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Thursday, January 4, Ď01

Stop Press: Blimp 69 merge with Supernova to form Load

Stop Press: Blimp 69 to break up at Easter

With the recent demise (well, extended break) of the Voodoo Surf Gods, and Pean taking an overseas break, there is an opportunity, or a need, for a decent new band or two. Blimp 69 have arrived at just the right time, and may be the next big thing on the coverband scene.

Blimp 69 go off They are a group of five young guys from around Berwick. Hallam's Thursday is a fantastic break for the guys, who can draw a crowd of their friends, plus the following they will clearly gain over time. The crowd have responded very positively, with solid growth over the time they have been playing the gig.

Blimp 69 focus on playing popular alternative. They probably play more alternative "classics" (ex grunge) than anyone. You will get Pearl Jam, Blink 182, Living End, Green Day, and heaps of more current stuff too. They have a very popular play list, heaps of songs to sing along with, and will stand the band in good stead. This will see them suited to just about any young band junkies. Great for anyone aged 18-25, who is into bands.

They are pretty laid back fellas. They dress fairly relaxed, and look like a band, although the singer's dreads... They have fun on stage. Actually, much like my favourite bands (Grunt, Supernova), they let their music do the talking rather than talking too much. Instead of talking, they get the crowd moshing. In fact, I have not seen such an active mosh pit for years (for a coverband).

Three of the lads For a new band, their accuracy is excellent. No worries with words, and sounds (I will give the sound dude the credit here), although they have a little work to do on pacing, as the drummer got a little ahead of the band once or twice. They will nail that, too, with experience. They have all the potential in the world.

At the moment, they are establishing themselves. I gather they pull a lot of friends to their Hallam gig just now, but they will certainly develop a large gathering of groupies. In their time at the Hallam (their biggest gig), the crowd has grown strongly each week, and that will continue. For a band to be so new, but so good means they could go anywhere.

I cannot explain how much energy the band extracted from the crowd. I have not seen a coverband get a mosh going like that for ages. The key is a great playlist (although I can't know from one viewin