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MAX MOOSE Email: Melbourne Nightclub Awards ‘07: The Verdict. (Dec 2007)
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Melbourne Nightclub Award Results ‘07

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Hey party animals,

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Your votes are in and counted. Thanks to those who voted, the response was huge. Its time to reveal what Melbourne’s most popular nights really are, as voted by you, the party public...

and the winners are...

Best Night: Saturday @ The Loft
Twister's reign came to an end. Loft Saturday is the night most suited to our readers so its no great surprise. Famous at QBH came in second with Sat @ The Hawthorn very close. Sat @ Dakota & Sat @ Eve were close.

Best Venue: Eve
The beautiful and practical Eve was a deserving winner. The Loft, QBH (Famous), The Hawthorn and CQ were very, very close by.

Best Coverband: Tie: Adam12 & 23 Past
This was a surprise. Adam12 have won this by miles in past years, but 23 Past have caught them. Two very good bands.

Best Suburban Venue:
This was a very tight category. Blitz just took home the bacon over The Hawthorn. Daisey's, Drink and The Edgy put in strong performances too.

Best Pub: The Hawthorn
Its three years in a row for The Hawthorn. They won it by a mile over Bridie O'Rielly's (Sth Yarra), then the Berwick Inn and the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in St Kilda.

Best New Venue: Fusion
Strange category. There just haven't been many mainstream clubs open this year. The stunning Fusion came in at the last moment to win over the Chill On Ice Bar. There were a few votes for venues like Eve & CQ that were new last year.

Best Suburban Night:
Blitz Saturday
Very similar to last year. Blitz Saturday just shaded Dakota's Saturday. Daisey's Thursday and Friday at The Drink were not far behind.

Best New Night: Saturday @ The Loft
The Loft won this by a fair way. Thursday at Eve came second. There just haven't been many successul mainstream night launches this year.

Best Uni Night: Billboard Thursday
Billboard won this by a fair margin to make it two years in a row. Tuesday at Casey's and Thursday at Eve also polled strongly.

Best Band Night: Saturday @ The Hawthorn with 23 Past
This was a pretty tight category. The Hawthorn just pipped Dakota's Saturday (Pean) and Friday @ The Drink (Adam12). The Elephant & Wheelbarrow in St Kilda Saturday (Play Doh) did well too.

Best Mainstream Night: Saturday @ The Loft
The Loft won this by a safe margin. Saturday @ CQ and Tuesday at Casey's were competitive. Saturday @ QBH (Famous) and Saturday @ The Hawthorn deserve a mention too.

Best Retro Night: Saturday @ Marquee
This category was pretty quiet this year. Saturday at The Marquee was a clear winner. Tuesday @ Room, when it was Yo-yo, came in second, and nothing else really rated.

Best RnB Night: Detention Centre, Friday @ Eve
DC won this category for the second year in a row, but at a different venue. The Fridays at Chasers, QBH and Loft were up there with Thursday @ Odeon. There were a few votes for Loft Saturday too.

Best House Night: Famous, Saturday @ QBH
Famous dominated this category. The only competition came from One Love, Saturday @ Prince and The Loft again. Saturday at Chasers pulled a few votes too.

Best Tek Night: Tie: Twister, Saturday @ Casey's & Bubble Saturday
The new Twister's HSD room and Bubble tied for this category. Saturday at Evolution was up there too, but hardly anywhere else polled.

Best Alternative Night: Next, Thursday @ The Colonial
Not many votes in this category, but Next just pipped Bang Saturday @ The Royal Melbourne.

Best Sunday Night:
Star Bar with Slumberyard
That's four years in a row, every year we've done the awards, that Star's won by a mile. The Geebung came second. Odeon, The Saint and Q-Bar were also in the mix.

Best Monday Night: Club Odeon
This was a two horse race with Puggs that Odeon won quite comfortably. A few pubs picked up one or two votes each.

Best Tuesday Night: Casey’s/Cheers Toss the Boss
Toss the Boss has won this category in each of the four year's we've been doing these awards. It romped it in. The Hawthorn, Club Odeon and Room also polled reasonable votes.

Best Wednesday Night: The Edgy (Mentone Hotel)
The Edgy won this for the third year in a row. Club Odeon (with Adam12) polled a solid second. There wasn't much else out there.

Best Thursday Night: Billboard
No real surprise the Billboard won this category. Eve gave them a good run for their money. Daisey's and Room also polled strongly.

Best Friday Night: Detention Centre @ Eve
Eve won this by a few votes over The Drink (Adam12). The Loft, Marquee and Motel were up there too. Wierd that CQ wasn't up there- its a good night.

Best Saturday Night: The Loft
This was a super competitive and close category. The Loft just got there over QBH, CQ, Eve and The Hawthorn.

Classiest Night:
Saturday @ CQ
CQ was a solid winner in this category. Saturday @ Eve, Saturday @ Boutique, Saturday @ The Loft and Saturday @ GPO were in the mix.

Friendliest Night: Saturday @ The Loft
The Loft won this by a fair way. Tuesday at Casey's and Saturday @ Room were the next best.

Best Looking Crowd: Saturday @ CQ
This was pretty competitive. CQ got there over The Loft Saturday. The Saturdays at QBH, Two Floors Up and Prince were close by.

Best Place to Pick Up: Tie: Casey's Tuesday & The Loft Saturday
Casey's and The Loft were clear winners in this category. Saturday at Dakota and Saturday at QBH were up there. Davey's in Frankston also polled well here.

Most Improved Coverband:
23 Past
23 Past won this quite well. Metrik and Adam12 were in the mix as well.

Best Coverband Website: Adam12
Simple and effective. Adam12 just shaded 23 Past, Pean and Metrik.

Best Venue Website:
Eve took this by a fair margin. The Loft was a solid second. The Drink, Frost Bites, The Hawthorn and Famous were up there too.

Best DJ: Tie: Scotty Erdos & Adam Bartas
This was pretty close again. Scotty Erdos and Adam Bartas held the field at bay. Scotty Jenkins, Matty Grant, Grant Smillie, Ken Walker and Pierro were close by.

Best Bartender: No winner
This category should be scrapped next year. Nobody polled multiple votes, possibly because people don't know bartenders' names.

Best Bouncer: Lani @ Club Odeon
The mad and crazy good guy at Odeon won it. Sam at the Pool Room was up there too.

Best End of Night Snack: Tie: Hotdogs @ Blitz & Pool Room
This category always cracks us up. Hotdogs and Maccas dominated the vote. The Pool Room and Blitz shared the prize for best hot dogs.

Best Promotion: Toss the Boss
Toss the Boss, creation of Casey's on Tuesday was voted the best promotion by a very big margin. A few people liked passwords and drink cards.


Congratulations to our winners. The Loft sort of took over the awards Twister (@ The Palace) used to win, even though its an entirely different style of night. Eve, The Hawthorn, Blitz, Casey's, CQ, 23 Past and Adam12 ought to be pretty happy with their return too.

Thanks once again to everyone who voted, and congratulations to our winners, the venues chosen by Melbourne! If you’re looking for somewhere to go this weekend, you know where to start.

Farewell and goodnight,

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