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20 Bourke St, Melbourne
Night name:Goo
Music:Alternative, Bands, House, Techno
Short desc.:(closed)The original, biggest & best alternative night
Age group:
Correct at:May 26 ‘11 (Max Moose)
The info above can get out of date quickly.
Please check the venue's website for the latest.

Goo use to be held at the Metro & it use to be big! I think bring goo back ...
Bigger, Better & Heaps more METAL!!
Miss Tania, Lalor, Fri Dec 22 02:02:32 2006
Nik, I've heard some pretty good things from in there. Let's wait and see.
Nothing in Melbourne (and not much in the world for that matter) beats the
atmosphere that comes with a full house at Metro (yes, I'm old enough to have
experienced it).
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Feb 3 06:52:34 2006
Yeah its reopening. It will fall again. I garuntee it. I hear alot from internal
people. Its way the new managers are taking it is the path that led it to shut
down... History repeating itself.
Nik, Fri Feb 3 01:18:48 2006
What's going on with the Metro? Is it re-opening? I really miss Thursday
nights, and goo.
Jay, Dandenong, Thu Jan 12 23:04:48 2006
Max Moose congratulates Metro Goo Thursday for its results
in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Runner up best alternative night.
(even though the night
has now been moved)
MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:27:45 2005
The infamous Goo has moved to the Portland Hotel, just around the corner from
Metro at 127 Russell St, just next to the cinemas. Same madness, new home.
Goo, Metro now Portland Hotel, Fri Apr 15 04:01:04 2005
i'm young, and sometimes there's FREE BEER! there's punk and metal, perfect
drunken dancing music!
Danielle, Strathmore, Mon Apr 11 18:43:27 2005
Great music (alternative), cheap drinks and all my mates go
Erin, Parkdale, Wed Mar 30 07:29:28 2005
I love the fact that it is so big with many levels and different styles of music
Barbi, Sunbury, Mon Mar 28 16:28:01 2005
rnb nite next thursday...anyone got any more info?
babygirl, Thu Mar 17 21:12:46 2005
Love goo, mad hot punk guys, great music, awsome bands and really good cheap
drink specials.
Adrienne, Endeavour Hills, Thu Mar 17 03:21:03 2005
Goo @ Metro - Thursday nights
Your only alternative. All your favourate alternative, punk,rock,gothrock,nu
Matt, Mon Mar 7 17:35:43 2005
24.03: One Night Stand
House of Groove and Dhamaka present o­ne Night Stand, Thursday 24th of March
Main Room - The Boxing Ring - Commerical RNB
Chris Oz
Phil Ross vs Xntric
Shaun D vs BrendanX
Craig G vs Ken Walker
Dir-X vs Chidy
Hosted by Mc Junior
The Glass House - Old Skool Funk and Disco
Bobby Love
Andrew DeSilva preforming live
Supported by Phinesse
The Latin Quater - Latin House Salsa
Marc Thyssen
Kevin Watts
Chris o­n percussion
The Pleasure Room - Slow Jamz
CD Giveaways - Timberland and Magoo, Lil Jon and Andrew DeSilva Singles
Pre Sold Tickets - $14 + BF & GST (tickets include 1 free drink before 12am)
Limited General admission tickets - $18
Info - 9429 3304
One Night Stand, Melbourne Metro, Fri Mar 4 10:50:06 2005
Cube opens in the Gods bar @ Goo on February 17th from 11pm DJs miss wendi and
Dr Madballplaying 80’s, hip hop, indie, ska, punk, rock, glam and spam with
heaps o giveaways and prizes!
Madball, Malvern, Wed Feb 9 19:56:09 2005
I so freaked out when I heard a rumour that Goo was leaving, but thank God it's
not true - it's been really great the last couple of weeks and a host told me
that there's some huge specials coming up this year for their big 10 year b'day.
I'm so glad I've got Fridays off... if you're cute come say hi :D
Angie, Chadstone, Mon Jan 24 17:43:01 2005
Goo totally rocks on a thursday night hot punk guys everywhere!!! Great people,
good music and awsome drink specials. Wish it was closer to my house though
Adrienne, Endeavour Hills, Thu Jan 6 16:37:19 2005
i love the music and the atmosphere of goo
Stacie, St Albans, Wed Nov 24 04:32:38 2004
I love Goo.. best atmosphere! Great music, cheap drinks. what more could you
ask for?
Amy, Endeavour hills, Wed Nov 24 00:44:05 2004
its a club i can go to which plays metal. love it!
Julz, glen waverley, Thu Nov 18 03:09:34 2004
its Punk night on thursday night, and its awesome!
Amy, Endeavour hills, Thu Oct 28 12:24:15 2004
great emo and punk seen so yeah thats all and nothing better than emo chicks
BJ, shepparton, Thu Oct 21 04:58:03 2004
I like the laid back atmosphere, the people and the music.
B, Thu Oct 7 19:16:16 2004
Goo is picking up due 2 Holidays I am a host for half price entry say "James
Hope" and come and find me and recive 2 free drink cards the more people u get
in for me the more drink cards ill give u.
Hope, Wouldnt u like 2 know, Wed Jul 7 16:07:50 2004
Goo goes off! Come on guys get ur assess down there. Hot punky ppl
everywhere!!!And lots of mad ass music! Its such a big awesome venue and when
it's packed the atmosphere is amazing. I love the crazy dancing bar tender!Goo's
an awesome night out so get ur friends and join the hundreds of ppl coz its
really fun! I love it!!!
Penny, Northcote, Wed May 26 20:10:27 2004
Gothika Party at Goo tonight (6.5)
Day of Contempt's final Aussie show in the Rebar with support from Taking Sides
(NSW) and Her Nightmare.
Goo @ Metro, Melbourne, Thu May 6 01:10:38 2004
Its so rad and the music is rad and the people are rad and there's lots of hot
punky boys to perve on and lots of great bands too!!!
Jazzi, Fawkner, Thu Feb 26 04:31:20 2004
Thurs 12th Feb
Goo in association with Slam Magazine, Red Bull, C1, PSC, Shorty's, Circa &
present the 2003 Slam Australian Skater of the Year Peer Poll Awards Party.
Special guest appearance by
and many international pro skateboarders
Over $3,000 worth of giveaways!
$1 Pots 9pm 'til 10pm
High End Audio [SA], Wishful Thinking, Draw the Line [NSW]
Upcoming in the Rebar:
19.2 Underside / Phoenix Down (QLD)
26.2 Last Years Hero (WA)
4.3 Evergreen Terrace (USA) / IKTPQ / Parway Drive
Giveaways: ayside - 'Isirens and Condolences' thanks to Stomp. Dream Theatre -
'Train of Thought' thanks to Warner Music
Goo, City, Wed Feb 11 03:00:00 2004
U hafta dodge all the trashed "psycho girls" and teenyboppers that chase after
"look-at-me" Jaime!! If u can get past that tho, its a mad nite. Michelle's list
for $4 entry.
DiRRty KiTTeN, Sunshine, Thu Oct 23 15:45:07 2003
drummer & bass player wanted influences:sinch, disturbed, slipknot, sepultura
etc e-mail us to
by the way goo rocks. soon we're gonna play there.
Pitt, Sun Jul 27 22:47:21 2003
Good atmoshphere, alternative music which is something not common at most
places, cheap drinks!!
Kate, Ferntree Gully, Wed Jun 25 01:29:36 2003
Goo this week:
Dropkick Murphys
Listening Party
After wowing crowds at last years Livid Festival Boston based Celtic punk outfit
'Dropkick Murphys' have a new album out that will blow your mind. Be at Goo from
9pm to hear the Dropkick Murphys latest offering 'Blackout' in its entirity!
Plus we'll be giving away copies of the album and featuring Dropkick tracks, old
and new, all thanks to Shock Records.
Goo, City, Wed Jun 4 08:36:12 2003
I love the music and the atmostphere Goo gives off. I love all the people
there, they are so relaxed, and of course, I love the music
Brooke, Berwick, Tue May 27 06:48:14 2003
Thursday May 22: USELESS ID (ISRAEL)
with Days of Iris, Kiss Chasy
This week the Rebar welcomes Useless ID - all the way from Israel! Come and see
the band in their only Melbourne solo show with support from Days of Iris and
Kiss Chasy!
Goo, City, Wed May 21 06:38:15 2003
The alternative night at the metro is the perfect place to chill out and relax
to some of my favourite bands
kade, healesville, Tue May 20 07:12:12 2003
Mad, because it plays the best alternative music around
Katherine, Kew, Tue May 13 06:13:49 2003
'Crusty Demons - Global Assault pre tour party'
Win double passes only at GOO to the Crusty's Global Assault Event at ROD LAVER
ARENA This weekend! Who knows maybe the Crustys might even be here to drink and
get merry with you all!
CD Giveaways / Launches:
Trail of the Dead 'the Secret of Elenas Tomb' + Gyroscope 'Midnight Express'
LIVE BANDS THIS WEEK - The August Reign, 101 Words, Argyle Decay!
LEVEL 3 ROOM, with DJ's Mary (BEAT), Woody (RRR), Spandex Sarah playing your
favourite glam, new wave, rock n roll, pop and ol skool punk rock!
lus special guest DJ Damo (Motorace)
Goo, Melbourne, Thu May 8 05:52:38 2003
It is free entry if you say "MICHELLE's DOORLIST" and only $4 after midnight! It
has a really friendly atmosphere with cheap drinks!
Michelle, Box Hill, Wed Apr 30 15:45:24 2003
Be at Goo this week to register your vote for the top 100 songs played at Goo
over the past 12 months. We will be accumulating all your fave Goo tracks over
the next 7 weeks before playing the entire list from no. 100 to no. 1 on June
19th. Plus get in early for the cheapest drink specials you'll find anywhere.
$2 bourbon & vodka 9pm 'til 11pm
Support Goo regular Big Brother contestant Jamie.
Live in the Rebar this week: 20 minutes, Minkus, Wezev. Tracks straight outta
the boot of ya Torana upstairs.
Goo, Wed Apr 30 01:40:24 2003
Guttermouth Tour AfterParty!
Goo celebrates the Guttermouth Tour by doing all things guttermouth. Hear loads
of Guttermouth in the main room all night an win copies of their new album
gusto, plus tickets to see them live @ the Hi-Fi Bar 27.4.
Get in early to avoid the Qs.
REBAR: Away from Now, Mere Theory (SA), Something With Numbers (NSW), Hi End
Audio (SA)
UPSTAIRS: Rock 'n Roll, pop, glam, new wave, '80s, ol' skool punk with DJs Mary
(Beat), Woody (RRR), Spandex Sarah and guests.
Goo, Melbourne, Thu Apr 24 03:21:50 2003
Be at Goo this week for the exclusive launch of the new album by one of the
biggest bands in the world "LINKIN PARK".
Hear loads of tracks from "METEORA" plus win copies of the album in the main
room all night!
Rebar bands: Blueline Medic, STR (SA), After The Fall
Gods DJs: Justin Kase vs Kamikaze, Ajax, Hell Kitte, Headkase
Goo, Melbourne, Wed Mar 26 02:59:08 2003
Still the biggest alternative night in Aus. 1500 ppl over 3 levels with DJs Ben,
Billy, and Tom with the best and latest alternative in the main room. Three
original bands in the band room. Techno and dance in the Gods Bar. Cheapest
drinks in town.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Mar 6 03:42:34 2003
December 21, 2000
The name Metro ensures quality, professionalism, and nights directed at students. Goo is all of these things, because like other Metro nights, it was set-up with the help of students. It is the best of the grunge, alternative nights in town. If you like Regurgitator, Doors, Violent Femmes, Nirvana, Powderfinger, or anything like them or heavier, you will like Goo.

Metro is huge, so they need to do things right to make it work. It can feel awfully empty with a crowd that would fill most venues. For the last year or so, it has been full most of the time, which is an achievement. The main room, complete with huge moshpit (dancefloor) is run by the best known alternative DJs in Melbourne. They play all range of eras, with a good focus of current alternative. It is usually set off by some unique lighting, especially when they go mad with the smoke machine. On the stage there is usually something like bouncy boxing. Upstairs, in the Rebar, you have a different original band each week. Most of them are relative unknowns, battle of the bands winners, and so on, but you get some good ones.

The Gods bar now hosts a bit of light house and techno. Otherwise there are pool tables upstairs, video games in the upstairs foyer, ample seating, and plenty of bars. The bar prices are good, and entry is spot on at $4 with a pass, although it is not hard to find people with doorlists. They have selected mainly uni students as hosts, and the general pricing reflects that. So the crowd becomes primarily university oriented. It is the major Monash Uni hangout.

Dress is grungy, gothic, punk or black. Outside of uni holidays, outrageous hair, and excessive body piercing seems popular too. Despite the sometimes frightening appearance, the crowd is remarkably friendly, and fun. You have a pretty diverse spread of ages, although 18-22 is the norm. They always arrive before I do, so must get there before eleven, although a big concert, or Monash Union Night sees the crowd arrive later. During holidays, you want to be there pretty early as the full house sign gets a work-out. During semester it varies, but lately it has faired well.

If you like alternative music, and have never been to a club before, Goo is a good starting point. Its size and effects are something else, and all the experts tell me the music is great. A good genuine uni night.

Ben Clissold

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