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Saturday, September 30, Ď00

Stop Press: Blimp 69 merge with Supernova to form Load

Stop Press: Supernova to break up at Easter What a list of credits for this four piece cover band. Pop, Hustle, and Hallam Thursday are the three best known uni nights in town, and Supernova have played at each. I saw them recently at Metro, and was very impressed, because the music was so accurate, even if the singerís voice takes some getting use to.

This is because the lead singer is a girl, which is quite unusual for a successful Melbourne cover bands. What it means is that your hear covers of bands like Hole, the way they should sound, but Green Day songs sound weird at first, but who cares - you get over it.

From the above, you can guess that Supernova play grunge / alternative covers, along the lines of bands like Grunt, and No More Chili Jam. They are fairly current, but play a few songs that have been around a while. They cover Hole songs better than any band I have heard before.

Their accuracy is excellent. Musically, they sound great, and hardly miss a beat. They got all the words right, but as I said, it is hard to get used to a girlís voice to a song like Harvey Dangerís Flagpole Sitta. It has to sound different.

They are much like Grunt on crowd interaction. They basically let their music do the talking, and the crowd reacts to that. There are plenty of songs to sing along with, and mosh to.

From the gigs they play, and the look of the crowd at Pop, they are suited to alternative loving uni students. They seem to draw well, given the status of their two biggest gigs, and played to a big crowd the night of this review, but that was also Popís fourth birthday party.

Supernova are amongst the best alternative coverbands around. Their strong playlist and great sound bring a venue to life. It is quite refreshing, and explains why they have had so many top gigs like Pop (Metro Saturday), Hallam Thursday), and Hustle (Chevron Thursday). Go and see Supernova when you feel like a bit of mellow moshing.

Ben Clissold @