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MAX MOOSE Email: Melbourne Nightclub Awards ‘08-‘09: The Verdict. (Feb 2009)
And the winner is... MAX MOOSE Special Edition
Melbourne Nightclub Award Results ‘08-‘09

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Hey party animals,

Your votes are in and counted. Thanks to those who voted, the response was huge. Its time to reveal what Melbourne’s most popular nights really are, as voted by you, the party public...

and the winners are...

Best Night: The Loft Saturday
Loft Saturday has gone back to back. It is the night most suited to our readers so its no great surprise. Other big vote winners were the Sats @ Eve, CQ, Euro Bier Café, Fusion & The Hawthorn, and the Thurdays @ The Wheelers & Billboard.

Best Venue: The Loft
Two very popular nights with Moose readers has put The Loft over the line. Eve, Fusion, Billboard and CQ were close by.

Best DJ: Scotty J
The Loft, The Hawthorn, The Berwick Inn: Scotty J is the man. Scotty E & Phil Ross were close by, and Ken Walker & Piero were up there. Strangely, the big house DJs just didn’t poll.

Best Coverband: 23 Past
The hard working boys from 23 Past have knocked off Adam12! A12 were a comfortable second over Metrik & Action Sam.

Best Suburban Venue:
The Wheelers
Its back, and people are loving it! The Wheelers scraped home over Orange Whip, The Drink, The Berwick and The Hawthorn.

Best Pub: The Hawthorn & The Wheelers
Four in a row for The Hawthorn, but it has to share this one with the reborn Wheelers. Euro Bier Café, The Berwick, and The Edgy were close by.

Best New Venue: Orange Whip
The Whip won this one safely. Love Machine (which may not be in its 1st year) was a safe second ahead of last year’s winner, Fusion.

Best Suburban Night:
Wheelers Thursday
The Wheelers is back with a vengeance. It shaded The Drink Fri and The Edgy Wed.

Best New Night: Loft Friday (DysFunktional)
Its a relocation but Loft Friday wins. Eve Sunday & Love Machine Sat were up there. We don't understand why Wheelers Thu & Orange Whip Sat didn't poll in this flat category when they've been so strong in others.

Best Uni Night: Eve Thursday
Eve just rolled Billboard Thursday, breaking a long reign. Wheelers Thu & Casey's/Cheers Tues were right up there too.

Best Band Night: The Hawthorn Saturday with 23 Past
The Hawthorn goes back to back safely. Sunday at Star with 23 Past was a solid 2nd, with Drink Fri (Adam12), Elephant StKilda Sat (Play-Doh) and Orange Whip Fri (Metrik) polling well.

Best Mainstream Night: Loft Saturday
Not many votes in this category for some reason. Loft Sat was a clear winner. Odeon Sat, Eve Sat, Daveys Sat & Geebung Sun were the only others to poll seriously.

Best Retro Night: Boutique Friday
Hardly any votes in this category. Boutique Friday won over Eve Sunday.

Best RnB Night: Khokolat Saturday (Abraham)
No surprise that a Restless night won this. Abraham just pipped Loft Fri, Eve Fri, Fusion Thu and Area 61 Sat.

Best House Night: Two Floors Up Saturday
Very close category, but Two Floors won it over One Love (Prince Sat), Eve Thu, and Loft Sat.

Best Tek Night: Two Floors Up Saturday
I didn't think Two Floors played much Tek, but who am I to argue? It just pipped Twister (Caseys Sat), Bubble Sat & Lounge Sat.

Best Alternative Night: Colonial Thursday
Back to back and nothing else even close enough to mention.

Best Sunday Night:
Star Bar with Slumberyard
That's five years in a row, every year we've done the awards, that Star's won by a mile. The Geebung came second. Odeon, The Saint, Eve and Q-Bar were also in the mix.

Best Monday Night: Club Odeon
This was a two horse race with Puggs that Odeon just scraped home in.

Best Tuesday Night: Casey’s/Cheers Toss the Boss
Toss the Boss has won this category in each of the five year's we've been doing these awards. It romped it in. Odeon was the only other to poll reasonable votes.

Best Wednesday Night: The Edgy (Mentone Hotel)
The Edgy won this for the fourth year in a row. Club Odeon (with Adam12) polled a solid second. There wasn't much else out there.

Best Thursday Night: Tie: Billboard & Eve
Extremely close category. Billboard and Eve tied for first. The Wheelers and Fusion were only a vote or two behind. Orange Whip, Berwick Inn, Pool Room and Q-Bar also polled well.

Best Friday Night: The Loft (DysFunktional)
The Loft just pipped The Drink. Prince of Wales Ascot Vale, CQ & Eve all polled well too.

Best Saturday Night: The Loft
This was a super competitive and close category. The Loft just got there over The Hawthorn. Fusion, Euro Bier Café, Eve, Two Floors Up and CQ were up there too.

Classiest Night:
Eve Saturday
Another close category with Eve Sat just beating CQ Fri. Love Machine Sat and Loft Sat also polled well.

Friendliest Night: Loft Saturday
Loft Sat went back-to-back here too, just beating Eve Thurs, Eve Sat and Dakota Sat.

Best Looking Crowd: Eve Saturday
This was pretty competitive. Eve Sat just held off CQ & Loft Sat. The Hawthorn & Love Machine Sats also polled well.

Best Place to Pick Up: Loft Saturday
Loft Sat went back-to-back here too. It won comfortably over Prince of Wales (Ascot Vale) Fri & Eve Sat. Billboard Sat, Dakota Sat, Wheelers Thu, Loft Fri and Caseys Tues were all up there too.

Most Improved Coverband:
23 Past
23 Past won this quite well. Adam12 were in the mix as well.

Best Coverband Website: Adam12
Simple and effective. Adam12 just shaded 23 Past and Metrik.

Best Venue Website:
The Loft
The Loft just held off Eve. Euro Bier Café and The Hawthorn were up there.

Best Bartender: No winner
This category should be scrapped next year. Nobody polled multiple votes, possibly because people don't know bartenders' names.

Best Security Guard: Daniel Russian @ Eve
Daniel Russian was a clear winner. Graham from The Wheelers polled well, and Ben from Max Moose is not a bouncer.

Best End of Night Snack: Elsternwick McDonalds
This category always cracks us up. Maccas is in and hotdogs are out this year. Elsternwick Maccas (E-Mac) just pipped Mulgrave Maccas.

Best Promotion: Toss the Boss
Toss the Boss, creation of Casey's on Tuesday was voted the best promotion by a very big margin. A few people liked passwords and drink cards.

Most popular suggested category: Tool of the year: John Brumby
We usually don't get too many suggested categories, but people kept nominating John Brumby as biggest loser, biggest cause of violence, tool of the year, etc. Clubbers want him gone for the damage he's doing.


Congratulations to our winners. The Loft dominated for the second year in a row. Eve, The Hawthorn and The Wheelers did very well. 23 Past will be stoked. Orange Whip did well considering they missed the start of the vote.

Thanks once again to everyone who voted, and congratulations to our winners, the venues chosen by Melbourne! If you’re looking for somewhere to go this weekend, you know where to start.

Farewell and goodnight,

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