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MAX MOOSE Party II at Brass Monkey (Thursday June 27)

Current info on Brass Monkey's: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
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Brass Monkey opens with a bang!

MAX MOOSE Party II at Brass Monkey (Thursday June 27)

[Opening Thursday Pics]   [Opening Friday Pics]   [Opening Saturday Pics]

MAX MOOSE Party II at Brass Monkey (Thursday June 27)

Brass Monkey finally opened its doors last Thursday, June 20, and it was well worth the wait. The venue is simply amazing. At 1687 capacity, it is one of Melbourne's biggest venues, and was correctly billed as being a 'super-club'. On the opening weekend more than 8,000 clubbers went through the doors over three VERY BIG nights.

In all my years clubbing, I have never seen a queue as long at 8.30pm, as it was on the Thursday. There would have been 1500-2000 in the queue! Once inside, everyone's reaction was similar: "Boy its big, and it looks magnificent". That first reaction was only built upon when people discovered the range of rooms and entertainment.

You walk into a very classy foyer, with a black glass finish. The brass monkeys are looking at you. Through the big doors you go into the main room. Wow, this is huge. It has a street theme. On the left are stairs upto the balconies and upstairs room, further around are some booth seats, video games and a big bar, before you get to another set of stairs. On the right side is a bar.

At the very far end is a huge stage (perfect for international touring bands: Grinspoon and Barnesy coming soon). On Thursdays it is home to leading alternative coverband Slumberyard. Fridays it is MAX's number 1 rated coverband, Adam 12, with a party/alternative mix. Early on Friday the Surf Dogs get the crowd warmed up. On Saturday's it is Passionfuit Pulp's turn, a band regarded as Crazy Haus with attitude. When the bands aren't playing, DJ Albert Sibila mixes it up with a range of top 40, party classics, and commercial favourites. The huge street area is the dance floor with four podiums (and dancers), ably assisted by an awesome light show (lasers and the works). From time-to-time on each night, MCs Mikey and Dean Thomas (Fox FM), infamous for their entertainment at Bobby McGees, run competitions, sing-alongs and giveaways from the stage too.

From the front door, next we head up the stairs. A balcony goes right around three sides of the room, with a perfect view of the stage. On the left side is the Iguana Illusion Bar, sponsored by Midori. It is a moody green and blue colour inside, and is similar in style to the old front bar at Chasers. The room goes off to urban house tunes, with a splash of trance thrown in. Yeah, South Yarra comes to the 'burbs. The room has a long bar, and a good size dance floor with interesting lighting. On Thursday Brad (Boogieman) Sassman (Star Bar Sundays, Next Blue Saturdays) is the music man, and Disco Dave is the DJ for Friday and Saturday.

If you are standing on the balcony above the entry, on the far right is the red room. This is a cruisy little bar, perfect for intimacy. There is plenty of seating and a small bar to keep you going. The tunes from the main room filter in.

Back above the entry is a small blue pool room. There are three tables in here, but its more important purpose is to link you through to the Brass Monkey Bar. This bar is a pretty big two level room. On the top level are some pool tables, with a great view of the big screen for major sporting events (or music videos). Downstairs is the grill area - used as a bar/restaurant throughout the day, and a dancefloor by night. From the front of the venue, there is a big bar on the right, a dancefloor in the middle, DJ booth, band area on the far left, and couches on the left. This room changes greatly from night to night. On Thursdays its the retro room with DJ Chris G (Marquee). On Fridays, its DJ Brad Sassman recreating Fridays in Shed 7 with great RnB, Hip-Hop, and Funk. Saturdays bring DJ Basil (Tram Bar, ex Jooce), dragging out your favourite pub and party classics, with Two Dogs accoustic as well. On Sunday evenings (4-10), accoustic bands pop by, like KPS Jam (Mothership), perfect company over dinner.

The crowd comes from far and wide. Primarily its people from Berwick, Narre Warren, Endeavour Hills, and so on, but people came from everywhere over Melbourne, and will continue to, because this Melbourne's best venue. The crowd was sooo friendly, with plenty of pick-up potential. The dress varies by night and by crowd. Thursday is targeted at students (18-22), although the retro room had people of all ages (average 27?), and the dress is a little more casual. Friday was a young-ish crowd (18-26), and the dress is neat casual (collar to be safe). Saturday is an all ages affair again, but the dress is smarter again, more like smart casual, so guys are best to wear a shirt.

The whole attitude of the place was perfect for the opening weekend. The crowd was extra friendy, and the security hardly had to intervene, which was remarkable considering 8,000 people drinking from 8.30pm to 3am. Oh, and don't worry, you can get a famous Carlo hotdog at the end of the night!

Brass Monkey is an awesome venue. It is immediately one of the venues in Melbourne you have to see and experience. Five bars, four rooms (plus the pool room), two levels, great bands, and top DJs. If you don't believe it, take a look at the photos and come and experience it for yourself. Brass Monkey rocks!

Max Moose

MAX MOOSE Party II at Brass Monkey (Thursday June 27)

[Opening Thursday Pics] [Opening Friday Pics] [Opening Saturday Pics]

MAX MOOSE Party II at Brass Monkey (Thursday June 27)

Older stuff...

The official story on Brass Monkey

Well, isn't this the talk of the town. Everyone is driving me mad with questions over this, so we got the official story on BRASS MONKEY for you...

Hot off the press... Brass Monkey is being made bigger and better than originally planned. However, the additions mean it won't be opening now until June 20.
Brass Monkey Brass Monkey Brass Monkey

Grand Opening Weekend
Thursday May 30 . Friday May 31 . Saturday June 1

Brass Monkey is coming your way with all the flavours of the city
culture right at your back door. Located in "The Street"
Westfield Fountain Gate.
Brass Monkey is set to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!!!!!

Brass Monkey boasts 2 levels of sheer excitement with 4 huge
party rooms featuring the pick of Melbourne's Premier cover
bands: Australian & International Touring bands and special
guest DJ's from all over the world.

With 3 dedicated dance rooms housing Melbourne's hottest
DJ's pumping out the best of R&B, commercial grooves and
upfront tunes all tastes will be catered for. Complimented
with state of the art lighting and sound be prepared to be
blown away.

For your VIP invitation to the biggest Grand Opening this
town has ever seen....simply log onto:

or phone 9703 1549 Mon-Fri 10am-4pm

More exclusive details to come soon, only on MAX MOOSE.

Brass Monkey
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