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Saturday, January 16, ‘99
Grunt seem to have disappeared. I believe they have gone in a few different directions. The story was that they had decided to break into the originals game, but I have seen various members helping out other bands. The lead singer is heading Melbourne originals band, Sneak. Anyway, should they reappear, this is what they are about...

For years now, Grunt have easily been Melbourne’s premier grunge/alternative cover band, although they are not doing much now, as they go seeking originals success. They play the most amazing covers of bands like Pearl Jam, Faith no More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Tool, Regurgitator, Rage Against the Machine, and so on. They play a few alternative classics with a mix of whatever is current. They have this ability to sound better than some of the originals.

They are a four member team. The singer has an awesome voice, and can sound like anyone he wants to (even Courtney Cox). The lead guitarist can make a guitar talk, as can the bass player. The drummer always seems pretty cool. Put them together and you have the most accurate cover band in Melbourne. They never miss a beat or a line anywhere.

Crowd interaction is not their strongest point, because they consciously let the music do the talking. The singer always has a comment or two on a song or a band, but they are not the types to bring the crowd on stage. They do, however, get some pretty awesome moshes going, and you can sing along to most songs. They suit a crowd that’s into grunge and alternative, in the 18-24 age bracket.

Strangely, they are not the best crowd drawers around. Anyone who knows the scene well loves them, but they fail to draw crowds in less knowledgable areas. Their biggest gig was easily Metro on Saturday, but that just finished, and they have had gigs at places like the Star Bar.

You go and see them when you want to hear Melbourne’s best alternative cover band, feel like a mosh, or want to hear some wicked covers.

Ben Clissold @