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Stone Cold Boners

Fri @ Central Club

Friday, January 15, ‘99
I saw the Stone Cold Boners doing a holiday gig at the Hallam Hotel. They were filling in for the Flaming Moes, and copped the Moes’ grungy, party crowd. They were not as appreciative of the Boners, as I.

The Boners play disco classics. We are talking ‘70s, slow and groovy. Their play list features great songs like “Play that funky music” and “That’s the way I like it”. Really popular retro, but not really what this crowd expected. I suppose they would be better suited to a pubby, 28+ crowd more than anything else, but they do represent good value. I think they would have a strong following at their regular gigs like Saturday @ Mercury Lounge.

They are a very accurate band, hardly missing a beat or line from anything they played, and they sounded like the bands they covered. They had fair crowd interaction, and plenty of people sang along and danced to the tunes. They dressed in seventies theme, like something out of the movie 54.

They were quite different to anything I have seen lately, but not in a bad way. If I really felt like a seventies trip, I reckon I would track them down for a night. Not a bad band.

Ben Clissold @