and the pelly bar rocks!! the classics are awesome
lisa, frankston, Wed Jun 25 01:28:41 2003
it's local for me, plays a variety of music, i mostly like the pelly bar,
because i love rock music, grunge etc..
mel, langwarrin, Wed May 28 11:31:03 2003
Hard Kandy is now running at the 21st on Saturday nights. I assume they are in
the SubClub only.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun May 18 22:01:45 2003
If you want to pay good entry fee and have a great night go here drink cards are
provided and many romms to enjoy from mellow r n b to live bands then to techo
in the subclub this is the place to be
MEGAN CRONIN, CARRUM DOWNS , Tue Apr 29 08:44:10 2003
Saturday Nights at 21 are going off!!! Went there for 2nd time this month and
the place wuz packed. Love it cuz there's so many girls but they had signs up
saying 'Hard Kandy on the Move - Coming Soon' anyone know more?
Ivan, Mornington, Fri Apr 11 23:08:08 2003
April 28, 2001
April 28th saw a major new dawn for 21C, as it moved into the 21st century. It has been renovated and looks nothing short of spectacular. The crowd was huge, and absolutely loved their new home.

The whole club looks like new. Very, very modern and fresh. I don't know where to start with the highlights. I suppose the main dance room is the place. The plasma ball is gone, but the revolving dancefloor is surrounded with columns of red lights and tubing, reminiscent of a rave. The whole lightshow has been re-done, very impressively. Lasers, strobes, scans, the whole lot. It is really atmospheric.

Around the rest of the room, the lighting is much more moody than previously. They have made great use of orange and blues. The bars are alive, and the TVs have been effectively relocated. Everything has been freshened up, even the seating.

The Sub Club is totally enhanced. Darker, but more atmospheric courtesy of new lighting and feature walls with a very digital-techno feel. Great modern blue lighting greets you at its door.

The highlight, though, is probably the Voyeur (voyager?) room. They have isolated it more from the club, but it is a really moody red. It features these awesome fake flames, which shoot up between the cozy new booths. It needs to be seen to be believed.

For once, renovations have really made a difference. The place simply feels fantastic, and is an experience to rival anything in Melbourne. The atmosphere in the club was the best I have ever seen it, and the queue was enormous from 10pm to 2am and beyond. It will be longer next week, as 21C is right back on the map!

The following review contains more details on why this was such a great night...
The 21st is one of the great suburban venues. It is one of the best looking venues anywhere, and achieves a standard through a good dress code and strong entertainment. Many people would say“Frankston; forget it.” That would be their loss.

Sure, the crowd is fairly local in nature, but many people from the Peninsula and Berwick district travel there. There is a fair spread of age, from 18-27. The dress code they quote is no damaged or washed (stone/acid) denim, with a collar preferred. That means you can dress up a bit without looking out of place, and it does impact on the nature of the crowd.

The biggest strength of the club is the range of entertainment. There is a pumping techno room called the Sub Club, the main room, a vodka bar, and the Pelly Bar for the bands. The Sub Club, off the main room, features DJs like Mark Zylstra (John Course has been known to appear), and has a relatively large dancefloor, a bar, good DJ access, and heaps of seating around tables.

The Pelly Bar, also off the main room, is where you see cover band Spin, performing their alternative covers. The room also has a bar, TV sets, and a DJ who plays retro and party tunes.The vodka bar has frozen cocktails, a bar, tables, booth seating, TV sets, and a view of the main room, which it is part of.

The main room is the highlight, however. It is a great looking room, with a focus on the dancefloor - the infamous revolving dancefloor. It is large, and features an awesome lightshow, which, when added to the surrounds, makes for a room with the right feel. The DJ (Jason) is accessible right on the floor’s edge, and he plays the best current dance and a mix of dance classics (nineties and beyond) as well as popular house tunes. The room also has a large bar, some booth seating, pool tables, and TV sets.

Like most venues on Saturday, it gets going around 11, and it was well and truly on at midnight. The venue was not jammed, but easily busy enough for even the most annoying critic.

It all represents good entertainment. You get in for $8.80, which is about right. From the amount the crew drank, the prices at the bar must have been okay too, about $5 for most standard mixes.

The 21st Century is one of those venues you have to visit. It is fantastic for the locals, and an experience for everyone else. There are not many venues any more, that offer a number of rooms, with contrasting entertainment. The 21st does it well, in a good feeling venue.

Ben Clissold