MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

DV8 (ex-SubCulture)




12-4 McKillop St, Melbourne

With a healthy mix of Metal, Goth, Retro & Punk DV8 Reborn is the best night in Melbourne for those who like there music Alternative! The 3 Story club branches out to a crowd of all ages and with a new promotion team, Special guest DJ, Special Give-a- Way nights and a whole new attitude DV8 Reborn can only get bigger and better!
Loz, Narre Warren, Tue Jan 8 23:02:04 2008
It's true, MadBall is back, DV8 is better than ever so if you like your music hard edged - then head to DV8 - home of Melbourne's subculture...
Madball, Carnegie, Wed Nov 21 13:52:09 2007
DV8 is still running

and its going FANTASTIC!


for all the info you need about upcoming events

P.S DJ mad ball is still Dj'n there regularly and is running Oxide once a month now as well

$8 entry if you say "Loz" at the door

Hope to see you all there soon!!!

Loz, Narre Warren, Sat Nov 3 08:57:20 2007
Has Dv8 closed down? I heard the Saturday just gone (30/06/2007) was it's last
night? I certainly hope not!!! Please email me at if
you know if it's closed, thanks
Corinne, Werribee, Sun Jul 1 12:48:34 2007
Going there tomorrow night people! Look out for me - I'll be the coolest chick
in the joint - or maybe I just think I am! Post if you're going too & we'll meet
up. Luv 2 meet new peeps! xoxo
Jean, Ringwood, Sat Apr 7 01:11:25 2007
12-4 McKillop St, Melbourne
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Mar 26 17:56:28 2007
where is this??
emma, melbourne, Mon Mar 26 16:13:36 2007
3 levels, different music on each level, love the chillout lounge on the second
level where the retro/oldies music is. and the eclectic mix of people in one
place is pretty awesome too :)
Ant, Heidelberg West, Wed Nov 22 22:02:17 2006
fun, music
Tammy, Mulgrave, Fri Nov 17 15:56:03 2006
Awesome music, varied and interesting crowd
Beck, Horsham, Thu Jun 30 06:23:11 2005
Wendi & Madball are no longer DJing on the second level at DV8 for your fix of
alternative and retro go to a bar called barry on Friday nights - it's freakin
MadBall, Collingwood, Sun Apr 3 22:12:53 2005
Awesome music, people. The staff are great. i used to work there.
Tom, hawthorn, Thu Feb 24 01:56:14 2005
DV8 is , the place stinks and is very grubby! Yuk, I need a priest to exorcise
my clothes as a wash just won't do to get all the that was collected from in
Lana, Melbourne, Fri Nov 26 16:26:00 2004
Yawn!!!! DV8, a club run by a middle aged loser who's only interested in your
money. Go to a club like Detox @ Dream which is run by people who know their
metal. Live bands, great dj's, cheap drinks and a great night out for all!
More info email
Taz, Fitzroy, Wed Nov 17 04:24:15 2004
so much great music. if you like metal you have to love DV8 or there realy is
something wrong with you going there tonite should be great as always for the
4th birthday bash
blah, Sat Oct 23 18:32:23 2004
There is a great mix of metal on level one and on level two there is a great
mix of retro which you can chill out to. And on level three when there are
bands playing they are the best at there genre of music. All in all it is a
place where you can just go and enjoy your metal with out the worry of the
idiots you get in some of the other clubs.
Stuart, Tullamarine, Mon Mar 1 05:04:03 2004
Switch used to be great but I've heard about DV8. I love female punks and goths,
is this the place to meet them? What are they usually in the habit of wearing
here? Can anyone help me out?
Joey, Outers, Tue Oct 14 15:06:40 2003
Well guys, honestly i have now ditched my regular nite spot at casyes on
saturdays for the one and only DV8, its not a 40 taxi ride for me and it plays
awesome tracks.. specially the gorgeous Miss Wendi!! dudes if u r looking for
something other than SWITCH on a saturday night. DV8 IS AWESOME! Highly
Rolly, melbourne, Wed Aug 27 00:22:53 2003
Going to DV8 this sat for the first time! Good site, found me the adress! THANX
Devenait, Wed Aug 13 17:56:42 2003
Have you ever heard of the nightclub wasteland called Geelong. If you like disco
I suppose its ok, but I (((HATE))) the ! At a party last nite I heard of 'DV8'
from someone there. Thanx to the info on your web site, Ill be there with a
group of other mates looking for a good replacement since the St. Kilda
'cathouse' went to .
Mick, Geelong, Sat Mar 15 17:44:22 2003
1st floor- Metal, Hard core.
2nd floor- Party Hits, this is the floor 4 every1, commertial, 80's, everything
u want 2 dance 2. Lots of ppl head right here.
3rd floor- Live heavy bands every Saturday!
This is a club for every1, but prdominated by punks/goth/alternative crowds, NO
DRESS CODE, 2nd floor has ppl from 18-40. Reasonable priced drinks. $10 entry.
Sarah, oAKLEIGH, Tue Mar 11 21:58:12 2003
January 21, 2001
Well, Im a bit of a newby when it comes to Melbourne's clubs as I live near Shepparton, where the night life is very average (save the cheap drinks due to fierce competition), and was so happy to find a place that didn't play house and commercial crap. I walked in to a smallish but fairly busy place at about 12 to the sound of Rage Against the Machine.

DV8 has three levels but I stayed in the lower one which plays general alternative music from industrial techno to ska punk to hard rock (RATM, Placebo, Chemical brothers, NIN, slipknot etc).

The dancefloor would fill up and almost empty depending on the song, but no-one dancing didn't mean a bad song. There were plenty of couches and decent drink prices (they had a free keg or something when I went). The people there were mostly 20-25, goths/punks/metal fans (black clothes abound) but were nice dispite the somewhat intimmidating appearence.

So if you're looking for a place to dance to music you like and not repetitive house, or just want to chill and enjoy it, I highly reccomend DV8 @ CBD.

July 10, 1999
STOP PRESS: Subculture has changed to DV8.

STOP PRESS: Peter Allen is back DJing @ Subculture

Subculture@CBD, held every Saturday night, is the best of the alternative. Its fairly diverse and attracts different kinds of people. They all have one thing in common: they are looking for wicked beats, a place to dance and just to hang out.

There are three levels open. Level 1, Subversive Alternative Noise, plays a range of popular alternative music like Korn, Blink 182, Marilyn Manson, Pennywise, Hole, etc. It is the largest of the rooms and has a good-sized dance-floor, DJs, strobe lighting and the main bar, as well as a smaller bar restricted to beer. Level 1 gets full by midnight and people keep coming afterwards.

Level 2 is smaller and has 2 rooms plus a small games room. The dance-floor is small and lit with blue lighting to add to the spooky atmosphere. Music is gothic, metal, industrial and new romantic. Its pretty trippy, a blend between heavy metal and techno (for those of you who arenít familiar with this type of music). This is where the goths and punks hang out.

There is also a chill out room. It has a movie screen, couches and lots of chairs. People generally sit around, talk, maybe watch the movie. The games room contains a pinball machine and pool table.

Level 3 is where the live bands play. Bands are punk/ska and hardcore, with different bands playing every week. Level 3 held a Nitro Punk special on July 10th, with bands 327s and support, Addiction 64.

People at the club are a mixture of punks, goths and many others. Dress styles differ greatly, from casual to leather and studded collars, from cloaks to short skirts. The people are friendly. Some of the freakier looking people might be slightly intimidating if you usually go to more commercial nightclubs and havenít seen much of the goth/punk lifestyle before, but they are pretty cool to talk to.

The approximate age range at SubCulture is 18-24. The younger people tend to hang out on the first level. Doors open at 10pm, but the crowd starts to arrive around 11.30 onwards. It can get really crowded. It was pretty full on July 10th.

There is a bar on each level. The queue at the main bar (level 1) can get long after midnight. There is a much shorter queue in level 3, but the bar is fairly tiny. There are DJs on all levels, CD giveaways and requests.

Prices are $7 entry, $6 with a pass. Drinks are average priced and pots are cheap before 11. I go to SubCulture Ďcos I like the atmosphere and the music. There are not really any sleazes like you get in dance clubs and you can be yourself without anyone hassling you. If you are into dance and commercial pop then this is probably not your style, but if you have a bit of an alternative edge then definitely check it out.

Shannon Dowd