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Sat @ Red Eagle

Popular band, but not my favourite. They have a good following, particularly
bayside and amongst the girls, and a reasonable playlist.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Mar 7 08:48:06 2005
Friday, November 30, Ď01
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Tarko have now been around the scene a couple of years, and have established themselves as a reasonably well known alternative coverband, with a similar style to the Voodoo Surf Gods and Slumberyard. I caught up with them at their new residency at Wild Bills on a Friday. A couple of years ago, when they first hit the scene, Wild Bills was one of their first gigs as a local band. The venue is happy to have them come home.

Tarko go off Their style is strictly alternative, past and present, but songs with a kick. Limp Bizkit, Metallica, and that sort of band are their best covers. The sorts of songs they can jump around with, to get the crowd going. They don't play too much current top 40, but what they do play, they cover fairly well. They are certainly an accurate band, and seem to like to go the extra yard for impact. For instance, they have a very good lightshow, and almost seem choreographed at times.

They are a fairly young five piece band, that dress with that alternative look. The front man doesn't play an instrument, but does a great job of hyping up the crowd with a fair bit of jumping around. They like to show off a bit, playing guitars behind their heads and that sort of thing, but they look like they are having fun, which the crowd responds to. They do a few songs to sing along with, and bring people up on stage for competitions, so the crowd is always involved.

Tarko again Because they tend to play a few more classic alternative tunes, they are probably more suited to a slightly older crowd than your average alternative band. Probably more for those aged 20-25, rather than 18-21. However, they don't seem to have a huge number of groupies, which is a little surprising.

They are perfect for a bit of reminiscing, with enough attitude to jump around to.

Ben Clissold
Thursday, August 19, '99

Tarko are a new and upcoming band who have just recently got a gig at Wild Bills Saloon Bar (Nepean Highway, Westfield Southland) on a Thursday night. They also have a gig at the Flinders Hotel on a Saturday night.

They consist of five guys and play current grunge/alternative music aimed at 18-25 year old males and females. The girls love them because they are a good looking bunch of guys who also have a lot of talent! They often involve the crowd and have competitions and give-aways.

They play fairly similar music to Slumberyard and Voodoo Surfgods but definitely have their own style.

Louise Moran @