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Frost Bites!

426 Chapel St, Sth Yarra
Music:Bands, Party/Retro, Com/Top40
Short desc.:Backpackers night with Adam 12
Age group:
Correct at:Mar 20 ’06 (Max Moose)

Adam 12
Brigitta, Yeh, good times, good times! I remember going there almost every
Wednesday, hot people, great band.... had the best $%#&* time! Frosties is not
the same! That place is not what it used to be.
Jason, Malvern, Sat Jan 21 13:25:50 2006
Adam 12
Frostbites is not the same withotut the bands.... what happened to Adam12 and
Metrik? I haven't been since they left. Bring them
Brigitta, Toorak, Sat Jan 21 12:03:59 2006
Adam 12
Why aren't Adam12 at Frosties anymore ... the place sucks without them, I'm not
going back!
Gillianna, Brighton East, Thu Aug 11 22:03:25 2005
Frost Bites was huge last Wednesday too. It has grown heaps since Adam 12 left.
Its a better night now. Definitely worth checking out.
Anna, Prahran, Wed Jun 29 17:57:51 2005
Frost Bites new Wednesday is pretty good. I think its grown since they booted
the band. I like it better.
Greggy, Malvern, Sat Jun 4 05:20:50 2005
Just wanted to say that it is a wee bit of a shame that a top Cover Band such as
Adam12 no longer have there long standing gig at Frosties on a Wednesday. I love
there awesome 'Kiss' antics. But as they say...New door opens we close the one
behind. Just don't forget these guys for a future referance! It was a fcuking
ripper of a night this Wednesday!
Nat, Malvern East, Fri Apr 29 14:46:27 2005
Adam 12
Frost Bites! introduces:
SiP wednesday
with Adam12, DJ Piero, amazing drink specials
register for $33 drink card & more
Introducing SiP wednesdays
Frost Bites would like to introduce Max Moose members to the biggest and best
mid week party in town! With an iconic Wednesday night sadly closing recently,
Frost Bites cordially invites you to check out the “other” option. Frost Bites’
Wednesdays has been running hot for over 6 years and feature Melbourne’s best
party band, Adam 12, backed up by one of Melbourne’s best party DJs, Piero, with
random drink specials running ‘til 3am!
And now Level 2 upstairs @ Frost Bites gives you a cooler option with vocal
house and upfront tunes from Melbourne’s premier up and coming DJs including DJ
Zac Kostas (Seven), DJ Alex Boffa (Seven), DJ Rich McDonald plus a constant line
up of special guests & DJ Superstars.
To help you make the transition from Bayside to Chapel Street we’d like to offer
you a free $33 Drink Card plus a free 2005 Frost Bites Wednesday Hardcard
Membership. This gives you $2.20 pots, wine and champagne, $4 basic spirits &
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Designate your driver, jump in the car & take a 15 minute drive to Melbourne’s
longest running mid-week party!
Frost Bites! 426 Chapel street South Yarra, Ph: 03 9827 7401
Frost Bites, South Yarra, Fri Mar 18 04:44:24 2005
15.12: Adam 12 Christmas Party
Kristin, Ben, Andrew, Daniel & the whole Adam 12 family would like you to join
them to tear a gaping great hole in their Annual Christmas Party on Wednesday
December 15 from 8.30pm.
And the boys have organised some Christmas presents for you too: $2.20 domestic
pots, $2.20 wine & champagne, $4 basic spirits & $4.50 Frost Bite slushies!
You need the pass for free entry before 9.30 and the drink specials, so get it

Then the 12ers will hit the main stage, show you why their Wednesdays rock &
search for "The Last Noel" as the band once again says thanks for another huge
year in 2004.
Frost Bites, South Yarra, Tue Dec 14 07:42:34 2004
Was there for My Room the past couple of Wed's. VERY cool!!! Like a flirt party,
but with tons of cool stuff happening. Not sure when they'll be back, but keep
an eye out for them.
Dave, Hawthorn, Fri Dec 3 11:21:03 2004
went to frosties last wednesday. i absolutely love frostbites its my sat night
regular but wednesdays its not so great. i love adam12 but it felt like most of
the people there didn't. they just came in to dance when adam12 were on their
breaks. and also adam12 didn't play as many awesome old songs as they usually
do. bit of a dissapointment. but still really cute guys as usual which almost
makes it worth going!
kristy, Mon Oct 4 21:11:18 2004
Frost Bites ! presents:
FHM wednesdays!
crusty demons
this wednesday may 19
Meet the Crusty Demons on their Nine Lives Tour @ Frost Bites this Wednesday!
The legends of FMX are dropping into Frost Bites for a “quiet” drink this
Wednesday 19:05:04 (let's hope they don't ride a MX bike down the stairs this
Join the most X-treme athletes in the World as they team up with Dj Piero and
Melbourne's very best, Adam 12 live onstage! Crusty movies up on the big screen,
prizes & surprises, join us this Wednesday for the most X-treme midweek party in
PASSWORD: MULISHA for free entry B4 10pm
Frost Bites!, South Yarra, Mon May 17 04:42:28 2004
Had the best time on Wednesday night. Me and my girls ;)
Adam12, as always were fantastic. Adorable boys, muwaah!
I'm loving those slushy drinks... YUMO!
BettyBoo, Melbourne, Fri May 14 15:07:07 2004
Always love going to Frosties. It's all about the Chapel scene, kids! :)
Those talented boys from Adam12, can they get any hotter...?! Can't be compared
with any other band, a high quality, enthusiastic and beautiful bunch of boys.
Well done guys. Can never speak too highly of them.
Check it our boys and girls, the best place on a Wednesday night.
Caramel, Downtown. :), Fri May 7 21:41:06 2004
The band, Adam12 rocks it every time!! Wednesday Frosties: awesome band,
beautiful people and SLUSHIES! What more could you want!
Anon, Sat Apr 17 06:29:28 2004
Dropped by Frost Bites fairly late last Wednesday night. Missed Adam 12, but I
am reliably informed that they were great.
The legendary DJ Piero was on fire. The dancefloor was going off.
The crowd was a touch younger than normal courtesy of exams ending, but there
were still plenty of backpackers and the regular crowd of over 25s in.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 8 11:56:36 2003
I've been to Frostbites on a couple of occasions on a Wednesday night and let me
say Adam12 rock! Not only are they hot but they are ALL awesome singers. Great
slushies too.
Haylee, Berwick, Sat Aug 23 12:41:13 2003
Dropped by Frosties for the first time ever on a Wednesday. Magnificent. It is
actually one of their better nights there, and they run some good ones. Very
busy, great band in Adam 12 (Melbourne's best in my opinion), nice popular tunes
with a housy/RnB flavour from the DJs, and a great type of crowd. Relaxed and
easy going, primarily 20-25, relaxed but well dressed, and well behaved. Worth a
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Thu Jan 16 06:57:45 2003