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Relax with Max


Saturday, September 30, Ď00
It has been a while since I saw Relax with Max, but I do remember the occasion well, and the similarity to Beyond Belief. You see, they are both party bands, with an R&B edge, and both have saxophonists. But with a name featuring MAX, you know it must be good.

The thing I remember most about Relax with Max, is the way they got the crowd going at a Monash function. It was an international theme night, so the crowd was really mixed, but the R&B and party tracks hit a chord. More people danced at that function than any other, and that was largely due to Maxís interaction with the audience. Plenty of well known songs mean that people join in. The saxophone also adds a sound that most bands donít have.

I suppose their mix is a little bit of an acquired taste. I like R&B so enjoy their work, especially because it is so accurate. They hardly miss a beat, or line anywhere.

However, despite the high accuracy, it is the acquired taste factor that limits their popularity. They pull good crowds without being really well known. Their best known gig is Mercury Lounge Wednesdays, but they should be capable of bigger nights.

If you are into R&B, or just a groovy sound, then Relax with Max is a great band.

Ben Clissold @