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Max Moose Email: Rhythmalism moves, Spin is coming, Trouble in Queen St, overhaul LLC, Labour Day Eve (Feb 2008)
Spin up a night
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Rhythmalism moves * Spin is coming * Trouble in Queen St, overhaul LLC (Mar 2008) * Labour Day Eve * Other popular stories * Promoters Wanted * Birthdays/Functions
February 28 2008

Hello Party Animals,

People are back in town. The good clubs are packed. Great times. Pick your favourite story and forward it to your friends...

Last Rhythmalism @ Odeon tonight. Moving to Fusion.

After 8 years at Odeon, Rhythmalism is moving over to Fusion. Tonight will be the last night at Odeon, so make the most of it. They start at Fusion next Thursday. Looks like Louie & the Party Boyz might be moving in to Odeon.

Spin is coming

There's a few new nights opening soon. Spin stands out. Its taking the stuff people love about Thursday and Tuesdays uni nights and putting it on Saturday. We'll have more on it soon.

Labour Day Eve

Our Labour Day Eve listings have opened. Clubs, add your events now.

Other popular stories

The Precinct opens. Neverland waits
21st Century (& Frost Bites) close
Loft Saturday guestlist upgrade
DC becomes DysFunktional
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Bans, closures, curfews begin
Melb Nightclub Awards Results
Four huge new clubs coming

Promoters wanted

Get paid to party! There are lots of clubs looking for promoters right now. If you can bring people to a club, fill in this form and we'll put you in touch with clubs that suit you.

Casey Nightrider Update

Brumby still wonít give the largest population of clubbers one. It needs a new, direct route.

Bus tours

Nightclub bus tours are a lot of fun. A bus, your friends, four clubs and competitions. Youíre all on a bus, so nobody has to worry about driving. Its a great night out. See our bus tours page.
  Trouble in Queen St: Liquor Licensing needs an overhaul

LIQUOR LICENSING AND THE GOVERNMENT ARE LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RECENT TROUBLE IN QUEEN ST AND BINGE DRINKING! Why? Because they won't regulate bottle shops, they've made underage events almost extinct and LLC doesn't have a coordinated plan.

Having said that, we're talking about a small number of thugs in a small handful of places we can choose to avoid, creating a media frenzy.

So much of the problem is people being drunk before they even go out. Whilst clubs have to train staff on "Responsible Service of Alcohol" and have limits on drink prices, bottleshops do $10 RTD four packs. When people are loaded up, they are knocked back at a club, they gather on the streets and trouble flares.

Its made worse when Liquor Licensing allow too many venues in one place and none in others. Then they allow all these little bars who don't know what they're doing. If the inspector in Melbourne likes bars, they all seem to be supported, whilst the inspectors in some suburbs make it impossible to trade.

Finally, they have put so many conditions on underage events that venues won't run them. That means that the first clubbing experience now involves alcohol, etc rather than being in an alcohol free environment.

Its a small problem that can be so easily overcome by overhauling LLC with some input from people who understand clubbing.

Birthdays, functions, any party
any size

Work parties, birthday parties- its on. If you need a venue, weíll help. See Velourís ad or our Functions/Birthdays page.

My Space

We have the best My Space page for finding Melbourne nightspots, DJs and bands. We also have one you can befriend. Take a look.

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