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138 Commercial Rd, Prahran
Night name:Detour
Short desc.:(night closed)
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Correct at:Mar 26 ’06 (Max Moose)

22.03: $1 drinks til 12
Tuesdays > Evolution
$1 pots ‘til 12 > $1 champagnes ‘til 12 > $4 basics all night
Freeway: Brad Sassman > Nick Foley > A-Style
Overpass: Daanen > Mick Please > Paul Haddow
138 Commercial Rd Prahran 9529 2088. Management reserves all rights. 18+ photo
I.D. required. ACE Melbourne practices responsible service of alcohol.
Evolution, Prahran, Tue Mar 22 05:35:34 2005
I hear that Evolution is about to start a new tuesday night, my girlfriends and
I are over the seen at room slezy owners slezy doormen and can never get a
i am really disapointed because i wish that the night had of started before the
end of hoildays but many party nights to come of the school year...
x see you on the dance floor jena the gap...
jenna the gap, sth yarra, Fri Jan 21 18:00:15 2005
April 16, 2002
There is an unusual trend around Melbourne at the moment. If you are going to run a decent night, you do it early in the week. The best nights at the moment are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays nights. Detour at Club Evolution is one of the great nights.

It is a night targetted fairly and squarely at students, with great drink specials. When you walk in, you pay the $10 cover, and receive a $25 drink card. You can buy as many $25 cards as you like for $10 each. Once a month, you pay a $25 covercharge for an open bar until 2am. It works out to be a fairly cheap night out, which is perfect for midweek.

Being a student crowd, it is fairly young, primarily 18-23, but surprisingly, perhaps, it is very dressy and good looking crowd. Maybe that is something to do with the address being Commercial Rd, just around the corner from Chapel St. However it is still pretty relaxed, with a friendly feeling.

Its popularity is hard to judge just now. It was absolutely massive a year ago. Then they did some major renovations and it quietened down, and it is now picking up again. My last couple of visits were on the lead in to exams and just after uni holidays, so it probably wasn't at its best, but it was still good. Downstairs is usually packed and upstairs just over half full. The crowd arrives about 10.30 onwards, peaking somewhere around 12.30.

The venue has two levels. You enter at ground level into a little lounge area. Left are some stairs to the second level, right is the entrance to the large downstairs dancefloor. This room (with the dancefloor) has a stage and stairs to level two at the far end, a long and large bar on the right, a lounge room on the back right, DJ booth in the far left corner, huge dancefloor in the middle, and a tier for dancing on the left side. Throughout the room, there are plenty of lounges, and it feels very moody, with a slight 70s loungeroom look. The dancefloor is kept happy with a great mix of commercial dance music, with a bit few popular favourites thrown in for good measure. It starts downstairs.

When downstairs is full, they open upstairs. This has only recently been reopened after renovations and it looks great. Again, it has a slight '70s loungeroom feel about it, but with a very modern edge to the design, very funky. Upstairs is three sections. At the back is the sort of bar you expect in a loungeroom, with heaps of seating. In the middle is another huge dancefloor, which keeps moving to a commercial dance mix, slightly harder than downstairs, and downstairs becomes more popular as the night goes by. At the front of the level, is another very nice bar, with plenty of space around it for chatting. It isn't too loud, but it is very moody.

The bars are busy due to the drinkcards, but there are plenty of bar staff, and lots of space around the bar, so the service is very swift. You don't need me to tell you that the drink prices are great ($10 for a $25 card).

Detour at Club Evolution (formerly Commercial Lounge) is a great night out. Great looking venue, terrific crowd, and very cheap drinks. Detour is certainly one of the best spots on the midweek uni night circuit. Definitely go and check it out.

Ben Clissold
October 24, 2000
NOTE: Since this review was penned, the prices have changed a little: Driver entry is $5, or $10 entry includes a $25 drink card, and you can buy as many cards as you want. Between 9 and 10pm cowboy shots are only $1, and $1.50 pots, $10 shakers, and $3.50 basic spirits go all night. (7/5)

Tuesday night at Club Evolution is the newest uni night to hit Melbourne. It is shaping up to be one of the best nights out as it is awesome.

Its called DETOUR, and is visited by uni students around 18 - 22 years old, who really know how to party. The deal here is amazing, you pay $20 at the door which gives you an OPEN BAR from 11:00pm until 2:00am which includes basic spirits!!

The club opens early at 7:30 for standup comedy, but at around 10:30 when everyone starts to arrive the mood changes, DJ André from Blush starts the party feel off with commercial party tunes and later DJs Tim and Estyn (now Kaz) pick up the tempo just a little bit with the most popular tracks to keep all happy.

The club is a treat, downstairs has just been renovated and is like new with the upstairs renovations about to start. There is a liquor licence for the street so you can booze up outside and watch the cars drive past!! Upstairs will open soon.

I cannot fault it, the music is better than good, the setup rocks, obviously bar prices are awesome even when the open bar finishes there is still cheap drinks and the staff are friendly.

I suggest you check it out as memberships are available and as soon as exams finish it will be absolutely huge. Its a great night, better than cheers by far!! and great value for money. There is an end of exams party on the 21st of November where you toss a coin at the door and if you win it is $15 instead of the $20 and cup eve should also be huge. So come down, and remember to pace yourself because the club is open 'til at least 4:00am!



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