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Wed @ Crown, Fri @ Daveys, Sat @ 21st Century

Saturday, August 19, Ď00
Spin started picking up big name gigs about a year ago, so it is strange that it has taken so long for me to see them. Unfortunately, I only heard a bit of them, but I think I heard and saw enough to understand why they are getting gigs.

They received a great reaction from the crowd. They do not seem to have the arrogance of so many bands just now, and genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves on stage. That rubs off on the crowd, who get into it, and that is what cover bands should be about.

They play a grungy/alternative mix, from what I heard. We are talking The Living End, Green Day, and, of course, Violent Femmes (what would a cover band be without Blister in the Sun?). They seemed to be fairly current too.

They are targeting a younger audience at the 21st Centuryís Pelly Bar. Most of the crowd in there were 18-21, although some of us oldies were into it too. They seemed to have a fairly dedicated following, and the Pelly Bar was busy enough to suggest good things. Plenty of songs to sing-along to, and a relatively active mosh, were a good reflection on the band.

Their sound was fairly authentic, and the band did not miss a beat or a line in what I saw and heard. However, there was something not quite right, but I cannot figure out what. It might have been their speed, but it was insignificant.

I guess 21st Century would be their biggest gig, but there will be more to come. Go and see them when you want to hear a happy band, playing solid alternative tunes.

Ben Clissold @