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Scare Crow


Friday, April 2, 1999
I bumped into Scare Crow when they filled in for the Flaming Moes at the Hallam Hotel on Good Friday. It had been ages since I had seen them, and I remembered them quickly, because they played the same middle American rock as they did the last time. John Mellencamp, Crash Test Dummies, Fastball, etc. Basically, they play your Triple M mix from a year or two back. Whilst they do it fairly well, the music mix does not really suit too many venues that most of us go to.

They are a five piece band, who dress and look like middle American rockers. Leather jackets, big hair, etc. They look like they ought to be playing to the 25+ market, which is not really the crowd they faced in the Moes place, and is why this review is pretty harsh.

In terms of accuracy they are right up there with the best. I am sure the crowd would get in on the act if they were suited to the playlist too, because the songs they play are well known. You can imagine a pub full of 25+ singing along with every song, and having a ball.

They are the sort of band you should see in a pub a few years down the track, with a few mates, and a lot of beer.

Ben Clissold @