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Keepín Rhythm
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Friday, August 4, Ď00
This band are very R&B based. They play the classics and the recent, and have the look. It is not everyday you see an afro, but these guys have that too. The only thing they lack is a bit of the polish that bands like Relax with Max, or Beyond Belief have.

Donít get me wrong, Headspace are a very good band. They just are not quite as accurate as the other two, and they donít quite work the crowd as well. Still, they attract a different crowd to those two. They attract a more traditional R&B crowd, because their playlist is a little deeper, whereas Relax with Max and Beyond Belief play more party tunes.

They are exceptionally good with lyrics to songs that are quite difficult to sing, but they just donít achieve an authentic sound. The crowd donít seem to mind. The pace is right, and the crowd groove away, which is a nice change from just standing around to listen.

I used to see them at Metro on Saturdays, which was obviously their biggest gig, but they recently lost that one as Metro put house music upstairs. However, they draw very well, mainly because of the depth of their playlist. They are a band for serious R&B lovers.

Ben Clissold @