MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Casey’s (Cheers)

660a Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn
Night name:Twister
DJs:Most of the line-up that was at The Palace
Music:Party/Retro, Com/Top40, RnB/Funk, House, Techno
Short desc.:The new home of the legendary Twister
Dress:Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25, 25-27
Correct at:Jun 8 ’07 (Max Moose)

Hi Kassie, The best we could come up with was
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jun 29 05:59:01 2010
please help!
Kassie, moonee ponds, Mon Jun 28 15:18:30 2010
Anun, I received an Email today saying that Twister was going to the corner of Little Collins & King St on Aug 15. That probably means that its moving to eh - EH - the (stock) exchange hotel. It used to host a great Friday. Will keep you posted.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Jul 25 02:03:05 2009
It's the last Twister at Cheers this Saturday. been there 2 years. No info on where its moivng to yet.
anun, Wed Jul 22 04:24:16 2009
Just been renamed Club Cheers Saturday
Jimmy, Fri Jul 3 05:39:24 2009
fun for a dance
su-lin, ringwood, Fri Feb 8 19:58:02 2008
Simon, there's a heap of us that agree with you. We want a Saturday like Cheers on Tuesday and Billboards on Thursday. A Saturday uni night. A bunch of us are going to create one. It'll start in late Feb.
Dizzy, Wed Jan 30 02:33:52 2008
Thanks heaps for answer Jen I will have to come check it out. I'm with you on the Cheers opinion. My absolute favourite city destination and night for years and probably always will be. Would be nice if somewhere offered something similar on a friday/saturday.

Simon, Frankston, Wed Jan 30 00:03:38 2008
Simon, the hard style room is really popular and the rest is okay. I haven't been for a while. I wish it was more like Tuesdays at Cheers.
Jen, Tue Jan 29 01:59:18 2008
Anyone been to Twister at Caseys? Is it getting much of a crowd? Wanna check it out but don't like coming all the way from Franga only to be disappointed.
Simon, Frankston, Mon Jan 28 22:47:16 2008
26.01: Australia Day Weekend Twister

Twister is now at Cheers

Open Sat & Sun
Australia Day Long Weekend!

Beach Party
Australia Day
Long Weekend


Cheers Nightclub
660 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn
Dress in Summer gear

Sun 27th Jan

Guestlist, Email:

More info
click here

Sunday 27th January will be a massive beach party event on Australia Day Long
Weekend at Cheers. What better way to celebrate Oz Day than with a beer, your
best mates and the beach! So dress up in your hottest Summer gear, grab all your
mates, and party hard! Make sure you get down early to win free drinks,
beers, daiquiris, jelly shots, CDs & VIPs!

The surf's up at Cheers which will be covered in full
beach theme. Its all about letting your hair down,
your parents, friends, teachers & any spectators
that witness you in your drunken state, as well!


Don't be un-Australian - support the most Aussie club in Melbourne!

Sunday 27th January will be a massive Beach Party event on Australia Day
Long Weekend at Cheers. What better way to celebrate Oz day than with
a Beer, your best mates, and the beach! So dress up in your HOTTEST
summer gear, grab all your mates, and party like CRAZY!! Make sure you get
down early to win FREE DRINKS, BEERS, Daiquiris, Jelly Shots, CDs & VIPs!

Cheers which will be covered in full beach theme. Its all about
letting your hair down, your parents, friends, teachers & any
spectators that witness you in your drunken state, as well!

Don't Forget the Zinc, Surf Boards & wet T-shirt contest @ 12am

Guys wear: thongs, shorts, colour singlets, hats, sunnies, boardies, man-kinis,
straw hats, floaties, speedos, Hawaiian shirts, colourful
T-shirts, budgie smugglers, blow up toys, zinc, etc.

Girls wear: dresses, mini skirts, bikinis (2 piece, 1 piece, no piece), thongs,
sandles, floaties, boardies, mini shorts, zinc, sunnies, singlets,
T-shirts (wet or dry), sarongs, hats, towels, umbrellas, etc.

If you would like to advertise Twister Beach Party on your Myspace
or get on the guestlist, Email
You can help make Twister & HSD huge!!

660a Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, 9818 1401

Twister, Hawthorn, Wed Jan 23 02:51:49 2008
good atmophere and room to dance
robby, carrum downs, Thu Dec 13 00:13:33 2007
Does anyone go to Twister since it moved? Everyone seems to be saying they miss the old Twister which sort of says the new one ain't so good.
Jez, Thu Aug 9 04:40:08 2007
i loved switch before they cancelled it. mind blowing rock music
arch, hawthorn, Fri Jul 6 02:20:34 2007
I didn't mind it. Its not The Palace but nothing could be. I liked the rooms. It
just needs more people.
Jayne, Keysborough, Wed Jun 13 21:37:04 2007
I'm sure Max Moose would delete this comment if I said Twister was a bit quiet
on Saturday, so I'll just say it was ok.
Amanda, Tue Jun 12 22:23:01 2007
How did Twister go at Caseys? I heard different things. I heard it was ok and I
heard it was quiet. Whats the word?
Claude, Frankston, Mon Jun 11 02:56:31 2007
Twister/Bass on the move
Twister’s final night at The Palace was massive; huge queue at 9.30 and full
most of the night. Ugly is moving Twister to Casey’s/Cheers
this week. Bass Fridays are moving to Evolution for the next two weeks.

Max Moose, Fri Jun 8 07:43:52 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Best alternative night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:42:36 2006
hey me i love switch but sum times the bouncers wont let me in eith my boat
licance aneyhoo good work and disturbed kicks
mark , mooroolbark, Mon Oct 23 21:57:00 2006
Guys I resurected SWITCH FROM HELL. your club is back..
check out
Will Borland, Richmond, Mon May 1 00:07:07 2006
Great atmosphere, heaps of cool people!!
Claire, Williamstown, Mon Apr 17 07:44:40 2006
I heard a rumour that switch had relocated in to the city and its now called
'Bang.' A group of us checked out Bang and it totally sucked!!!! No way near as
good as switch! The place is a dump and there isn't nearly enough room. I am so
very upset if that is the new switch.
Kristina, Bayswater, Sun Apr 16 21:50:21 2006
I heard recently that Switch has closed or is currently not running, is this
BigT, Hawthorn, Wed Mar 15 21:08:16 2006
good croud good alternative music good location
jemma, camberwell, Tue Feb 28 19:27:01 2006
Max Moose congratulates Caseys Switch Saturday for its
results in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best Alternative Night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:16:46 2005
Switch is one of the best nightclubs for alternate music in Melbourne.
Beck, Mount Waverley, Wed Jun 1 04:43:17 2005
im from a town ouf of melbs, and switch
goes off, i try to get there as often as possible,
meet lots of awesome people, never see a fight,
play basically my music collection, what more
could i want! i'll be going there a lot more when
i move there! wee! love switch.
Scotty, shitty albury/, Tue May 31 00:28:40 2005
it's fun, relaxing, there's great music, it's big & i like the people.
Jessica, Wheelers Hill, Thu May 19 04:54:55 2005
it's fun, relaxing, there's great music, it's big & i like the people.
Jessica, Wheelers Hill, Thu May 12 22:51:38 2005
full of fun! i lurve partying and caseys is the place to do it!
sheli, balwyn north, Thu Apr 21 05:20:19 2005
Switch is the maddest club ever. Great music, great atmosphere and the drink
prices aren't all that bad either!!
Chris, Berwick, Wed Apr 20 05:04:14 2005
What a night, Switch is f*cking awesome, pity about the closing music. Get
pumped and shout your voices out. Hell yeah.
Slong, Sun Jan 23 12:39:40 2005
Good music (alternative), cool open minded people, cute boys and cheap bourbon
before 12.
Harriet, Ferny Creek, Wed Dec 1 05:42:43 2004
Switch is the best nightclub i've been to so far! The music is awesome and
everybody is just there to have the best time. It was a good change from some of
the places around my area, and the boys were very cute!!! Cheap drinks before
12! Good Atmosphere, in my opinion 10/10!!!!! :)
Haz, Ferny Creek, Sat Oct 30 16:33:46 2004
SWITCH IS SICK. The atmosphere, the music, the ppl. What more could u want!!
JOSH, ROSEBUD, Thu Oct 28 13:00:12 2004
Friendly atmosphere. Vert spacious, so lots of dance floor. A range of
alternative music you can listen to. Big crowd.
Dina, Mt. Waverley, Mon Oct 25 23:32:56 2004
Best people to meet, the greatest music ever.
katie, Melbourne, Thu Oct 14 03:10:20 2004
it plays good music. and hot boys go there. and tysen says he likes to pick up
multiple girls there. ahaha
aims, brunswick, Thu Sep 16 23:48:11 2004
the beer is cold and the ladies are fine !!!
Gilesy, Burwood, Tue Sep 14 04:36:58 2004
It's alternative and plays music you can really get your whole body into. The
crowds are great and drinks are cheap!
Jax, Lilydale, Tue Sep 7 04:17:29 2004
Switch is sick! the music (alternative) rocks and it's the only place that
really gets my heart thumping and home is where the heart is.
ez, heidelberg, Fri Aug 27 16:14:55 2004
Switch goes off, other than the try hard girls who think that they are heavy
metal nuts and dress up like they're at the horse races just to tart around with
their blonde hair and barbie attitudes... no problems other than that... gotta
say i don't mind the tarts though cause it goes well for me ;)
Macca, Hurstbridge, Sat Aug 14 21:17:36 2004
i like switch because it plays all the music i love (alternative) and the
atmosphere is absolutley insane! the cheap drinks b4 12 are sik to!
Lee, Mount Waverley, Fri Aug 13 04:47:02 2004
It's got the best music and everyone there is pretty cool most of the time.
Pean, Chirnside Park, Tue Jul 20 16:06:44 2004
Switch goes off!!! it all about the people. No one cares about whats going on
around them, they are there for the music and the music only. It F**kin Sick
Carl, Diamond Creek, Mon Jul 19 16:23:14 2004
hAPPY b!RtHDaY $W!tCh!
awesome night at switch for their 4th bday, the drink specials were kickass & we
were all completely trashed. two things ruined my night a tad tho, 1) some chick
with half her head shaved got into my face for no reason and tried to start a
punch on. she was a complete idiot just looking for trouble which i didnt expect
to find at switch, everyone's always so cool, down to earth and accepting of
everyone else. usually. and 2) some completely off his head loser took all these
pictures of everyone. i asked him if he worked there, & hes like "Nah". he was
just wandering around taking pics of people for his private collection. then he
took a photo up my skirt and refused to delete it! i got him kicked out and
banned for life but yeah that wrecked my enjoyment of an otherwise completely
awesome night. shame on you guys for getting in other people's faces & being
jerks. thats not what switch is about.
lana, greensy, Sun Jul 11 18:55:50 2004
switch is a top night, they play the most kickass music back to back, if u love
throwing urself around & screaming the words at your mates as they scream em
back at u... then u gotta get urself along 2 switch. im there every sat, & the
1/2 price drinks until 12 are sick. say ur on claire's guestlist to get in for
$5. really good up & coming bands in the little room upstairs 2. i love the
complete lack of sleazy guys as well. so much better than goo.
lana, greensborough, Sat Jul 10 13:31:50 2004
Yes, switch is the best. when i heard about it i thought it was going to be
crap. when i went there i didnt wanna leave. Switch is good becoz one cares
about other people they are just there for the music and the music only. SWITCH
Carl, Diamond Creek, Tue Jun 8 20:57:01 2004
This place has the hottest djs that play the best music ever
Nicky, Glenroy, Tue Jun 8 17:57:06 2004
switch is cool, was better in the city tho, still a good night if u like punk or
damo, glen waverly, Mon Jun 7 02:36:33 2004
swicth should b moved back to the city, its too hard to get to in hawthorn,
still a good night tho. pool tables r aewsome but need cheaper entry
erin, Mon Jun 7 02:33:18 2004
switch rocks best music and atmosphere
dean, Mon Jun 7 02:30:55 2004
switch is the best punk club ever come on down everyone
jarred, glen waverly, Mon May 24 23:06:04 2004
it is the best night club round. they play metal and punk the two best genres.
what other clubs play that?
Jaysn, Seville, Wed Mar 17 03:09:19 2004
hope is 1 big tripper
hope, Essendon, Wed Feb 25 13:15:38 2004
This night had really great Music (alternative). Not too crowded and smokey.
Ian, Endeavour Hills, Mon Feb 16 03:15:32 2004
Sat 14th Feb: Descendents Party
This week at Switch we launch the new EP by punk rock legends and fat wreck
newcomers The Descendents. Hear the new Descendents EP 'Merican in its entirity
from 11pm in the punk room plus win copies of the EP plus other cool merch.
thanks to our good friends at Shock & Fat Wreck Chords.
Drink Specials: $1.50 pots, $2.50 bourbons, $2.50 vodka 'til midnight every
Live bands: Wishful Thinking, Draw the Line [NSW], Left Right Out
Giveaways: Descendents - ' 'Merican ' - thanks to Fat Wreck Chords. Madball -
'N.Y.H.C EP' - thanks to Stomp
Switch, Hawthorn, Wed Feb 11 03:08:15 2004
how do we get a gig at switch
marcus , thomastown, Thu Sep 18 13:31:45 2003
Switch, Sat Jun 21
Switch launches the new METALLICA album ST. ANGER in the main room. Hear loads
of Metallica Tracks plus win copies of the new album all night.
Live Bands: Abrasion, Tribura, Invictus
Switch, Caseys, Hawthorn, Fri Jun 20 06:19:51 2003
Sat June 14
Revelation Records Equal Visions Party (in the punk room)
Switch goes hardcore again! Be in the punk room to hear DJs play HC anthems and
go crazy on the dancefloor to win loads Revelation and Equal Vision CDs,
including the long awaited newie from Shai Hulud, "That within blood ill
tempered", all thanks to stomp records!
BLOOD DUSTER: Guest DJs in the main room.
Hear M-Lo and Tony from Blood Duster playin their fave tracks in the main room
from 1am.
Switch, Caseys, Hawthorn, Thu Jun 12 01:10:14 2003
Deftones Album Launch
This week's Switch launches the highly anticipated new Deftones self titled
album. We will be giving away loads of copies of the new album plus playing
loads of Deftones tracks, old and new, all night long!
Switch, Hawthorn, Wed Jun 4 08:41:45 2003
they play kick ass music, have a good atmosphere and great drink prices...what
more could you want?
Bec, Glen Waverley, Thu May 29 09:59:23 2003
Victory Records Feature Night
Attention hardcore kids - Switch finally goes HC crazy with a wicked Victory
night! Be in the punk room as DJs play all the latest & greatest Victory bands
and giveaway loads of CDs including taking back Sunday, Snapcase, Darkest Hour
as well as newies from Somehow Hollow and Thursday!
Live Bands: Tiltmeter, Mindgames & Almoe
Switch, Hawthorn, Thu May 8 05:56:33 2003
This Sat 3.5.03
No FX The War on Errorism launch
Get in by 11pm to hear the new album in its entirity as well as heaps of NoFX
tracks past and present in the punk room all night. On top of that we will be
giving away loads of copies of the album all night.
Live bands: This Time Tomorrow, Seven, The Divine Rights of Kings
Drink specials 'til midnight: $2 vodka & bourbon, $1.50 pots.
Switch, Caseys Hawthorn, Thu May 1 17:48:23 2003
Well guys my 21st was on Tues so git ya asses to switch to celebrate with me.
Errr...Jay, Wheelers Hill, Wed Apr 30 18:02:02 2003
Covers Night (26.4)
For years bands have been covering classic (& not so classic) songs by artists
around the world. Hear all the covers you love and those you hate featured by
DJs in both rooms throughout the night!
Live bands, South Aussie takeover: Thinktank (only Melb 18+ show), Mere Theory,
and Hi End Audio.
Switch, Hawthorn, Thu Apr 24 03:26:50 2003
Hot Water Music After Party 19.4
Live bands: Tachism, Eklutna, Rip Disjoint
Drink specials - til midnight: $2 vodka & bourbon, $1.50 pots
Switch, Hawthorn, Wed Apr 16 09:29:57 2003
I go to Switch at Caseys most Saturday's and I always have the best time. The
crowd mostly are just there to hear the music and go crazy. It's not really a
place to "pick up" but if your desperate and drunk enough, it's not that hard
(he, he). Very young crowd, so if your over 26, you may look like an old fogie.
I find that it is hard to request songs from the dj, as they get a bit sh_tty.
But he is a top dj and plays what I want to hear anyway. To sum up, top music,
friendly crowd, cheap drinks and closes at 5am, what more could you ask for.
Mention "Bear" at the door for half price entry.
Meagen, oakleigh, Fri Apr 4 08:57:52 2003
Spire fashion party this Saturday (5.4). See the new range.
$2 vodka, $2 bourbons, $1.50 pots. Josh Wins Again, Kiss Chasy, Argyle Decay
live, and tons of punk and alternative tunes.
Switch, Hawthorn, Thu Apr 3 06:00:31 2003
Switch Fat Wreck Chords Party.
Punk Room: DJs spin your favourite Fat Bands, and the launch of Fat Mike &
NoFX's Regaining Unconciousness, played in its entirity from 11pm.
Drink Specials 'til midnight: $2 Vodka, $2 Bourbon & $1.50 Pots
Party Room: Anna Boffa's Trivia is back for 2003!
Switch, Hawthorn, Wed Mar 26 03:05:05 2003
Switch is a great alternative club witch isn't as exclusively goth as DV8 and
such it's a great night with lots of promos and more importantly $1.50 pots
before 12!!! Get in for half the price if u say your on Tim's Guestlist!! CYA
Tim, Bundoora, Wed Mar 26 02:43:39 2003
Swich is an AWESOME Saturday night, cheap drinks, good music and none of that
regular club scene sleasyness that you get just about everywhere else. It's the
best place to go and get drunk with your friends and party hard ALL
Night!!!!!!!!!! To get in half price just mention Melaine.
Nat, Gembrook, Fri Feb 28 11:49:11 2003
switch rocks!!! it really is the goo of the weekend. dj billy also djs at goo
and really knows what to play. it ensures a great night, if you like alternative
head down and check it out. its a must
the baron, mt waverley, Mon Feb 10 17:22:17 2003
switch is an AWSOME night out. ther is simply no better place to spend a sat.
night after a long week. just grab a few buds and head there and you'll have an
amazingly fun night out. i love the joint!
Jarrod, Fri Feb 7 05:01:08 2003
Guys and Gals SWITCh@Caseys is a MUSt. It goes off every saturday night. FOR
HALF PRICE ENTRY just mention ROLLYS GUESTLIST at the door... easy as that guys.
See you at SWITCH!
Rolly, St.albans, Sat Feb 1 18:12:00 2003
the downstairs punk room at switch on saturdays at caseys is closed until mid
feb for renovations
man, mulgrave, Tue Jan 7 17:28:03 2003
SWITCH, top nite out, last time i went i was on the door, so half price,
sick.... it was $4 rather than the usual $8, and because of the "toss the boss"
till 12 for yer drinks i managed to only spend $4 for half a dozen drinks to
start off my nite, if you are into the punker or metal scene then either room
will do you good, upstairs is bigger n stuff and full of like people who thrive
on their deftones n stuff like that, while downstairs is completley scattered
as! good punker tunes and like the DJ's seem to always play what you request,
some mad girls too, every time ive been ive met at least one whos underage....
oh yeh, cool security too, you can get full paraletic and most of the time they
wont care, as long as you dont paint the walls with wat you just drank, go to
switch...its mad
matt tan, greensborough, Sun Jan 5 01:27:10 2003
NOTE: Red Ant is no longer, and this night has now moved to Caseys.
March 10, 2001
Switch is an alternative night along the lines of Goo and DV8. The crowd is a little 'tamer' than DV8, there are fewer goths and punks but there aren't as many skaters / surfies as Goo (not nearly the number of backwards caps). Age is from 18-late 20s. Its gets full at around 12-12:30 but is never completely packed.

Upstairs there is a main bar, stage and dancefloor in the main room, plus two other rooms with plenty of space to chill out in. Downstairs there are a couple of large rooms with a bar, plenty of seats and a few pool tables.

Drinks are well priced ($1.50 pots before 12) and with the likes of Peter Allan DJing you can't go wrong. The DJs are open for requests. On Saturday, Dino from Fear Factory was there which was a pleasant surprise.

If you've been to Goo and liked it, head over to Switch on Saturday. It won't dissapoint.

Chris Cory