MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Club Movement




Berwick Springs Hotel, 248 Clyde Rd, Berwick
Night name:Club Movement
Music:Com/Top40, House, RnB/Funk, Party/Retro
Short desc.:Friendly party with great tunes
Dress:Neat Casual
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25
Hours:open til 3am
Correct at:Apr 21 ’06 (Max Moose)

I'm wondering if you could help me with something.
I want to hire the VIP room for my birthday next month. How much is it and how do I go about it?
Brittany, Narre North, Wed Feb 3 14:27:11 2010
good music
AnonyMoose, narre warren, Tue Feb 2 21:47:59 2010
heyy, are 18 yr olds allowed in??
allison lee, berwick, Sat Oct 3 17:16:04 2009
Worst nightclub in Australia.....
bas, bez, Wed Sep 2 15:12:29 2009
Sounds like a dud rumour to me Cam
Anonymoose, Tue Jul 28 04:54:16 2009
Heard Blitz at Costello's Berwick is closing? Also
heard there will be a significant launch for the
Lynbrook Hotel soon?
Cam, Narre Warren, Mon Jul 27 19:25:36 2009
Great atmosphere, good music
Brooke, Cranbourne, Thu Jan 15 15:55:39 2009
Shannon, think you meant to post your comment on the Friday page.
But thank God they knocked back the 22 year old. There's not many places us more mature clubbers can go without the younger ones. 98% of clubs are full of 22 year olds. Blitz is great on Friday because its for us older ones. Don't even mind 26-27 year olds there, just not the younger ones.
Amanda, Berwick, Mon Dec 8 22:40:08 2008
Time Warp Over 28's would be such a great night if it wasn't for the harassing security guards who think they are big tough people who like to harass young girls, firstly being an over 28's night me & my other 6 or so friends should been denied entry we were all between 25 - 27 they knocked back a 22 yr old but not the rest? Idiots.....will never go back to this disgraceful joint that is clearly guarding the place up with rent a cop wannabes - I will be taking my complaint further.
Shannon, Cranbourne North, Mon Dec 8 13:27:29 2008
fun fun fun and lots of cool people
carli, berwick, Mon Nov 10 23:25:39 2008
It plays really great music and i see alot of my mates there.
Alana, Cranbourne, Thu May 22 11:53:35 2008
is close and cheap
callan, berwick, Sat Mar 1 00:45:45 2008
love the people, the atmosphere, the music and its close to home.
Brad, Hampton Park, Thu Feb 21 00:59:18 2008
blitz is so old and boring i mean its awesome to have a nightclub thats local but it really needs to be lifted i dont no a new dj every now and then, a new set up or even open up the top part above the bar for v.i.p's. anything new will make this place cause right now all it is is same people, same music, same stupid old fights, same old same old. and no1 like same old same old people want new things something exciting but i guess it will never change.
lets just say i deff wont be sad if that place colses down i will prop throw a party if it does.
Jess, e-hills baby, Wed Jan 30 11:06:10 2008
no band!! great song choices!
B, Sat Dec 1 16:40:36 2007
Everyone knows you there and at the bar. They always know what I want to drink.
D, Tue Nov 13 18:58:30 2007
It's been packed the last few weeks, massive lines (which sucked waiting).. music is awesome, house and r&b..
Steve, Fri Oct 12 20:11:25 2007
how about some djs that can play good music and mix?????thats what blitz needs

james, Fri Oct 5 20:58:28 2007
I like it and its good to have somewhere local
Jessica, hampton park, Mon Sep 10 04:13:43 2007
all my freinds go there its good for a catch up
bec, narre warren, Thu Aug 2 21:11:24 2007
Nice strong crowd, big line... tho music inside is way too hard... slow it down.
Bob, Berwick, Mon Jul 16 09:18:40 2007
fun, funky very dancy and its a ball with your friends
Sam, dandenong, Mon Jul 2 18:27:35 2007
its that good
jason, Mon Jun 25 00:12:04 2007
dont forget to check out, for all the latest
BPM, berwick, Tue Apr 17 23:05:13 2007
Blitz goes OFF the heezie
Megzy, Berwick, Tue Apr 17 18:44:12 2007
its a great club heaps of fun n hot guys!!!!!!
rachel, melbourne, Thu Apr 12 16:07:44 2007
goes off what else does it need
Danni, cranbourne, Wed Mar 28 00:08:19 2007
i love blitz and marquee 2 they are both gr8
Emma, Pakenham, Mon Mar 12 18:48:13 2007
Go to for all the latest photos
bpm, BERWICK, Mon Jan 15 16:43:06 2007
REWT, Mon Jan 15 16:42:15 2007
great night last night. who were the promotional people there on saturday? was
it jim beam? where can the photos they took be found?
john, berwick, Sun Jan 14 18:44:15 2007
Checkout, for the latest pics.
BPM Promotion Team
BPM, Berwick, Sun Jan 7 17:51:22 2007
i love to dance there.
Kasey, Thu Jan 4 01:22:33 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Best suburban night
- Joint best suburban venue
- Joint Best end of night snack – Blitz hotdogs

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:34:21 2006
it goes farrkiin offf
shaunii, endeavor hills, Tue Dec 5 16:15:41 2006
02.12: TEMPT
Check out Blitz Nightclub this Saturday night. Special Guest DJ - playing a huge
3 hr set of the biggest and best house/electro tunes of 06 and the ones set to
take off for 07. Be spotted and grab a copy of a limited edition mixed CD -
available only to Blitz patrons!! Doors open 9pm - get in early, cos this night
is gonna be huge !!
Blitz/BPM Entertainment, Berwick, Thu Nov 30 16:11:58 2006
it was sik mannn
matthew, narre warren south, Tue Nov 28 20:22:46 2006
Loving blitz and thought the crowd were going off to the rnb they
Roxy, Dandenong, Fri Nov 10 16:37:55 2006
Loving blitz and thought the crowd were going off to the rnb they
Roxy, Dandenong, Fri Nov 10 16:37:45 2006
were there most weeks and its been absolutely fantastic music, except for last
sat night there was definately too much rnb and you could tell the crowd hated
it, stick with the house, thats why its been so good the last couple of months!!
Sarah, Fri Nov 10 14:35:03 2006
sick , tons of hot chiks, nice music (no ballanation) :(
boz, berwick, Wed Nov 8 07:35:33 2006
great crowd and music, local, gorgeous girls
Gavin, narre warren, Tue Nov 7 16:55:47 2006
noway house and elctro music is way better to dance to then rnb
joshua, townsville, Sun Oct 29 21:23:51 2006
what ever!! the rnb is a good change!! get over it ppl have diff tastes of music
i think its fkn fantastic that there is variety!!! go the rnb all the way its
good to have a rest from the pill poppin house !
Jayde, warrandyte, Tue Oct 24 16:20:38 2006
its a great atmosphere, friendly, good mix of music
Cat, narre warren, Thu Oct 19 03:00:01 2006
It's our local nigtht club, all our friends are there
Kristy, Cranbourne, Thu Oct 12 18:25:45 2006
Just letting everyone know, BLITZ will be open Melbourne cup long weekend,
November 6. There will be a Traffic light Theme to the the night and drink
specials. Leave details on forum for VIP Guestlist.
BPM staff, berwick, Mon Oct 9 15:57:39 2006
OMG please do not let Evan dj... why do you think they sacked all the old promo
ppl including him.. cos it turned REALLY bad and ppl stopped going.. all he
played was crappy RnB songs that made me feel like i was 16 and at a Bluelight
disco... i love the music there now..
Alyce, Wed Oct 4 15:40:47 2006
Great times, good mates and hot chicks
AnonyMoose, Sat Sep 23 16:24:09 2006
crazy music, hot chicks, bouncers arnt s
Gavin, narre warren, Wed Sep 20 00:45:26 2006
has the best new dance music, get drinks fast, meet nice guys and its free b4
9.30. nice bounces and heaps of seats.
chantelle, narre warren, Mon Sep 18 16:38:26 2006
why so much controversy????
jones, Sat Sep 16 19:18:08 2006
its close to home and has at great atmosphre and always has awesome music
bek, hallam, Sat Sep 16 18:30:00 2006
Its kinda sad this Evan guy is plugging himself so heavily to play gigs in the
burbs. its so obvious he's posting all these comment himself.
Eric, Fri Sep 15 00:12:47 2006
Why is there such a big fuss if he comes down and plays. I'v seen him play at
Area 61 and wow that was a awsom night he does some wicked tracks. should give
him a go at blitz then u'll no what his like.
ancella, Thu Sep 14 19:11:34 2006
As far as i know evan's working at davies and alitude,21st. it would be pretty
cool if he come in for a guest set. someting diffrent.
mark, Thu Sep 14 18:20:22 2006
I used to work there behind the bar and i know for a fact that blitz is at full
capacity on most weeks.
And what good music would this evan dude be playing??
Im enjoying what is been played at the moment and it sounds like the crowd are
lace, dandenong, Thu Sep 14 15:28:12 2006
plus i'm pretty sure that Blitz are doing full houses every sat night as it is.
anon, Thu Sep 14 14:07:49 2006
who is this Evan Smith ? Shouldn't he try to get a gig elsewhere. Why is he so
good ?
anon, Thu Sep 14 14:06:46 2006
Presenting EVAN SMITH !! the greatest DJ Berwick has ever foretold. Give this
kid a gig and not only will u have good music, but u may actually have a full
D Wilder, The Bank, Thu Sep 14 13:49:45 2006
q-dog is a tool with rabies.
the vet, Berwick, Sun Sep 3 18:41:40 2006
the q-dog rates it!
q-dog, narre warren south, Sun Sep 3 18:08:19 2006
the q-dog owns the dance floor at blitz
q-dog, narre warren sth, Sun Sep 3 18:05:26 2006
its close and i LOVE to shake my sexy booty!!!!!
F, pakenham, Sat Sep 2 00:56:04 2006
local good music good people fun nite:P
sam, Pakenham , Fri Sep 1 15:17:05 2006
ATA-blitz/bpm. So when r u guys gonna give me a geust dj set at
Evan Smith, Sat Aug 26 20:17:21 2006
went to blitz for the first time in 10 month's not that great realy young croud.
changed alot. not sure if i like it. but check it out.
josie, Tue Aug 15 17:58:23 2006
Just to let a few know we do have a Photo page on the website just click on the Blitz logo. Not all photo,s go up
but we do try to update regularly. If you are not there and wish to be, drop me
a line and I will see what we can do. Thanks again to Ben (Max) for the ongoing
support and these days its a good idea to get there early as the club is filling
almost every Sat. See you there !!
BPM Entertainment, Mulgrave, Tue Jul 11 15:29:02 2006
24.06: Blitz night club
it was the best night club we had a great time
kristy, dandenong, Wed Jul 5 18:28:38 2006
24.06: Blitz night club
i just wanted to know if i can see the pic on the net
kristy, dandenong, Wed Jul 5 18:24:52 2006
01.07: Bacardi Promo
Just while we're at it, Blitz has a Bacardi promo this week, and for the two
weeks after as well. Competitions and BIG prizes to be won.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jun 29 07:17:34 2006
We don't know anything about the pics at Blitz on Saturday. They might be on the
BPM website: or maybe the Jim Beam website if
it was taken by the Jim Beam girls.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jun 29 07:15:55 2006
when will the pics from last sataday be on there i want to c them
matty, were r the pics ?, Wed Jun 28 20:48:21 2006
i love blitz. i love dancing and being crazy. im hot
goodsa, berwick, Mon Jun 26 14:01:06 2006
Anyone know where you can check out the photos the Jim Beam girls were taking?
Guest, Sun Jun 25 21:18:40 2006
great music, drinks n girls
S, endeavour hills, Tue Jun 20 05:04:20 2006
furnace is good fun if you go with a good group of friends, it's all about the
company, you can have fun at a pretty basic place if you're there with good
people, or an awesome club can end up a crappy night if you're not with a fun
group of friends. blitz is nice and easy to get to and get home, and i know
heaps of people there.
Laura, Sat Jun 17 22:41:17 2006
blitz has really come back to the top lately queens birthday eve rocked not a
massive crowd but a real friendly group worth a look any saturday
Gavin D, narre warren, Sat Jun 17 01:35:09 2006
anyone know whats going on at blitz on queens bday eve?
kristie, berwick, Mon Jun 5 16:16:44 2006
27.05: Jim Beam Girls
The Jim Beam Girls will be down at Blitz on Saturday for one almighty promotion.
Be early to avoid the queues.
Blitz, Berwick, Wed May 24 05:48:39 2006
this night is great here all good house played sweet tec which goes off now it
is a night to see the dj are wicked dj hack is great it is the place to be on a
saturday night in this area
craig, bundoora, Tue May 23 19:16:50 2006
20.05: Absolut Cut promo
A big couple of months of promotional events coming up at Blitz. More details
will follow, but this week is the Absolut Cut promo. Be early to avoid the
Blitz, Berwick, Fri May 19 05:52:01 2006
I guess it is ok if ya 18 and don't know any better. There is a MUCH better
selection of clubs in the city for people a little more mature.
Blondie, Narre, Sun May 7 17:59:08 2006
CHANTELLE, narre warren, Sun Apr 30 14:11:13 2006
went there for da 1st time and it was so awesum coz it's really easy to pick up
than furnace is good it's shut down me and me chicks r going there this sat
can't wait YAY!!!! :) and peeps out there have a good one
chantelle, narre warren, Wed Apr 26 20:52:10 2006
i went down to blitz had a fantastic time, got there at like 9. 30 and the music
was great right through the night . the new dj`s were awesome dont know why
theres so much negative feedback on them , they had the crowd rockin . the house
music was going off . i`ll be back every saturday
jess, berwick, Sun Apr 23 15:16:40 2006
Blitz absolutly rocks!! I'm there every saturday night with my hot girls! It's
mad :) Met an awesome guy there too.. :) The music is so good at the moment, and
love that its opening friday nights too!! I'm there!
Jesska is hot, I'd live in blitz if i could!!, Wed Apr 19 00:38:23 2006
blitz is an alright local club. the reason i dont go there all the time is its
always the same. i like it, but not as an every week thing, i'd just get sick of
it. im looking forward to checking it out on thursnights and frinights, now that
furnace is closed and the bezza is turnin to $#!+.
Deano, Berwick, Tue Apr 18 10:12:42 2006
Many of the negative comments are coming from the same computers (IP addresses).
I don't know that its necessarily the old promoters.
In any event, we will be watching those IPs closely and will delete repeat
postings from those addresses from now on.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Apr 7 23:19:58 2006
I don't know about everyone else but I'm sick of the old promoters and their
friends bagging Blitz. It was good last week. I thought the DJ was ok. The crowd
certainly was ok. Get over it.
Jen, Berwick, Fri Apr 7 21:39:02 2006
what the happend to all the ood house they wetre playing.
james, Fri Apr 7 20:23:14 2006
i totaly agree with craig, The mixing was absoute was the choice of
james, Fri Apr 7 20:21:10 2006
I wasn't too impressed with the new dj's. Nothing special, and one of them was
shocking when it came to mixing. anyone agree ?
Craig, Berwick, Fri Apr 7 14:04:42 2006
i thought the new djs rocked the night. they played a good mix of house and rnb
and some of those old skool classics which got everyone going
ricky, naree warren, Thu Apr 6 17:22:32 2006
no one cares about your stupid crew
rob, clayton, Sun Apr 2 15:28:44 2006
greg, no it was not crap the lats week there were there in fact it was a full
house and it went till 4 so waht does that mean, mmm i wonder the black dj was
there and tom and it seemed they realy rocked the night. i was there last week
and it was nothing like it use to be, maby they should shut it down coz i no
that a lot of people wont be returing. the music is absolute crap the dj spend
too much time on the mic and the promos have nothing to offer. my crew wont be
returing to blitz.
beck., Sat Apr 1 20:33:56 2006
whats the go with blitz its gone to . i wont b returning.
jenna, Fri Mar 31 16:38:43 2006
Glad to know there aren't any hard feelings from the Powerhouse crew!
Look, it was dead there last week. Think it might be time for a change.
Where do we go on a Saturday now? Well Furnace is over 28s again (yeah like
that'll work) so not many options left. I'm giving the new guys at Blitz a
Greggy, Berwick, Sat Mar 18 17:02:09 2006
Yea its tru they dont work there any more1 its such a shame they realy rocked it
two weeks ago it feels like home when u go there knowing your gonna be looked
after by them.. i think bpm enterinment is doing it now i heard ther not that
good.they play to much techno and they cant read a croud.Anyways not to worry i
was speaking to one of the promos who use to work there and he said not to
worry the hole crue will be doing another club soon and that they will bring it
top the top to its peak like they did with blitz. too bad tho coz blitz will go
to the do we do saturday night now.
party hard, Sat Mar 18 14:27:56 2006
so i here powerehouse lost the contract. does that mean scotty clint karen and
evan dont work there any more. ?who runs it now?
blitz fucked up, berwick, Sat Mar 18 13:31:07 2006
im normally into pubs with bands, but blitz is great even though its all r'n'b
and house music. i guess im yet to go ther sober.
erin, Noble Park North, Wed Mar 1 16:06:26 2006
The weekend has almost landed! This Saturday Club Blitz presentsthe girl from
One Love "DJ Anj" Vs "Scotty G" - Girls Vs Boys! Free B4 10pm
Blitz, Berwick, Fri Feb 24 18:58:02 2006
Gee. Pete + Liz... U wouldn't happen 2 b the same person would u? Same
punctuation, short line lengths and 8 mins apart? Suss. Promoters me thinks.
(Sam T may b 2).
NEway, Sam may have had a point. I don't remember Dec 3 last yr but maybe they
had a bad fill in DJ. The rest of his comments r pretty true. Every1 wants
different things in a club. Respect that.
Phil, Berwick, Tue Feb 21 14:50:30 2006
Liz: you said it babe. To the people who dont like the music,
dont go. Blitz is obviosly to ahead for you. Im not being nasty
but I dont like places like Furnace and I dont spend my time on
the internet bagging it. Everyone is different, everyone likes
different things, chill out party haters!
Meanwhile Im looking forward to this week end, they have DJ
Anj playing! Last time i saw her play was a One Love and she is
See you there Liz!!!
Pete, Tue Feb 21 10:13:13 2006
Sam Tokin: Clearly you are from Furnace. You
would have to have rocks in your head to suggest
that Furnace is more of a club than Blitz. Furnace is
band venue for sake. Blitz has been full house
for the last 2 and half years it has been open with
people who love it. If you dont like it then dont
go. I happen to be good friends with Scott
Gardener the DJ and he is currently playing at some
wicked clubs in the city that people like you
wouldn't even get into. So off back to your
daggy band venue becouse its the only place your
going to get into.
For all the people who like the club movement see
you there Saturday night!
Liz xo
liz, Tue Feb 21 10:04:52 2006
Great people, great atmosphere, great music. just a great night.
Aaron, hampton park, Sun Feb 5 20:11:50 2006
Went there on the weekend for the 3 time in a row, and i have to say that will
be my last. It's the same thing every weekend. I did pick up 1 of the great
dancing hot guys. Hey Pauly :) But you have 2 check this place out at least
Cameron, Endeavour Hills, Thu Jan 12 19:44:29 2006
i have been going for the last few weeks and been loving the place, the only
thing i dont like is the 1st djs tunes, they are old, but the dj on later plays
some wicked new tunes keep the good work up
charlie, PAKENHAM, Wed Jan 11 22:46:20 2006
I have to agree with the girls, and i love house music!! if you go to a house
club you know what your expecting but if you go out for a local night out for a
bit of a mixture and you faced with a couple of hours of 15 minute long songs
that wouldn't even make the charts (they really were not very good!) My mates
put in a few requests and were snubbed by both djs and they all left around 1230
cos it had died in the ass - just some constructive criticism
Mel, Bezza, Wed Dec 14 02:48:52 2005
Becc and Erin, people voted for the best DJ award, so obviously people have
different opinions. A lot of people are into house music ahead of RnB.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Dec 13 06:11:18 2005
We went to blitz last night, and to say it was disapointing it an
understatement, the djs clearly were playing what they wanted to hear and not
what the crowd wanted. Many requests were made for rnb but continious average
house was played for 2.5 hours, a 2o min set of very poor hip hop then another 2
hours of house, music really makes a night so we were very disapointed, the
place was packed at 10 but by 1 was very thined out, how this dj got best dj on
this site is beyond us! all we can ask max moose is: please explain? BAD bAD
DJ!! wont be returning
Becc & Erin Rothville, Endeavour hills, Sun Dec 11 14:04:20 2005
I went to Blitz tonight, and i must say the music was outdated. The DJ was very
under experienced and thought he was all that. The bar attendants were nice,
the bouncers were s. The talent of some of the girls there was outstanding,I
must admit (for someone who absolutely hated the place) quite a few people knew
how to dance, especially people who jumped up on the podium to give it ago. But
I myself will never go back to Blitz because I couldn’t enjoy myself there; it
is to small and no good. I wouldn’t consider it a club, just a pub with no
lights and louder music. Anyone who is checking this place out to see weather
it is worth going there i highly advise to check out Furnace or something.
Cheers…… And for the people that think its the bombYou don’t know what real
clubbing is...:-)
Sam T0k!N, Narre Warren, Sun Dec 4 12:05:36 2005
Blitz 2nd birthday this week is going to be huge. Apparently they have DJ Clint
Wood playing with Scotty G now. Bring it on!
Funky, Thu Dec 1 23:09:18 2005
Blitz is a pub peoplez,its like a shoe box in there.And wen i do fink of it,
music is abit out dated.but pretty good place 2 catch up wif mates and make a
tool of myself at
Justin, Hallam, Sun Nov 6 21:42:48 2005
What happened at Blitz on Saturday? What are they doing for Cup Eve?
Jimmy, Wed Oct 26 17:14:39 2005
its good cos its a local place to meet up with everyone and are always
garanteed a good night.
Josh, Cranbourne, Fri Oct 21 00:02:07 2005
Yup it's got my vote for one of the best PUB'S out this way. lol you guys were
right about the girls, you would think there from Bentleigh. It's just Berwick
girls sorry. Still a decent pub
Agreed, Tue Oct 18 08:20:09 2005
Went 2 blitz and got pissed with the boys, not a bad pub if you can handle the
surfies and the snobby girls. haha
Jagga, Sun Oct 16 20:44:43 2005
blitz is not a pub a pub has bogens in it blitz doesnt blitz is full of class.
blitz is playing all the new music(house) that isn't out yet so i think u need
to get some things straight and make your little young ass back to twister,
vouty. ps blitz is the place to be.
no idea, cranbourne, Thu Oct 13 21:16:42 2005
So whats the difference between a club, pub or a bar then?
confused, Wed Oct 12 16:27:23 2005
Sorry Alice gotta side with Vouty here. Went 2 blitz on the weekend and they
were still playing the same music that they have been playing since it reopened.
Should just stay a pub, not big enough for a club
Marc, Tue Oct 11 11:14:20 2005
Vouty. Music out dated? That’s funny cos everyone on this website voted Blitz's
DJ Scott Gardner the best for 2005. I go to Blitz every time im down from the
city visiting family and the amount of girls that I see there that I see at
Prince is unbelievable, I don’t know if you aware Vouty but prince is defiantly
not a Pub. Your opinion really matter Vouty.
Alice, St. Kilda , Thu Oct 6 16:21:27 2005
Attend blitz on the weekend, i must say wasn't wat i expected. It's not a club
it's a pub, music is outdated and the people are rude. But a good place to catch
up with mates i spose.
Vouty, Wed Oct 5 18:34:11 2005
Hey Tranny Boy I tell you a story of a place called Wax in Morrabbin, mabey u
heard of it. well let me tell ya a couple of metal detectors used there would
have been money well spent because some poor unfortunate guy lost his life in a
horrific attack. would you winge if that was your brother or friend, i think
Janny, Brighton, Mon Oct 3 20:01:20 2005
I must say, the bouncers at blitz are the friendliest i've seen at any club. The
only prob is that they let all the girls in first and leave the guys waiting as
they do just about everywhere these days anyway. Also the metal detectors are
stupid, don't even get that at the worst clubs in city
Tranny Boy, Belgy, Mon Oct 3 18:58:52 2005
Max Moose congratulates Furnace Friday for its results in
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Equal best DJ (Scott G), Best bartender (Dan), Best end of
night snack (Carlo’s hotdogs), Runner up best place to pick up, 3rd best
suburban venue, 3rd best mainstream night, 3rd best Saturday night, an Hon.
mention in best night, an Hon. mention in best venue, an Hon. mention in best
suburban night, and an Hon. mention in best looking crowd.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:19:45 2005
Cheers guys and girls for the Moose Award.... feel the love.
Dan @ Blitz, Fri Sep 23 09:02:22 2005
Thanks for all the support for the Moose Awards guys. you rock!
Scott Gardner, Thu Sep 22 16:56:13 2005
Me and the girls tried Blitz last Sat night, they had a girls only thing on
upstairs early. Awesome time! Totally not what we expected it all to be. Good to
know for next time.
Jana S, Aspendale, Wed Sep 21 17:02:01 2005
Any one know how to get into the Viscious Cuts members party at Blitz soon?? I
faaarrrkking love Andy Van ;) ;)
Penny, Endevour Hills, Sat Sep 17 16:59:51 2005
This Saturday the 17th September the Club Blitz VIP room will be home to the
infamous CHIC party. From 9pm till 10pm there will be complimentary champagne on
arrival, finger food, strippers and Village cinema give aways!
Girls only!!
The Kenyon, Mon Sep 12 20:34:05 2005
I heard that John Course and Andy Vann were coming to play at Blitz. Does anyone
know if it's true?
Sasha, berwick, Mon Sep 12 20:13:50 2005
hahaha Ride it baby! Ride it ... nice one Mr DeLonge ;)
GreenEyes, South Yarra, Sun Jul 31 21:03:44 2005
Unicorns? shure i believe in unicorns its like a horse with a seat on top of its
tom delonge, Sandiago, Sun Jul 31 20:58:19 2005
blitz is the place to be saturday night
party on, Sat Jul 23 20:11:37 2005
hehe thats cool as. yeah rosemary does sound a bit keen. Unfortunatley im
snowboarding this wknd so i cant make it. but if rose wants to get in touch, Have fun guys and remember - live fast, die fun.
Tom DeLonge, San Diego, Thu Jul 14 21:52:13 2005
No worries Tom, hey, I dont mind a little Blink, dunno the words much but hey.
DOnt know what they have to do with a Blitz review tho. However Id love to set
you and Rosemary up on Sat night, she sounds keen for a bit of Tommy. You've
both got door list + 5, we'll do the rest;)
Wilder, Blitz, Thu Jul 14 14:22:20 2005
Gee tommy u must travel a fair bit! Idaho, san diago... wow! Hey do u live up to
ur name?? ...cos i'd luv that!
Rosemary, Sunshine, Thu Jul 14 13:23:42 2005
Good observation Waldo, you must be a fan of Blink. But if u were a true fan u
would of also realised that there was a quote from the Urethra Chronicels 2 and
also their live cd the Mark, Tom and Travis Show.
Hey Meechayla, i go to Blitz a bit, went there last saturday. Its always a good
night out there, good music and a good crowd. what about yourself?
Wilder, nup.
Tom DeLonge, San Diego, Thu Jul 14 04:10:10 2005
blitz is so awesome, i love dat place, go there every week wif my best mate paul
styles. him and i r guna buy dat club one day.
Country Shane, Tynong, Tue Jul 12 22:00:28 2005
Tom's comments are from an old Blink 182 song, Voyeur.
Waldo, Hawthorn, Mon Jul 11 21:29:10 2005
Went to Blitz Sat night, havnt been there in ages but have to say that i wont be
going again any time soon... Waited 20mins for a drink... The people there are
so arrogant and rude.. Not to mention, no room to even move!! Maybe i went on a
bad night, but paid $8 to get in and left an hour later!! Waste of money!!!!
Went to 21st in F'ston, 3rooms, guys behind the bar served us straight away,
guys are friendly, happy 2 have a chat and dance & stayed till 4am... What more
could u want!!!
Sim, Sun Jul 10 20:22:50 2005
Haha, thats it get stuck into him meechayla. We at Blitz like to stand the high
moral ground of anti drug use. What Tom DeLonge must have taken before he wrote
that little blurb must be fresh produce, by his surnamne im tipping theres a
connection with Amsterdam ;)
Wilder, Blitz Nightclub, Sun Jul 10 16:26:11 2005
Hey Tom, that's deep, man! :) Soo uhm ... do you go to Blitz often?
Meechayla, Brighton, Sat Jul 9 15:51:17 2005
I like to dance. Thats why you're here isn't. I can't be too cool in a tree with
my pants down, the air is cold and i have splinters in my feet. I'm gonna think
about every one of you tonight when im all alone in my bunk.......Starting with
Tom DeLonge, Idaho, Sat Jul 9 14:47:22 2005
Thats Ok, haha it could be worse, they could be metro sexuals and wear pink and
just stand there and not talk to you. I liked the guys there (Blitz). Always
nice ones there willing to buy you drinks hehe.
Alanah, mt waverley, Fri Jul 8 17:29:19 2005
Went 2 BLITZ saturday nite, great music.But i hav 1 problem, there are 2 many
guyz there looking like they just came straite from da beach.
Wipe Out Dude, Thu Jul 7 17:05:14 2005
I had a great night on Saturday because it played all different types of music,
and the crowd was good
Jess, Narre Warren Nth, Wed Jul 6 03:47:27 2005
BLITZ... I LUV IT! it goes right off.. ive been going there on and off for about
3mnths now.. and everytime ive gone ive had an awesome nite... hot guyz.. some
of da gurlz are are snobby.. but hey u get dat everywhere.. see use all derr
blitz, Dandenong, Wed Jun 29 01:02:29 2005
I agree blitz went off. probly the best ever, the tunes were wicked.
jamie, Mon Jun 27 18:01:47 2005
Blitz went off this weekend. Had so much fun. Was such an awesome night. So many
hotties too... :-) Where did Carlos go with the hotdog van? :( Will he be
back??! They were so good.. See everyone there again soon! :-)
Jesska, Mon Jun 27 09:19:52 2005
wow blitz was off the hook this week,ihave never seen anything like it, scotty g
with his wicked mixing and all the great people there just makes u wanna party
all night, your allways gonna have a good time on a saturday if ya go to blitz.
so why not vote it the number 1 surburban club, on max moouse.
jones, Sun Jun 26 21:41:07 2005
Why waste so much space with junk you dont want to read. I'll be quick.
Big party, no more exams, woohoo,drink, dance,pick-up,make noises.
bout it. for more info click your fingers.
Wilder, Blitz Nightclub, Fri Jun 24 19:41:53 2005
Blitz is great!! me and all my friends love it. I would love to hear more R&B
and old skool played.
Shanice, Endevour Hills, Tue Jun 21 13:22:43 2005
Checked out Blitz it was off the hook. The club is really well planned and I was
impressed by the patrons. The music itself was hot, often commercial but got the
crowd bouncing nevertheless.
DJ FURIOUS, Melbourne, Tue Jun 21 13:15:40 2005
good night agian at blitz pretty packed good girls easy to pick up nice tunes...
good when u dont wanna spend a fortune in the city
tristan, berwick, Sun Jun 12 17:27:21 2005
haha nice try. blitz is not closing down. and also your coments about wheelers,
we dont care, this is a forum about blitz. not wheelers so take your incorect
comments some were else.
your rong, Thu Jun 9 19:56:04 2005
Haha, Wrong!! Run along back to Mum little Kimmy. Does she give star sign
readings aswell? mabey she should try this one:
Regular, Berwick, Tue Jun 7 21:33:17 2005
omg everyone my mum works at berwick springs hotel and as soon as blitz goes
down, theyre shutting it down!! btw whos the new wheelers band.. they have to
better than playdoh.. theyre a good band jst too predictable
kimmy, narre nth, Tue Jun 7 20:03:40 2005
IS there a new dj at blitz?
jess, berwick, Sat Jun 4 19:20:02 2005
Last week was unreal,i had the best time with scotty g pumping up some great
tunes. And also that new black dj he played some wicked tunes from the 90's the
vibe was crazy.
jess, Sat Jun 4 19:14:24 2005
I love it coz it is local and the taxi fare is cheap. Also because all the
locals are friends!
jessica, hampton park, Tue May 31 23:29:15 2005
04.06: Natalie Blair
Natalie Blair- This Saturday night!
Hot, Talented, and keen to Party hard! why wouldnt you want to hang with people
your own kind!
Blitz this Saturday night hosts Neighbours Logie award winner Natalie Blair. and
of course all the English backpackers who worship the show!
If there was ever going to be a good night to have a serious crack, this Sat
night is it!
With one of Melbournes most in demand DJs Scott Gardiner frequently giving you a
dancing joygasm. along with the mix up and coming master Evan Smith. Be there
for free entry before 10.
Blitz, Berwick Springs Hotel, Tue May 31 02:47:42 2005
blitz went off last night..havent been in ages good crowd hot girls in skirts
and cute asses easy to pick up blitz is a great local night out
tristan, berwick, Sun May 15 18:28:58 2005
Blitz saturday was one of the best nights i'v had in a while. scotty g is the
bomb. also thanks to all the promos guys for making the night a good one.
jenny, cranbourne, Tue May 10 18:45:25 2005
wow, last weekend blitz went off it has such a great atmosphere and most of the
people were local so i had no problems finding my friends, and the dance floor
was da bomb everyone was dancing and it was just so much fun i'm going back next
week for sure
nikki da kitty, officer, Tue Apr 26 13:14:29 2005
The atmosphere. And the room to dance at the end of the nite when scotty, the
DJ, pumps some dance or Techno tunes.
AnonyMoose, Fri Apr 22 17:26:23 2005
Great atmosphere, i know a lot of ppl there, they have these awesome shots
called "wet pussy". The hot dogs are the best and i just love blitz :-)
Jess, Nar Nar Goon, Thu Apr 21 05:21:04 2005
09.04: Mr Timmothy
Mr TIMMOTHY!!! Sat 9th
Search no more, coz the one you've been searching for will be performing at
Blitz this Sat night!
Smash hit after another, the king the world club charts will blow the roof off!
Dont miss the biggest party Berwick has ever foretold.
doors open @ 9. free b4 10.
BLITZ, Berwick Springs Hotel, Fri Apr 8 16:41:13 2005
I like blitz coz it's full of smashd ppl. hehe. na thats not y, its coz the
tunes are really good, the venue is walking distance from my friends and its a
nice size
jade, Endeavour Hills, Tue Mar 22 16:01:08 2005
I was @ Club Blitz on Saturday night, it was one of the best nights out I have
had in about 6 months. Thank god Scotty G is back from holidays, he just makes
you want to dance! well they have Blair from big brother there this Saturday.
Should be good xxxx Sammy
Sammy P, Berwick, Mon Mar 7 11:25:12 2005
12.03: Get Blind with Blair
Come get Blind with BLAIR!! (Pun absolutely intended)
Yes thats right my friends, Big Brother and Ramsey street's very own Blair will
be starring at Blitz Nightclub on Sat 12th MARCH. Girls get in early if you
wanna be handcuffed by the hottest copper on Aussie TV.
Shed loads of RnB and wicked House played all night.
DJ Scott Gardner will be putting on an electrifying pre-emptive dancing event
for your Audiophilliac pleasure. nuf said
Doors open @ 9.00..Free Before 10.00..
Dan, BLITZ, Fri Mar 4 00:35:17 2005
Superflydjs rocked Blitz for 2 weeks,,last week!! If you want these guys back
rockin the place get onto management to get these guys there.....
Tom, Narre warren, Thu Feb 24 22:08:59 2005
I say bring on the r&b
Blitz rocks..... the ladies are the bomb.
are there any club or pub nights in the south east on a friday night.
Ron, Berwick, Mon Feb 21 00:05:26 2005
its local and its always fun and entaining. also its safe and there are metal
tara, berwick, Tue Feb 15 05:57:28 2005
Little bit of news..
Blitz photos are availiable online, taken on the Fryzie nite which was held on
8th Jan... all of u hot people are on there. To get to them go to:
Memories of an awesome nite, check it out..
Dan Wilder, Club Blitz, Mon Jan 24 23:14:47 2005
Bond Boy, Entertainment is within u brother, Its all about imagination. GIve u a
room, add a wicked DJ, An ubundance of hot ladies, supply u with any drink under
the sun and stand back.. "Lifes a garden, dig it"
Money Penny, London, Mon Jan 24 22:43:25 2005
Oh yeah.. wouldn't mind a water slide, mate haha .. No thanks to Delta.. and
I'll think about the dodgem cars... I need to be entertained... ;)
James Bond, Melb, Tue Jan 18 00:48:24 2005
This one goes to James Bond, concerning your comment about Blitz saying "theres
nothing to do" then u added "unless u wanted to pick up". mmm let me think,
drinking, dancing and picking up, what do u want, a bloody water slide or dodgem
cars, or mabey u want Delta Goodrem doing a strip act on stage, all of which
would be good mind u.
Dario, Dandenong, Mon Jan 17 20:53:52 2005
Good idea Ron, an RnB night at Blitz sounds awsome because i'm not a fan of
Techno no offence to u tek heads out there lol.
Adrienne, Endeavour Hills, Fri Jan 14 09:15:51 2005
Ron, yes i would be up for that!! R&B/House sounds Awesome!!!! I agree with
James that theres too much mixing of music!!!
Sim, Fri Jan 14 09:14:23 2005
who would like to see a dedicated R&b/House night at Blitz?
Ron, Berwick, Thu Jan 13 18:11:12 2005
I also went to Blitz on Saturday... it was a bit ordinary... I thought anyway
;). Not a 'bad' place but I've had bettter ;). Very young crowd, mostly locals
where everyone pretty much knows everyone. Don't know about the music... too
much 'mixing' and fancy stuff... I think I prefer the band/pub scene better than
places like Blitz... there's nothing to do.. well, unless you're there to pick
up, in which case, you'll be in the right place. I don't mean my comments in a
negative way, a lot of people obviously like Blitz... it was pretty packed.
Anyway.. those were my two cents. Cheers ;)
James Bond, Melb, Thu Jan 13 14:40:47 2005
Went to Blitz last Sat nite, i dont really understand why ppl like Frizie so
much?? He's such a tool.. (Sory Age) Otherwise it was an awesome nite and heapsa
good looking guys 2 go around!!
Sim, Wed Jan 12 13:34:47 2005
Heading in to Blitz tonight... pretty groovy place. And Fryzie's gonna be there?
... should be a good night.
James Bond, Melb, Sat Jan 8 19:00:26 2005
Yeah Sim, Fryzie (Big Brother) is gona be there on saturday night. other
surprises aswell aparently.
Francine, Berwick, Fri Jan 7 18:02:42 2005
Can anyone tell me what happening at Blitz Sat nite?? Its been closed for the
passed 2weeks and they are meant to be having a huge nite there!!!
Sim, Fri Jan 7 13:04:50 2005
Blitz will be taking a break over Chrissy/New Year. We'd like to wish u a Merry
Christmas, eat shed loads, and have a wild but safe New Years. Will be Re-
opening on Sat 8th Jan. Who better to Star on the night but the Massive Looser
Squad leader himself "FRYZIE"!!!
Come and see the big man live. GIRLS, have a photo, get his number, go home with
him.. who knows, u'll just have to be there...
doors open @ 9pm Free entry till 10pm, get in early.
Dan Wilder, BLITZ, Thu Dec 23 18:02:22 2004
go vanwilder
jenna, cranbourne, Sat Dec 18 18:55:56 2004
it's a very good young crowd, not full of any old freaky men like in the
city.and they play music i like
melissa, edithvale, Sat Dec 4 17:49:57 2004
Blitz was really good on the weekend for once!
Mich, Bezza, Tue Nov 30 16:27:25 2004
KELZ, FRANKSTON, Tue Nov 16 10:31:27 2004
all my friends are always there, pretty good talent, close by.
Rhiannon, cockatoo, Fri Nov 12 06:46:13 2004
Terry, I totally agree!!! I really like Blitz, but i also think that the crowd
has recently become very arrogant... Maybe it will get better in the weeks to
come!!! Fingers crossed xxxx
Sim, Wed Nov 10 13:18:40 2004
is it just me or does blitz need to change it up a bit?? went there saturday and
the dj's were too comfortable and most of the crowd seemed arrogant. i used to
love blitz.
terry, berwick, Tue Nov 9 16:54:04 2004
Blitz was like the only busy place on saturday! it was so much fun. thanks for a
good night Kattie!
Sammy, Berwick, Thu Nov 4 11:09:29 2004
they have the best and latest music and everyone always has fun.
Bree, beaconsfield, Mon Oct 25 17:04:55 2004
went to blitz last night and didnt have to bad a night. the girls were good the
music was awesome but some of the guys there try to be a little tougher then
they r.
greg, hallam, Sun Oct 3 22:13:15 2004
Launch party sat 9th of october olso EDGE model search great prizes call blitz
to enter
insider, Sat Oct 2 02:30:08 2004
well wat a nite sat was. the bouncers wernt lettin ppl in & it was only 12.30.
they said it was a full house even though many ppl were walkin out as they told
us this. all we wanted was 2 have a dance. that was obvioulsy 2 much 2 ask. wont
b goin back here again in a while.
........., berwick, Mon Sep 27 03:01:21 2004
Scott's gone pretty easy on this. Simply, this site is for you to tell us where
the best places to go out are.
Latoya, summed it up pretty well. We don't want the whining, so we remove most
of it, as is our right as editors. We thought it was worth leaving the venue's
comments on because it acknowledged and explained the situation. We removed most
of the other comments because they were just inciting more whining.
Anyway guys, back to the good stuff. Where is going well at the moment?
Hopefully those assignments are finishing up for a couple of weeks of serious
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Sep 17 17:01:25 2004
Hi Guys,
Firstly I would like to point out that it was not Ben who removed your comments
(it was me) and I will continue to remove the comments pertaining to Big Sister
Competition, while you continue to use unacceptable language. Everyone is
entitled to their opinion, however I will not stand idly by while others are try
to use language that may offend others. Please make comments, but omit the swear
words and we will all be happy.
Scott Clissold, MaxMoose, Fri Sep 17 16:24:55 2004
Could somebody please explain why my comments regarding the Big Sister
competition have been taken off this site? I have noticed other comments
supporting the winner have also been removed! I see this as dicrimination and I
suggest the people running this site have a good hard look at what they are
doing or I may have to take this further as my brother is a solicitor and said
they could be in a little bit of trouble here if they are not careful.
David, Cranbourne, Fri Sep 17 09:06:54 2004
Thanks to everyone who helped Amy with the Big Sister Competition.. and thanks
Holly for trying.. that's strange though coz amy was told people were allowed to
quote her name at the door to get her points. Amy didn't get any cards to hand
out the last week so thats the only way she could get people. Personally I think
they should've evenly handed out the last lot of cards, or got rid of the whole
concept and did it word of mouth.
suz , Berwick, Tue Sep 14 13:23:21 2004
We're pretty sure the comp on Saturday night was rigged.. the MC told the crowd
that all the cards were handed out evenly to the last 4 contestents.. but I
found out this wasn't true after speaking to 2 that didn't win, the girl that
did, had heaps. Its a shame coz I had a real good night on sat just not happy
that they couldnt run a comp properly!
Bianca, Narre Warren, Mon Sep 13 19:43:24 2004
Me and my freinds went to Blitz on Sat night, and i must say it was fu*&ing
awesome... some comp was on but it didnt really intrest us. we were just having
a good time on the dance floor, DJ played good tunes all night. And hanging out
upstairs was fun. Great staff, freindly, and even a couple of free drinks went
down a treat... Am goin back. Jess
jessica, Belgrave, Mon Sep 13 17:57:01 2004
I've been to Blitz 5 Sat nites in the last 2 months - great vibe and hot chicks,
but what's with this Big Sister comp??? Personnally I was backing the blonde
babe who won but to be honest, it was openly a pretty poorly run promo. From
general observation and pretty much a crowd consensus, I'm wondering how they
judged the results. Most of our crew were told to quote the guestlist of the
bloke who missed out but were casually told to go through with no name or
numbers taken down at the door. I noticed the same thing from people coming in
before us without entry cards, apparently it was free for everyone before 10.
With 5 grand up for grabs, tough luck to the runner up contestants, I reckon
their numbers would have been jibbed for sure!! Do you have the low down on how
these gigs work Ben??
Zac, Berwick, Sun Sep 12 17:24:09 2004
Anyone going to Blitz this saturday night help AMY in the last night of the Big
Sister competition... just say your there for AMY for half price entry, and be
there before 11 for your support to count!
suz, Berwick, Thu Sep 9 15:17:25 2004
Blitz is going off!
Great atmosphere!
The bouncers are great, the bar guys & gals are sweet and the promo staff are so
much fun! Its mad!! Always have a great night! And its a cheap taxi ride home!!!
Chantel, Berwick, Tue Sep 7 15:04:29 2004
Blitz is going off!
Its mad in there on a sat night.
Great atmosphere!
The bouncers are so much fun, the bar guys are sweet and the promo staff are
great! Its mad!! Always have a great night! And its a cheap taxi ride home!!!
Kellie, narre warren, Tue Sep 7 14:59:59 2004
A hint! for the dull people suggesting that Blitz is desperate,
I'm friends with the marketing manager from Blitz. just to let you know that
they are doing record numbers (of quality peole) and record figuers! say what
you want because blitz has over 1,000 through every saturday night! Hey Beanca,
what are you doinf friday night?
Kerry, Berwick, Thu Sep 2 10:39:32 2004
It's a good place to go to on a sat night coz there's not much else to do around
here! Everyone is nice and have a great time!
Sarah , Berwick, Mon Aug 30 20:34:24 2004
Its great because all my friends are there and it goes off every saturday night
Alesha, Narre warren, Mon Aug 30 16:22:35 2004
everyone you know is there, good music, good dancing and a good atmosphere.
veino, berwick, Fri Aug 27 06:05:31 2004
its close to home, know everyone there, good music its fun!!
Sian, Cranbourne, Tue Aug 10 05:02:22 2004
Were angry pills on special at Fountain Gate? Just chill everybody. People
promoting in competitors venues is very poor form, but it wasn't necessarily
Blitz's fault. If it was one of their promoters, yes they deserve a caning. If
it was a dumb contestant in some competition who probably couldn't read the
rules, its a bit different. Not right, but different. That's for the venues to
sort out.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Aug 9 07:12:58 2004
Blitz is so completely lame. about 4/5 of the crowd are snobby girls and the few
guys that are there are so not hot. and what's with the music? eww. i've been
once and won't be going back.
Kris, Sun Aug 8 16:15:11 2004
Blitz is going to be huge tonight, the Big Sister comp starts so that should be
Monica , Beacy , Sat Aug 7 14:48:20 2004
I really love Blitz, except sometimes they play to much techno, i met Kane from
Big Brother On Saturday night and I reacon it was the best nights at Blitz ever,
the hotdogs out the front are great too!
Meaghan, Berwick, Mon Jul 26 16:35:30 2004
great music, fantastic atmosphere and it just goes off!
Nichole, Berwick, Sat Jul 24 06:38:33 2004
It's great and it's local
Shallz, Cranbourne, Fri Jul 16 02:13:15 2004
I'm sure Blitz don't have a website, unless one has emerged recently.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jul 13 16:40:17 2004
Does n e 1 know if Blitz has an internet site?? Thanks.. :)
Suz, Tue Jul 13 16:34:06 2004
Went to Blitz Sat nite to see what everyone was talking about!! Didnt realise
how much security there was, But had an awesome night.. Cheap drinks, HOT!! guys
& we got there B4 10pm so didnt have to pay!! Definately will be seeing me there
Sarah, Mon Jul 12 08:41:15 2004
Jen and Jeremy (and others),
As Steve pointed out, this is a public forum and we want as much information on
here as possible. We do everything we can to list everything going on at decent
venues (excluding the crappy little bars and Irish pubs that are ruining the
industry), but there are so many venues that its hard to get to them all. As a
result, we tend to go where we are invited (although I have been out of action
with an injury for two weeks - going mad).
This is also needs to be a business. Our clients let us know what is happening,
so we post that info. Our readers let us know what they like through postings,
and we try to help out.
We quite like Blitz, and gave it as much help as we could when it opened, but
its up to them and the readers to provide info.
We also really like what the new managers are doing with Furnace and totally
support their efforts to make it better than Brass.
Anyway, as OCE and Steve said, its over to you. Tell us what's good and what's
on, but please respect that others like venues you don't, and we'd rather hear
how good places are than how bad they are.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jul 6 02:37:52 2004
Jeremy and Jen, its a public forum so people can say what they want. If people
choose to talk about Furnace good on them. You guys are welcome to talk about
Blitz. If Blitz is so good everybody would talk about it but they don't. I don't
mind either place.
I respect that this is a public forum and can be used to support venues but at
the end of the day we can balance things out by supporting any places we like.
Steve, Mt Waverley, Mon Jul 5 19:44:01 2004
i agree jeremy, it proves it is biased cos you dont ever recommend blitz and i
think its way better than brass/furnace ever was/is.
jen, narre warren, Mon Jul 5 16:56:31 2004
Blitz is the place were my best friend and i usually spend the saturday night. u
r basically garanteed a great night. Last saturday was packed so much u really
couldn't dance and the people are friendly.
Alannah, Belgrave, Sun Jun 27 20:38:43 2004
Went to Blitz on Sat night, hadnt been there in such a long time but my friends
and I had a great night! Will be going back for sure!
kylie, Bunyip, Thu Jun 10 23:35:59 2004
Blitz was packed last Saturday night! Even though I live so close I still think
it's one of the best places to go out.
Erinn, Berwick, Mon Jun 7 14:11:37 2004
I've not been to Blitz in ages. Wotz it like these days?
kylie, bunyip, Wed Jun 2 22:28:00 2004
Everyone should head down to Blitz this weekend for the Traffic Light Party!!
Wilson, Berwick , Wed May 19 18:20:23 2004
blitz is awsome every time we go.
Sarah Kelly & Jessie cusworth, cranbourne, Mon May 17 18:04:11 2004
because it plays the best music all night long, which makes the night awsome
Mia, Cranbourne, Sat May 15 03:12:33 2004
blitz goes off every time
jarrod, berwick , Wed May 12 18:32:14 2004
the music is great and you always have an awesome time everytime you go.
Lisa , Cranbourne, Tue May 11 02:34:52 2004
Blitz was excellent on the weekend.. great people, music and atmosphere. One of
the best nights I've had there!
Amy , Berwick , Tue Apr 27 20:20:55 2004
Dropped by Blitz last Saturday night. Its still doing good numbers, and the
quality of the crowd, especially the ladies, is pretty good.
DJs Scott Gardner and Jason Young (ex 21st) are rolling along, playing a good
variety of club tunes, commercial through to house.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Apr 22 05:15:43 2004
Saturday April 24: Chic Ladies Section
Manpower Downunder is coming to Club Blitz with its finest stripper!
Topless waiters, Capri Cocktails, Free Finger Food, Tons of movie Vouchers from
Village Fountain Gate.
and best of all... its girls only 8.30-9.30 (free entry for all you girls 8.30-
Blitz, Berwick, Thu Apr 22 05:09:32 2004
everyone should go to blitz this weekend!
Nicole, Wed Apr 21 15:11:25 2004
Wandered down to Blitz on Saturday to see Dave go shave. Whilst I took the soft
option and coloured for the cure, Dave went all the way and shaved for the cure,
going as far as removing his eyebrows.
The night wasn't a bad one either. Blitz is playing a lot of real clubby tunes,
plenty of house thrown into the mix. Nice.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Mar 18 04:32:22 2004
The new Dj is great previuolsy from 21st Centry NightClub.. I've Also heard that
they will be renovating and moving the bar out of the way a bit a building a
bigger dance floor. I spoke to the Dj and he was saying that the place is being
run by old staff at 21st Cent which hopefully will improve it by heaps
Peter, berwick, Wed Mar 17 15:03:39 2004
Blitz was pretty reasonable on Saturday, although I didn't look around much. We
went straight upstairs to the lounge and couldn't stay long. However, it was
busy with a long queue, and the crowd seemed pretty bouncy. Music was good and
there was a fair amount of atmosphere about. Not bad.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Mar 4 05:22:20 2004
Blitz was packed, heaps more then usual.. think more people from out of town are
coming which is great!
Sarah , Berwick, Mon Mar 1 14:53:45 2004
Last Saturday at Blitz was very good. Good crowd, good music, good fun. As good
as a full house, although the combination of rain and queue kept a few away. I
had an adventure hanging out with three friends who all had totally different
Valentine's Day experiences. Dave had more adventure being hand-cuffed to a
young lady as part of the chains of love promo.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Feb 19 06:04:29 2004
Dropped into Blitz way too early on Saturday (9.15pm) for a quick look. It was
starting to fill up with a very promising crowd, and the music was fairly sweet
commercial house.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Feb 12 03:14:58 2004
good RnB AND hot boys
Stace, Emerald, Mon Feb 9 02:29:56 2004
Blitz is awesome.
Sarah, Mon Feb 9 01:22:16 2004
Stopped by Blitz on my way to the city. It was another full house, and not a bad
sort of a crowd in. A few too many blokes (dress code?) but the music and crowd
were worth a look.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Dec 28 06:54:01 2003
Did a flying visit to Blitz on Saturday. It was very busy. Didn't stay long
enough to review it in detail, but the crowd seemed younger than the opening
(more 18-23), but was a good quality, and the music set I heard was a very good
commercial mix.
If you want a minor criticism, though the crowd is a relatively high standard,
I'd bump up the dress code to make sure it stays that way. Anyway, it seemed
like a good night.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Dec 11 06:24:28 2003
Blitz is back and better than ever on a sat nite. Great people, great venue
Leigh, Berwick, Tue Nov 11 20:17:36 2003
Bennie, I think you slightly undersold Blitz. It was sensational. The best nite
out eva! Full house, babes, studs, atmosphere to burn, best music in this part
of town, good dress standard. Only two probz: they let in about 20-30 losers and
the security were to bright in their pretty yellow tops.
Kim, Narre Warren, Fri Nov 7 04:42:47 2003
The Blitz relaunch was pretty big, despite the rain. Queue of about 800 at 9pm!
The rain saw some of them head to shelter at Brass, making it big too.
Blitz was a full house all night. Not a bad crowd, mainly 20-25s, and plenty of
old friends back (including Katie Pops at the bar and Carlo the hotdog man from
the Hallam). Fairly attractive crowd too.
DJs Jason Young and Scott Gardner mixed it up with some great house tunes,
mellowed down with some commercial that the crowd would know. It was more like
the 21st used to be when it was great.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Nov 6 05:25:05 2003
I am sooo happy that Blitz is reopening on Saturday. It has been too long.
Sarah, Berwick, Fri Oct 31 12:08:18 2003
This night has closed while the club renovates.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Oct 14 06:06:50 2002
Have seen band several times at Blitz. Every night has proven to be both
entertaining and eventfull! If not just to observe strange audience habits and
pick-up lines, and grab freebies, or skull tequila, the band rock on partying out
with the audience. Andrew is a real entertainer sparking the crowd while Ali
(spunky blonde wild rock chick) struts her stuff, with the other rockin' de
Dani Young, Tue Jul 16 20:40:38 2002
June 8, 2002
Blitz's Saturdays have really become a success in recent times. As much as they're not my favourite band, Andrew Hosking and Coupe deVille have proven a real winner, because they've brought in a slightly older crowd (mid 20s), and when you throw super DJ Lee Davies (he paid me to say that) into the mix, you have good quality entertainment throughout.

The crowd is primarily a local one, with all the Berwick social crew rolling in. Throw in plenty of people who have been seen at the Hallam and Bezza a thousand times, and you have a pretty good base. Most of the crowd is aged 20-24, but there are plenty of 18-20s and 24-26s there as well. Most of them are pretty good people, and it is one of the friendliest crowds around. It is officially a good pick-up joint. It tends to be a fairly classy crowd (by suburban standards), although the dress varies from smart to relaxed.

For a Saturday night, it gets busy fairly early. Generally in the 'burbs people come in after a party, but Blitz tends to get busy from about 10pm. It is mostly full by 11, and holds that until after 1.30am. There are plenty of people still floating around at the 3am closing. It is probably their biggest night now (just over Tuesdays), and is certainly their most consistent.

Blitz consists of three rooms, all of which are usually busy on Saturdays. You enter into the sports bar which features a bar, pool tables, video games, and TV screens with the game of the day on them. From there you move into the main room, which is a very decent size. Over in the far left is the stairs to the VIP bar, which overlooks the whole venue, and has a perfect view of the stage. It has a good amount of seating and a little bar, perfect for functions.

Back to the main room... It has a small stage, which is home to Andrew Hosking and Coupe deVille. The stage is at the head of a very large dancefloor. Just beside the stage is the DJ booth, followed by a whole lot of booth seats (mmm good). Opposite the booths, and pretruding into the club is a large booth, home to some of the finest bar staff around. Behind that is some more seating and the sports bar. If we continue past the back wall and cloak room, we come back to some couch type seating and podiums near the stage.

The stage is the domain of Andrew Hosking and Coupe deVille. The play a pretty fair party mix, with a number of current favourites thrown in. They are the masters of crowd interaction, but I am intolerant of some of their changes to the wording, and the Collingwood theme song. However, they do get the crowd going, and most of it is pretty good fun. Between sets DJ Lee plays a great mix of everything commercial and dancy. For the experts, he builds good sets, which keep the crowd going for hours. He has a fair bit of fun with the crowd too. Actually, the staff, band and DJ create a fun vibe throughout the venue.

As if the entertainment and good crowd wasn't enough, the prices are pretty good too. Entry is about $8 without a pass, but drinks are generally pretty cheap, and the specials are usually brilliant.

Blitz Saturdays are a bit different to anything else in the South East. The venue is big enough to be an experience, but small enough to be really friendly. It is the sort of place where you always know someone, and with quality entertainment, you can't have a bad night.

Ben Clissold