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Phunk U




The Street, Westfield Fountain Gate

Night closed. Venue now Furnace.
Max Moose, Fri Jun 25 01:12:28 2004
Had a cold most of last week, but ventured into Brass on Wednesday. They've
moved it all into the Bar and Grill, which is somewhat more intimate. The
atmosphere was pretty good, but that was primarily generated by the company and
Blanketman's newly acquired afro. Actually, it was strange for a bit, with only
the girls on the dancefloor side of the room. Good ratio. Well dressed and
friendly little crowd.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Mar 16 03:30:44 2004
Brass has been all over the news this week. As normal, most of the media got it
totally wrong. The venue is still open until 3am, but they are not allowed to
let anybody in after 1am.
What they didn't say, which we've sat on for a few days, is that the venue has
apparently been sold this week too. The new owners are very experienced at
operating great city and suburban venues. Here's hoping they give the venue a
totally fresh start. Its in the right location and has the population to be
great again.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Feb 26 05:05:48 2004
Great place to party, excellent music drinks and crowd (not necessarily in that
order). Problem is it's WAY too far for me (I'm 15-20 mins out of the city). If
you live in the area go for it, otherwise you need to convince one of your mates
to drive coz there isn't much public transport to take you there. If you have
the balls, you can hitch-hike you way there and back which i wouldn't recommend.
The bottom line is...
Great music
Tony, Oakleigh, Sun Jan 11 21:22:55 2004
Wasn't sure if there'd be 20 people or 200 for Christmas Eve at Brass, but it
ended up bigger than that. Only downstairs was open, which is normal for this
Wednesday which is being relaunched on NYE. However, downstairs was packed and
had a really great atmosphere. Ended up getting stuck there, but why not, it was
a little good night. Because of the nature of the crowd and the size on
Wednesday, it is close to our favourite night at Brass now.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Dec 28 07:09:07 2003
mischievous entertainment presents
Phunk Wednesdays
Grand Opening Wed 31st Dec | New Year’s Eve
Starting on the biggest night that comes once a year!
Upstairs - top 40/commercial house/latin | Main Room - R&B/hip hop/old skool
Phunk’d up DJs: Eduardo | Kalepe | Brad | Reg | Lee | Oz
FREE! Pot or Champagne on arrival. finger food 9-10pm
Heaps of giveaways & drink specials all night baby!
Tickets: $20 guestlist/pre-sale - $25 general
Wednesdays are Back at Brass!!!
Brass, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Dec 18 07:35:10 2003
Probably the biggest Wednesday @ Brass since this version of the Wednesday
opened. DJs Lee & Brad (from main room Twister) go nuts playing RnB all night.
Very loungy, only downstairs in the main room. Not a huge crowd, yet, but it is
growing well, and the way they setup the room gives it reasonable atmosphere.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 15 06:46:08 2003
Quieter than normal because of exams, but DJs Brad and Lee (from Twister, or
Boogieman and the Retrosexual for the two people who remember those cool bananas
days) made their own fun on their first night at Brass. Heaps of RnB. Good fun.
It was also interesting that they'd cloaked half of the venue to make it
smaller, thus adding atmosphere. Not a bad idea and it did help.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Oct 30 08:27:49 2003
Word is that Brad Sassman, the bloke who made the RnB room rock, is going to be
back at Brass on Wednesdays. I think he starts back there tonight, with the
whole main room to play with.
Dave, Berwick, Wed Oct 29 06:47:47 2003
Week two for Korruption was fairly similar to week one. Kylie Lingerie parade
was a hit, and the crowd was a pretty reasonable standard, and very friendly.
Has potential.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Oct 2 07:19:06 2003
Reasonable launch for Brass new Wednesday. Renee Henderson and Roland Rocacelli
(sp?) stole the show in bed on stage with the patrons. Band Loco seemed very
good (except the last song), with a great playlist, fun attitude, and good
accuracy. The crowd was mostly girls.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Sep 25 06:42:41 2003
Korruption Wednesdays open this week (sep 24). Loco doing 2 huge sets and DJ
Jack Newman in support. Drink specials all night.
Renee Henderson, Chelsea Biggs from the House of Bulger as special guest for the
Brass, Westfield Fountain Gate, Mon Sep 22 05:49:17 2003
On a night where Iraqis were proudly ripping down Saddam monuments (until the TV
stations gave priority to Ab machines), it was also the last Wednesday for
Homebass before it shifts to Thursday.
Not a huge night (at Brass) because everyone knew it was moving, but it was a
good one. The next few Thursdays will be large with the two long weekends and
the Whateva team in full swing again.
Funny how we often enjoy quiet nights, where you can literally talk to everyone
in the place, more than busy ones.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Apr 10 04:39:58 2003
Last wednesday night
for more info orguest list
Blanketman, Berwick, Wed Apr 2 19:01:51 2003
it's absolutely crazy on wednesdays with the best music in town. saturdays are
cool too. the best club yet!
jayne, dandenong, Fri Mar 14 05:49:20 2003
Cranbourne Cup today, which was one huge social event. Like a day club!
Afterwards you go to Kelly's (no karaoke), then to Brass Monkey.
Whilst there wasn't quite the 1700 they had last Wednesday, it was close. Huge
night for RnB fans with the Midnight boys cutting it up.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Thu Oct 10 09:37:18 2002
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