MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




60 Swan St, Richmond
Music:Com/Top40, Party/Retro, RnB/Funk, Bands
Short desc.:Mature afterwork crowd, with good coverbands
Age group:
Correct at:Feb 25 ’08 (Max Moose)

been going to the depot for 5 years love the place. not to packed not to quiet.
good bands good bar staff.easy to get to.
AnonyMoose, altona, Sat Dec 2 14:41:10 2006
awesome atmosphere and great music
rhea, noble park north, Wed Feb 9 01:13:16 2005
Slumberyard have moved to Thursdays.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Jul 27 01:47:36 2003
GREAT music, lots of space for dancing, has a good atmosphere. drinks are at a
good price
Eloise, Beaumaris, Fri May 30 07:44:57 2003
Went to see Slumberyard at the Depot (Vid is on holiday for a fortnight). Its a
new night, and it was one of their bigger Fridays, courtesy of the footy crowd
after the game at the MCG.
The crowd is a real mix. You have the Slumberyard groupies (18-22), mixed in
with the Depot afterwork Friday regulars (25-35), and the footy crowd (18-35).
The dress is relaxed, and varies from footy team shirts, to alternative band
wear, to suits for the afterwork crowd.
There is something for everyone, especially the Slumberyard fans.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Mar 29 18:49:29 2003
Slumberyard started new residency last Friday(21/2/03). Awesome launch night.
Who said people don't want live music at inner city venues... Watch this space.
This night is gunna take off!
Is there a better entertainment line up in Melbourne - Thursday witrh Metrik,
Friday - Slumberyard, Saturday - Adam 12 and Sunday - Crazy Haus. The line up
says it all... The Depot is back rocken Melbourne
Matt Warton, Richmond, Tue Feb 25 18:30:07 2003
How can we update this information, it is very very old. We now have one of the
biggest Thursday uni night in Melbourne with Andy Grant duo and metrik,
Saturdays we have Adam 12 and Sundays Crazy Haus?? Thanks
Melita Boyle, Richmond, Sat Dec 21 20:12:41 2002
Please Note: The coverbands have changed many times since this review. It currently features Grind (27.9.02)

March 6, 1998
The Depot is one of the better known nightspots around Melbourne, especially for a place that is essentially a pub. But it is a good pub, with good bands, in a good location. Friday sees not only 21/20, but half of Grunt do the early session too, and the supporting DJ was better than nothing.

21/10 is one of Melbourne’s leading bands. They play a short party mix, with a leaning towards pub type tunes, and some current alternative. They do it all pretty well. The singer and lead guitarist from Grunt make an appearance early in the night too, before heading off to Star Bar. These two are very talented and are undoubtedly the best duo I have ever heard, still they are half of Melbourne’s best band. They play a relaxed Triple J type of mix. A DJ supports with a party and commercial dance mix, but there is no club lighting or anything to make that a focus.

To add to the entertainment, there are a few pool tables, pinball, and so on. There is ample space, and tables both inside and in the beer garden to sit around and talk, and they even serve food throughout the night. The venue itself is a large room with bar in the middle. Around it are four corners. In one is pool tables, the next has tables. The third is where the band is, the fourth is another dining area. It was three-quarters full the night I was there, and the bar in the middle was fairly busy at most times. It could be frustrating when it is at capacity.

Because it is a pub, it did fill fairly early, and peaked about midnight. The crowd was mixed, but predominantly aged 22+, and looking to pick-up. Most were pretty well dressed, with plenty of professionals arriving straight from work.

Pubs are not exactly my scene, but if you are going to go to them, you might as well go to one with a top band line-up. The Depot definitely has this, and was pretty good entertainment.

Shane Croft