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Max Moose Email: 2am Lockout: Meeting, Bumper Sticker, letters, Armin Only. Slumberyard’s last gig @ Star. Moose on Facebook. Girls Night Sat. Birthdays/Functions. (May 2008)
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MAX MOOSE Special Edition
May 21 2008

Hey Party Animals,

Tons happening. Pick your favourite story and forward it to your friends...

HEADLINES: 2am Lockout: Meeting, Bumper sticker, Write letters, Armin Only - Moose on Facebook - Girls Night Saturday - Slumberyard’s last gig @ Star - Birthdays/functions - Other popular stories - Promoters wanted - Bus tours - My Space

Stop the 2AM Curfew - Update

We have to convince the public (colleagues, parents, etc, not clubbers) that a 2am curfew is a bad idea. It will increase trouble, it is an attack on freedom, it will push people into gaming venues, it will cost jobs, and it won’t fix anything.

What’s happening?...

1. Clubbers action group meeting TONIGHT
Clubbers opposed to the 2am curfew are invited to Chasers (386 Chapel St, South Yarra) at 7pm tonight (Wed 21/5) to discuss the campaign. Its hosted by the guys with big Facebook petitions.

2. Bumper stickers (important)
You can download and print a bumper sticker here. Please do it.
Bumper Sticker

We’ve made it dead easy. Go to maxmoose.com.au/2am for all the MPs Email addresses. Write 1 line or 1000 lines. It all helps. Make your friends do it too.

4. Join the petition group
Max Moose wasn’t ready for a big Facebook petition, so we’re now sending everyone to Petition against Melbourne drinkers 2am ban. Sign on.

5. Join the protest event
Friday May 30, 5pm
Parliament House
Details & Registration

6. Owners & Industry Association
A large number of venues have joined together to form an association to represent the industry. If you want more info, reply to this Email.

7. Armin the 1st victim, but dealers win
How’s this for ridiculous? The new laws mean the Armin gig June 8, will run until 7am, but the bar shuts at 3am. Drug dealers celebrate. The June 9 gig is off.

Birthdays, functions, any party any size

Work parties, birthday parties- its on. If you need a venue, we’ll help. See Loft’s ad or Velour’s ad or our Functions/B’days page.


We have the best My Space page for finding Melbourne nightspots, DJs and bands. We also have one you can befriend. Take a look.
  Slumberyard’s last gig @ Star

This Sunday is the end of an era. After many years (maybe 13), Slumberyard is finishing up at The Star Bar, their signature night.

Moose on Facebook
Join us now

Max Moose has two things for you to join on Facebook...
a nightlife fan group (a must join)
a nightlife fan page

& the best links for you to view:
a nightlife providers page*

Its all setup pretty similar to our MySpace (more below).

It can all be found at: maxmoose.com.au/facebook.

(* All may view. Only nightlife providers may join. Makes it easy to find clubs, etc.)

Girls Night Saturday

GUYS and girls, by popular demand, we’ve found you a ladies night! This Saturday at The Loft. Girls need to register right now! Details and registration here. The guestlist is also running as normal (its close to the biggest ever).

Other popular topics

Casey gets 2nd rate NightRider
Frostbites > Chapel St Hotel
Loft’s new Thursday
Motel’s new website
Neverland license denied
Fusion RnB Thur Rhythmalism
Melb Nightclub Awards Results

Promoters wanted

Get paid to party! There are lots of clubs looking for promoters right now. If you can bring people to a club, fill in this form and we’ll put you in touch with clubs that suit you.

Bus tours

Nightclub bus tours are a lot of fun. A bus, your friends, four clubs and competitions. You’re all on a bus, so nobody has to drive. Its a great night out. See our bus tours page.

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