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Max Moose Email: Four huge new clubs coming, Big weekend ahead, Club Awards results, New Yearís Eve & more (Dec 2007)
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Four huge new clubs * Big weekend ahead * Nightclub Awards results * New Yearís & Christmas Eves * Birthdays/Functions * Casey nightlife petition & Nightrider * Bus Tours * MySpace
December 7 2007

Hey Party Animals,

Its time to party. Pick your favourite story and forward it to your friends...

Students back. This week big

The last two weeks have been quiet almost everywhere as those finishing exams headed to the coast. This week has been much better (and The Loft Saturday guestlist is long) so the next two weeks should see Melbourne at its best.

Four huge new clubs coming

Melbourne is set for a massive upheaval next year with four huge new clubs set to open.

We canít say too much yet, but from what we hear the almighty Metro is as good as ready for its next life.

The old Depot in Richmond is just a facade now and will be built to take up that whole block.

The 2000 capacity Neverland, near Citylink and Montague St South Melbourne will open in coming weeks - their website, more info.

Then thereís a new one coming to the South Yarra area.

If thatís not enough, thereís rumours of Ministry coming to Melbourne with an Ibiza sized superclub, but thatíll be a year or three away.

Thatíll shake things up a little, maybe too much. Where are all the people going to come from?

Bus tours

Nightclub bus tours are a lot of fun. A bus, your friends, four clubs and competitions. Youíre all on a bus, so nobody has to worry about driving. Its a great night out. See our bus tours page.
  Melb Nightclub Awards Results

The Loft Saturday starred. Eve did well. Adam12 & 23 Past shared the band awards. Caseys, The Hawthorn, Blitz, CQ and Billboard won multiple categories. See the results Email for full details.

New Yearís & Christmas Eves

Our New Yearís Eve and Christmas Eve listings are up. A couple of really cool NYE events in already. H2oh! is always a fantastic event with great DJs, drinks and views. Euro Bier Cafť is always a favourite too. Clubs, add your events now; punters take a look.

Birthdays, functions, any party
any size

Its that time of year. Work parties, birthday parties- its on. If you need a venue, weíll help. See Velourís ad or our Functions/Birthdays page.

Casey nightlife petition

If you want more nightlife in Melbourneís South East, you better sign this petition.

Casey Nightrider Update

Brumby still wonít give the largest population of clubbers a bus. It must be a new, direct route.

My Space

We have the best My Space page for finding Melbourne nightspots, DJs and bands. We also have one you can befriend. Take a look.

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