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Keep’n Rhythm
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Thurs @ Jimmy Rowes

Saturday, October 7, ‘00
View the 21/20 .MPG video (1.54mb)

21/20 are a very highly regarded band, probably Melbourne’s best known, having played most of Melbourne’s biggest gigs to gain that reputation. They are a high quality party band with a grunge/alternative edge, not completely dissimilar to Flaming Moes. The biggest difference would be that 21/20 are better with crowd interaction, but 21/20 sound slightly different to the originals, and are a fraction less current.

Band Shot They primarily play a party mix, with plenty of rock classics, and some current grunge/alternative to keep things going. This lends itself to a crowd that dances or moshes, and gets involved. 21/20 know their audience and bring them into the act. Their broad playlist and interaction lend them to pub crowds aged 18-30+.

Band Shot They are pretty good on accuracy too. Lyrically, they don’t miss a thing, and the music sounds reasonably close. When you add this to a good playlist, you can understand why they have the reputation they do, and pull the crowds they do.

They were long been resident at Depot on Friday and Hallam on Saturday, and have played most of the other major band venues. Check them out when you want a high quality party band, with a grunge edge.

Ben Clissold @