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Bobby McGees

Cnr Exhibition St &, Little Bourke St, Melbourne
Bobby McGees


It was a sad night last Thursday for the last ever night at Bobbys. It wasn't
packed, but was above average for a Thursday.
Ah, the memories.
Thanks Bobby's, and the people who worked and went there for making so great!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jul 17 07:10:26 2003
Sadly, Bobby’s is making way for a brand new venture :-(
The last BUST night will be 10.7.03.
For details on what is happening go to:
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Jun 23 05:34:55 2003
BUST nite is certainly coming alive again!! Holidays are over so everyones come
back to PARTAY. Excellent nite for the down to earth, relaxed, funny people
FluffyPink, G/B, Sat Mar 1 12:53:07 2003
Tonight thurs BUST@Bobbys. Just mention "MONKEY" at the door and you'll get 2
free drink cards!!!
joanna, melbourne, Thu Jan 9 17:46:05 2003
February 28, 2002
Bobby McGee's is infamous for its industry nights. Monday is the hospitality night, the last Wednesday of each month is the Medical industry night. They offer discount drinks for people in those industries.

Thursday is like a students industry night. If you can produce student ID, you get free entry and discount drinks all night. The entertainment is targeted at students too, which shapes it up as a great night for uni and TAFE students everywhere.

It is a very new night, but the first few weeks have been sensational. The quality of crowd that Bobby's is famous for has flown into Monday, but it is much younger than their other nights. The ages range from 18-22, in line with the age of students. The crowd is well dressed, well behaved, and very friendly. The dress code is fairly stiff, but relaxed by Bobby's standards (ie guys might get in without a collar).

People start to arrive around 10-10.30. It builds through to about midnight, and stays busy until at least 2am. It is hard to say how busy it is week to week seeing as the night has only just opened, but the first couple of weeks were promising, with the venue 3/4 full.

Bobby's is generally a one room venue. The Legends Bar behind Polly's is only open on the busiest of nights. The main room is set-up in an American/Hawaiian theme, like a mini city. There are fake building all around the edges of the room. The dancefloor is right in the middle of the venue, which is setup like a stadium, so you can see the dancefloor from everywhere. There are three bars, Roxy which looks like Hollywoods Roxy nightclub, Mobil bar which looks like a petrol station, and Polly's which likes like a tropical beach bar. There is plenty of seating throughout the venue.

The entertainment comes from the DJs. The dancefloor is the focus, with an impressive lightshow, to go with the slightly harder music mix for Bobby's. The DJs play more house and commercial dance than Bobby's other nights. There is very little retro, but you may even get a touch of techno. There are also less interuptions from the entertainers (like sing-alongs and dances) than you get on other nights.

As I said earlier, prices are very good, especially for students. If you have student ID, you get free entry and half price drinks. Without student ID it is $6 entry, and drinks are standard club prices.

Logically, this is a Thursday night concept that ought to work brilliantly. It is a true student night, with fantastic discounts and entertainment. The first few weeks have been fantastic, so get down and take a look at Bust this Thursday.

Ben Clissold

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