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Troff Lollies


Saturday, June 26, Ď99
Sometimes you see a name that is quite apt for a band. This is one of those. What inspires a band to name themselves after those little yellow soaps in a urinal? Insanity? Of course the know-it-alls say the name is appropriate because of their quality.

Troff Lollies is clearly targeted at the 18-21 year old, long haired, surfy, grungy, Hawaiian shirt wearing types. They play a fairly standard range of alternative covers, with plenty of current charters included. They are fairly current, but play mostly stuff that you know. Their mix is not dissimilar to Grunt or Supernova.

My beer affected memory tells me they are a four piece male group, with a drummer, singer, lead and bass. They dress for the crowd they are attracting.

The singer was reasonable enough. He seems to know the words, and has just enough range in his voice to keep the bases covered. The overall sound of the band, however, was a little disappointing. Sure, the acoustics in Metro's Rebar are not ideal, but Grunt and Supernova both sounded much better. Given they are only new to Metro, they might improve on that front.

Much like Grunt and Supernova, they try to let their music do the talking in terms of crowd interaction. A few moshed and sang along, but they do not yet have the following their predecessors did. This too might come with time.

I will reassess them fairly soon, because experience could be the missing link. There. I finished the review without using a line about other bands urinating on them - oops.

Ben Clissold @