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Matt Hetherington Band
(AKA Creem & Kirby goes to Montecarlo)

Sun @ Frostbites

Sunday, October 4, Ď98
Matt Hetherington used to front Beyond Belief, but formed the Matt Hetherington Band on its demise. The following review is of Beyond Belief, but I am told there are a lot of similarities to the new Matt Hetherington Band...

Beyond Belief can be easily mistaken for Relax with Max, because they are both excellent party bands, with an awesome R&B edge. Both play lots of really cool stuff to sing or bop away to, and not a grunge/alternative song in sight. They play party classics, a few current top 40 songs, and some cool R&B.

As such they suit a classy type of crowd, but play something for everyone. They suit 20-25 year olds, who have a taste for the classier R&B that they play. This group will also appreciate the accuracy of sound and lyrics that Beyond Belief achieve, although they do like to experiment and add their own touches to some songs.

Beyond Belief have a classier attitude and feel than most bands, but retain fantastic crowd interaction. They involve the crowd in anything they can, and have a lot of fun. They top this off by playing plenty of music to sing and dance with.

It is this that can help them to pull big crowds. They are fairly well known, and when you see them once, you will go back again, because you will have a good time. They used to perform at Metro on Saturday, and had a couple of other big gigs, but have managed to lose a few like that, due to poor planning.

However, they still have the talent and capacity to regain those big gigs. They are the type of band you see if you like R&B, and want to have a bit of fun.

Ben Clissold
Thursday, July 20, Ď00

I like to see Creem at Club Odeon on Thursday nights. They play a mix of mainstreem music, and party hits. They are also part of the Matt Hetherington band that play at Starbar on Saturday nights, and also at Club Odeon on Friday nights. I really like the Matt Hetherington band too. Matt also plays as Kirby goes to Montecarlo on Sundays at Odeon.

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