MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Uni, Tarko, $2




Berwick Springs Hotel, 248 Clyde Rd, Berwick

The last Tuesday at Blitz (at least for a while) was fairly sombre, although DJ
Scotty E was on fire. Its a pity they didn't tell everyone so we could see it
out in style. I'm gonna miss that lighting board! Where to next week?
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Oct 10 09:31:11 2002
June 11, 2002
In different areas of Melbourne certain nights go off. Tuesday is the Berwick night. Tuesdays started as a uni night for the Monash Uni campus in Berwick. Until Blitz opened, the Berwick Inn (AKA Bezza) was huge, but Blitz stole them away. The tradition has continued with Blitz now offering well known alternative coverband Tarko, and two dollar drinks (ie $2 Tuesdays). For me, it is the perfect wind-down after a long Council meeting (thus the suit).

The crowd is fairly local and very young (18-21). All the regulars from Blitz, the Hallam, the Bezza make Blitz the place on Tuesdays. There is also a large influx from the Uni and TAFE campuses, who do special events there. It absolutely goes off when its not exam time.

As is common in the 'burbs, the girls dress up, and the guys only do enough to get through the security. The official dress standard is neat casual, so jeans and a good T will generally do. Actually, it is a reasonably classy crowd, not disimilar to a younger version of Frostbites. It is a very friendly crowd, and the best place to pick-up in the district.

Being a midweek event, most people do come in fairly early. ETA is about 9.30pm, with a very solid crowd in by 10-10.30. It is pretty close to full at 11pm, and stays strong until 1am or so, but there are always a few around at 2.30 when it usually closes up.

Blitz kind of has three rooms. The sports bar has a number of pool tables, TV screens, a bar, and some video games. It is separated from the main room by a retractable wall, which is always open. The VIP bar is located upstairs, off the main room, but is used sparingly. It has lounges, a bar, and a good view of the stage below. Then there is the main room.

This is where the action is on a Tuesday. It is kind of square. In the south west corner is the small stage for Tarko, with a large dancefloor taking up most of the middle of the venue as well. On the south wall is the DJ booth, and some booth seating (gotta love booths). The south east corner has the steps to the VIP bar. The main bar is huge and is located on the east (Bree and Katie are the greatest barmaids). To the north is the sports bar. To the west is a raised area with podiums, and lounge seating. It is a great modern looking venue, with moody blue lights, star lights, and a steel look.

The musical entertainment is headed by Melbourne DJ legend Lee Davies. He plays a fantastic mix of current favourites, with a few heavier dance tunes, the odd party favourite, and some moody RnB thrown in. He works in conjunction or rotation with Scotty E (ex POD, Voodoo, Wheelers, Hallam, Millenium, etc) and Pete (Spy Lounge), which is a line-up comparable with anything anywhere in Melbourne. They get the dancefloor absolutely rocking (with a little help from me on the lights occassionally).

Between DJ sets, Tarko strut their stuff. Blitz stole them from the South Yarra Saloon's famous Tuesday. Tarko are a very well known alternative coverband (feels strange not to use words like 'Bayside Legends'). They play the all the current chart band tunes, with a hard edge, and go into some classic jump around stuff. The crowd always responds well.

It is a lot of entertainment when you think about it, and it doesn't cost much. I am not sure what the covercharge is, but I think it is around the $5 mark (maybe less with uni ID), and many drinks are only $2.

This is one of the best Tuesday nights going around. Quality entertainment, cheap drinks, and a good type of crowd. It is one to check out.

Ben Clissold