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Saturday, April 29, Ď00
As the name implies, Kartoon are about fun. Five guys who don't care too much, just as long as everyone has a good time. They dress loud, wear funny hats, but importantly, play a pretty good blend of music.

Band Shot Their playlist is broad, with a focus on popular party classics, along with plenty of current top 40 stuff to keep you happy. There is heaps to sing along to. This makes them suited to a very broad range of people. You can expect to see people aged from 18 to 30 having a good sing when Kartoon are in the house.

They do not waste too much time being 100% accurate, although they are certainly not the worst band around in this sense. Most of the time they are as true as any other band, except when they are having some fun with the lyrics or the crowd.

Band Shot Crowd interaction, however, is the key to Kartoon. They make the crowd get involved and have fun. This is why they have played some good gigs in their time. They were one of the keys to Stylus when it was originally successful.

Go and see Kartoon when you are bored with traditional cover bands, and want to have a bit of fun.

Ben Clissold @