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Keep’n Rhythm
Bit of drumThey’re on fireBit more drum
Even more drum

Flaming Moes

Thur @ Manhattan Hotel (Ringwood), Saturday @ Finbars

Friday @ Flanagans
I was expecting alot from them last friday. It was the first gig back at flanagans and i was pumped to see one of the more reviwed bands play.
I was very disapointed, they didnt seem into it, the music they had in the set lists clashed and didnt flow, the guitar was shocking and the singer did my head in. I left early and will not be going back to flanagans untill they are gone.
Matt, Frankston, Sat Jan 30 09:14:58 2010
Friday, December 15, ’00
The Moes are probably the biggest drawing band in Melbourne just now, and it is not hard to see why. They play a great combination of current grunge / alternative and pub classics. Sometimes you wonder a bit about some of the dodgy pub songs they play, but for the most part, they keep an appropriate playlist.

The guys in action One of their other strengths is their accuracy. They rarely miss a beat or a line, and have a very authentic sound, whether they are playing “Flagpole Sitta”, or something from the archives.

They draw very large, but mixed crowds, thanks to the broad range in their playlist. They play something for everyone aged 18 to 30, with a grunge / alternative or pub music preference. They have fair crowd involvement, although their playlist restricts that at times. They play something to mosh to, followed by something to dance or sing to, and the crowd gets a little confused.

The crowd don’t seem to mind too much, though. As I said earlier, they are probably the biggest drawing band in Melbourne. Their biggest gig was probably Friday @ Hallam.

They are a band you see when you want a bit of everything pub or grunge / alternative in nature.

Ben Clissold @