Keep’n Rhythm
Bit of drumI’m sure they could have made this name longerBit more drum
Even more drum

Andrew Hosking & Coupe de Ville

Shakers Lounge
Too fantastic and atmosphere is really good. the DJ is also really cool.
Sung, narre warren, Wed Mar 6 18:41:59 2013
Andrew Hosking of Devon, be thankful. My name is Andrew Hosking too, but I live
in Melbourne and am constantly asked if I can sing 'cos people mistake me for
him !!! I even had one of Andrew's fans 'phone my house once. But like you, I
can't sing either. You stick to selling property & I'll stick to what I do too.
Andrew, Melbourne, Fri Jan 19 11:54:16 2007
Wow, im famous - my name is Andrew Hosking too! but I live in Plymouth England.
And I cant sing.
Andrew Hosking, Devon, Tue Dec 13 05:58:02 2005
Unlisted Venue
where is andrew hosking & coupe de ville?
kaz, ferntree gully, Sat Oct 22 19:12:30 2005
Any one know where these guys play now?
Used to be furnace but young Metrik are there now.
D man, kilsyth, Thu Jun 30 13:11:23 2005
As a loyal follower of Andrew hosking for years. It is great to hear that he is
doing so great.I do agree that they are a great band fom what i remember. As
much as Andrew can be corny he is funny and good at what he does.
Keep it up Andew it sounds like you have'nt changed a bit.
Ruth Gietzmann, Ferntree Gully, Mon Apr 18 17:43:26 2005
Saturday @ Furnace
02.04: Hallam Reunion Party
VINYL ‘80s
Hallam Reunion Party night
The original Party Masters Andrew Hosking & Coupe DeVille take you back in time
as we revisit the classic party days from the Hallam.
Plus DJ Disco Dave relives the biggest one hit wonders from the ‘80s, ‘90s &
today. Special Hallam drink deals all night. Free entry before 10pm.
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Wed Mar 30 08:14:26 2005
Saturday @ Furnace
We are open tonight for another gargantuan retro party night. Join Andrew
Hosking & Coupe Deville onstage belting out all the biggest party hits. DJ Disco
Dave dust's off the Vinyl to play all the craziest one hit wonders from the 80's
till today.
$5 Cruisers & $4 Basic spirits before 10.30 plus $2 Liqour Pops all night.
Free entry before 10.30 for all with password "Le Bunny" Eveyone loves a good
party and Sat @ Furnace is gauranteed to get you dancin.
Furnace, Narre Warren, Sat Mar 26 13:12:06 2005
Saturday @ Furnace
VINYL ‘80s
We take you back in time to the classic party days.
Join the original Party Master Andrew Hosking & Coupe DeVille on stage playing
classic party favourites.
Plus DJ Disco Dave relives the biggest one hit wonders from the ‘80s, ‘90s &
$5 Vodka Cruisers & $4 basic spirits B4 10.30pm
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Tue Mar 8 06:29:33 2005
The Hosking band has been around forever. Not my favourite partyband, but they
are the favourite of plenty of other people. That's why they've been around so
long. Annoys me by changing words of songs and going on about Collingwood.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Mar 7 09:14:54 2005
Saturday, April 14, ‘01
Having seen Andrew Hosking and Coupe De Ville for the last five weeks at the Chapel in Ballarat, it is fair to say that these guys are one of the best cover bands going around today. Every week, they consistently get better and better.

In defence of the band from one of the other reviews here, there really isn't anything wrong with involving the crowd. Too many bands are out of touch with what the crowd want and just play what they are comfortable with, Andrew hosking and Coupe De Ville can gauge the mood of the room and play to suit it. (mind you, the mood is always fairly high)

Great frontmanship by Andrew and a talented group of individuals, tightly combine to give a great perfomance. All members of the band sing, choosing songs that are well suited to both the crowd and their vocal range.

You can't help but love this band. All guys love Tanya the drummer, apart from being stunning, she has a fantastic voice and proves it with her versions of Wheatus, Corrs and Jennifer Lopez. Derrick on Keyboards / Sax busts a move with Young MC and Survivor. Simon on bass doing Blink 182 (and still manages to keep playing when on the roadie's shoulders during Rage Against the Machine) and Tommy sounds close to the mark, when he does Reef.

They give the punters what they want, and the punters come back for more. Keep it up guys, bring on the free tequila!!!! Long live Creed !!!!

Dean Gerrard
Friday, March 16, ‘01

Went and saw Andrew Hosking and Coupe de Ville. I thought they were fantastic. I especially loved the female drummer. She was amazing; very inspirational. She also had a fantastic voice. I really enjoyed the way that they had people up dancing with them. It's great to watch a band that have a lot of audience involvement. The variety of music was fabulous. I can't wait to go and see them again.

Juliet Star
Monday, January 25, ‘99

You either love or hate Andrew Hosking. His band have played some big venues in their time, because they play a good mix of party songs, and keep the crowd entertained. Some people, however, find the way they rejig and interrupt some songs annoying.

As a party band they play a lot of classic songs, with a few current top 40 songs mixed in. They play some alternative / grunge, but it is not their strength. Instead they concentrate on playing popular music, and having a good time.

Crowd interaction are what they are all about. They always have people up on stage with them, and are always keeping the crowd on their toes. They play lots of stuff to sing or dance to. This and their playlist see them suited to pub gigs, with crowds aged 20-30.

The problem some people have with them, though, is that they play around with a song, in an attempt to keep the crowd involved. They also interrupt songs to pull people on stage or do their own version of a song. Whilst this is entertaining, it means that they do not always sound like the original. They also have the poor taste to sing the Collingwood theme song on the rare occasions that they actually win. ;-)

It seems though, that only a few hold that against them, because they have been known to pull big crowds at good venues like Jooce and Hallam. They no longer hold those gigs, but still get some good spots.

If you are looking for some fun, singing along, and love to get on stage, they could suit you. There are bands around who are more accurate to the original, but not everyone looks for that in a band.

Ben Clissold

Thursday @ Gallery (Jan 27 ‘00)

Pretty good nite, cheap spirits, and great entertainment from Andrew as a front man. Music played is up to date, although Andrew's vocals are something to be desire for. Overall a good night.

Anon @