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Keep’n Rhythm
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Voodoo Surf Gods

Fri @ Club Dakota, Sat @ Volt

Saturday, December 9, ‘00
View the Surfgods .MPG video (1.59mb)

NOTE: Since their come back, the Surf Gods have been on fire. They are a whole lot more mellow, and have improved their play list markedly. They actually look like they are enjoying themselves more than ever, and the crowds are responding.

The Voodoos have long been one of the biggest crowd drawing bands in Melbourne. Their success stems from their ideal marketing, and energy on stage. Their name is so suited to the target audience as to make a marketing guy sick, because they play an alternative mix, to a young and trendy (sometimes surfy) kind of crowd.

Voodoos go off The five member band play anything as long as it is alternative. From classic alternative and grunge, right through to the latest releases from bands like Blink 182. They always have one of the most current playlists going around, but that creates a small sacrifice in accuracy. All bands tend to miss lines and beats the first couple of times they play something new, and the Voodoos are always playing new songs. They play their older stuff well.

They are also brilliant at working a crowd. They work the crowd up to mosh to anything, and often have crowd members on stage, singing along or playing games. This can be annoying if you are there for the music, but most people seem to enjoy being involved.

Sing with Kendall They survive on coolness and crowd interaction, and their play lists are long and current. That is why they are one of the biggest drawing bands in Melbourne, and retain their resident gigs for long periods. For a long time they were the centrepiece of Hallam’s Thursdays, the most successful Thursday in Melbourne, and their biggest gig. After a year's absence, they have just returned. They are a band to see when you want to be entertained, and feel like a bit of a mosh.

Ben Clissold
Friday @ Denim Lounge (now Dakota) (Jan 28 ‘00)

This night goes off! Punters keep rolling in and party 'til around 5am. Great gig for the Gods, especially the new guitarist Glen. He is attracting a lot of female attention. Girls check him out!

The Surfgods put on a great show and hang around afterwards drinking with the crowd. Set list updated every few weeks and Kendall's Pearl Jam covers are awesome.