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52 Albert Rd, Sth Melbourne
Night name:Hive
DJs:Dirty South, Grant Smillie, Ken Walker, Andy Murphy, Anthony Larr, Takse, Sammy C and Denace the Menance, Simon Vin, Matt Wilko & Rudeboy
Music:House, Party/Retro, RnB/Funk, Com/Top40, Techno
Short desc.:Very trendy, deep house music, uni night
Age group:18-20, 20-23
Covercharge:$12 general. Free b4 10pm
Specials:$1 pots b4 10, $2.50 after. $3.50 spirits b4 12.
Correct at:Apr 2 ’06 (Max Moose)

cheap drinks before 12! good crowd, nice rooms.
cheye, coburg, Wed Jan 20 16:50:09 2010
good music, good place, good people and good drinks!
Danielle, Caulfield North, Sun Feb 15 00:52:07 2009
boys, busy, music variety
nat, Doncaster, Thu Apr 3 16:02:05 2008
love andy murphy
AnonyMoose, Tue Feb 12 23:35:12 2008
i can dance the night away and the beats go off at seven. aswome crowd
Michele, Werribee, Mon Feb 11 14:51:27 2008
Great thursday night at seven!!! Awesome music in 3 different rooms. Night starts off in the bar where drinks are at alright prices but after 12 it can get preeeeetty pricey..
Lots of youngens but overall a great night!
jess, west footscray, Sun Jan 27 00:18:51 2008
I like style of music
AnonyMoose, Sat Jan 19 00:29:15 2008
old school school frends run thurs night and it is always good fun with great djs
B, Fri Jan 11 22:14:25 2008
it rocks!!! and good enviornment to partey wat u want me to say? i jus like it ok.
Luke, East Malvern, Fri Dec 28 15:45:38 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Honourable mention best venue
- 3rd best place to pick up

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 08:17:14 2006
Went to Seven on Thursday night, wasn't bad. The only thing I want to warn
people about is the fact that their website is wrong. It's not free entry
before $10, it's $7 entry. My girls and I went expecting free entry and were
greeted with a $7 charge at the door :(. Cheap drinks though.
Sandy, Bentleigh East, Fri Dec 1 22:26:44 2006
hot women cheap drinks all round great place no hassles getting in and free
entry before ten can get expensive on other nights
E, Sandringham, Thu Sep 21 04:01:01 2006
Bronwyn, I get the feeling you either haven't been to Seven for a while and are
basing your comments on your experience of the club fromn a few months ago, or
your involved with the management in some way, or, perhaps, you're just a plain
old moron.
John, Kew, Thu Sep 7 17:45:11 2006
Cheap drinks, open lists, lots of friends that go there most weeks, great place
to catch up with ppl on a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. Great music,
different rooms something for everyone and retro music which is great to dance
to when your in a fun mood
Bronwyn, St Kilda, Thu Sep 7 05:35:15 2006
this night is soo over until summer.
john, kew, Wed Sep 6 19:26:00 2006
heaps of ppl my age, awsome djs (dirty south and grant smilie), cheap drinks,
free entry
tom, malvern, Sun Sep 3 23:48:38 2006
its fun lots of friends go and meet up
taegs, williamstown, Thu Aug 31 00:40:34 2006
Seven is gonna go off this Thursday! The whole crew from my modelling agency is
heading down for a HUGE NIGHT! Catch ya there!
Martin, Richmond, Wed Aug 30 23:19:44 2006
the music is really good and i like all the rooms. Heaps of people go there
steph, camberwell, Thu Aug 24 17:08:04 2006
love Seven! Best for Thursday night 18-24. Grant Smillie was awesome 20th July,
is a must see. Uusally Plays at 1am most thurs in Main room. Great Atmosphere,
Great People, Great Music.....Check it out.
RC, Tue Jul 25 00:13:00 2006
went to seven for the first time last night coz seany b was performin live and
grant smillie was there too, had a great night, venue wasn't as packed as it
could have been, but friendly ppl, comfy seats, parking right near the entrance,
oh yeah grant smillie rocked the place, and seany b was so much hotter in
person, and when he finished his set he posed for photos, and i got a huge hug
and kiss from him, thanks seany!!! you made my night!!
Rachel, camberwell , Fri Jul 21 15:40:34 2006
hot people... and andy murphy is great on thursdays
taigz, mill park, Sat Jun 24 04:06:13 2006
I love Seven, i love the diff rooms, esp the house room and the couches and all
my friends go there,which is the main reason i love 7.
AnonyMoose, Port Melbourne, Sat May 27 13:55:46 2006
amelia, balwyn, Fri May 26 02:37:09 2006
Seven is good coz it's pretty big, there are different rooms with different
types of music, love the retro room!, bit of a young crowd there now
Cassie, Burwood, Wed May 24 23:19:58 2006
The differnt rooms and music and i like the fact that there is heaps of places
to louge around and talk with friends
Maree, Northcote, Thu May 11 02:01:06 2006
good music and good crowd
Jahni, North Fitzroy, Wed May 3 02:04:05 2006
cant beat it...
cath, balwyn, Sun Apr 30 19:54:10 2006
Best crowd, best DJs, best music, best atmosphere.
Dominique, Williamstown, Tue Apr 25 22:00:17 2006
the music, the people, the drinks, the fun.... everything about seven makes me
happy, thats why i go there every week religiously!
Snow, st kilda, Sun Apr 2 15:36:54 2006
the couches under the stairs!- you can get away from the action! love the diff
rooms n easy parking...
Mish, blackburn, Sun Mar 19 19:39:09 2006
awesome good looking crowd with rocking music
Nicole, greensborough, Thu Mar 9 15:48:32 2006
Its just fanastic and all of my mates are there
Jane, Richmond, Sat Feb 25 18:13:56 2006
can anyone put people on guestlist for thursday nights or any night? If you can
let me know:
Manlio, Elsternwick, Wed Feb 22 18:59:15 2006
Cheep drink unitll 12 and a good crowd
Martin, Mon Feb 20 06:34:44 2006
great crowd, great drink specials and the music is ok
Ognjen, Hampton, Thu Feb 9 17:00:13 2006
HiVE Thursdays @ SEVEN
BEST nite going around
CLASSY crowd 18-23
CHEAP drinks all nite
Top resident DJ's - GRANT SMILLIE, ANDY MURPHY, DIRTY SOUTH and much much more.
Main room plays house and electro {Something, same man, evermore, the drill}
Side room plays retro old skewls and rnb {Pricillia to Beyonce}
Upstairs new and upcoming dj's {QUinn Masters etc}
Hard entry
and my name will get you in half price.
If askd out front if you're on a guestlist, just say you're on mine becasue i
have an open list thats always there.
LOVE seven guys! it's mad!
Justine, Kew, Thu Feb 9 01:35:06 2006
To anyone having difficulty getting into seven later on at night just find out
any of the top promoters names and say your on their list...they dont actually
check as most of these guys dont even put in these the way if you
finished school over two years ago seven on thurs is a no no, seeing that the
majority of ppl there are either still in school or just out ps. guys if your
in groups split up and try to go in with girls you will double your chances of
getting in when it is really busy
Rich, Fri Nov 4 17:59:56 2005
i got my photo taken at seven last week, anyone know where i can find the pics
on the internet?
jess, Wed Oct 19 21:53:35 2005
Just an unbelievable experience it is clear that 7 niteclub on a thursday is the
best venue in Melbourne. Great House tracks and a very funky crowd...
nigel, camberwell, Tue Oct 18 20:58:18 2005
Max Moose congratulates Seven Thursday for its results in
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best Looking Crowd, 3rd best house night, 3rd best Thursday
night, and an Hon. mention in best uni night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:19:01 2005
Take the advice of everyone, GET THERE EARLY!!! I rocked up at 12:30 and it was
impossible. Easy to get in but too crowded inside!
Pez, Eltham, Sat Sep 24 15:34:32 2005
Best to go early 9-10 ish if its ur first time.. free and garuanteed entry and
cheap drinks.. also not as busy early and walking in at 1oclock ur first time
can be pretty indimidating.. DRESS HOT -as fashionably as u can or else u'll
feel like !.. but its an awesome place..
ANNA, brighton, Sat Sep 17 15:34:03 2005
fun and the guys are hot
darcii, brighton, Wed Sep 14 23:17:54 2005
Great people, cheap drinks, awesome tracks. Wat more needs to be said?
Alex, East Brighton, Fri Aug 12 04:47:51 2005
Went to Seven last Thursday Nite after hearing some good things about the place.
Must say its one of the best places I have been to. The line wasnt big, awesome
beats, hot girls and great atmosphere..will definately be back!
SeanA, Frankston, Sun Aug 7 14:47:16 2005
any1 know of how i can get on a guestlist? thanx guys xxx
tammy, Wed Aug 3 18:31:45 2005
Thursdays nights at Seven can be really great if you get there before 10pm - its
free, and drinks are dirt-poor. The bouncers are actually nice before 10pm also,
they dont look at you like they want to hit you or something, its quite
Daniel, Parkville, Thu Jul 21 13:19:40 2005
First time at 7 last night, one of the best nights I've been to, great music,
hot chicks, awesome venue.
BJ, Fri Jun 17 23:29:18 2005
I love house music & cheap drinks.
tineka, surrey hills, Wed Jun 1 23:52:24 2005
Heaps of dance music, trendy crowd
Jenny, Kew, Tue May 10 17:08:00 2005
its the best because they play a range of good music and have cheap drinks.
Lauren, Brighton, Mon May 2 01:02:21 2005
classy style & classy music
Anonymoose, mornington, Fri Mar 11 04:00:34 2005
great crowds, great DJ's,great times!!
dogg, brighton, Thu Mar 10 18:46:22 2005
Really good mix of music and rooms. Young people, cheap drinks.
Amy, Mount Waverley, Thu Mar 10 03:29:41 2005
I rocked up in da bimmer bro and i saw all these sick ez but as soon as i pumped
my subbies so loud bro, people just kept looking at me. it was sick. they must
have loved it. i got rejected.
XXXBMW, Clayton, Wed Dec 29 23:09:23 2004
great crowd, great music, cheap drinks
Anon, Sat Nov 20 16:38:14 2004
good atmosphere, good people, good music.
kristy, Traralgon, Sat Nov 13 01:55:59 2004
The place is soooo gorgeous and friendly and the music is top. GREAT NIGHT OUT!
Fi, Ashburton, Sat Oct 23 17:24:39 2004
Retro room is mad and drinks for 2 50 is sick.... I see everybody there i
Chloe, Toorak, Thu Oct 21 06:15:32 2004 drinks and awesome people... everyone is so friendly and drunk!
Hannah, south yarra, Wed Oct 6 00:13:41 2004
havent been lately, but never had issues getting in and was allwatys my
favourite night out. will have to go back soon for sure.
stan, none, Thu Sep 30 15:14:16 2004
Went down to Seven last night coz I heard that it was the place to go on a
Thursday nite. Was there with my girlfriend to have a good time, but I was
rejected for no reason, apparently I just 'couldn't come in'. The group of 6
guys behind we were let in. It was interesting to see that all of the people
that had been rejected who were standing outside were 'ethnic' looking. I wont
be goin back, there are other places with better attitudes.
Tony, Oakleigh, Fri Sep 17 15:42:29 2004
HUGE!!! Best night in melbourne.
Pierro in main room best DJ going around. Cheap drink , great women and great
james, South Yarra, Sat Sep 11 12:30:39 2004
seven thursday is the biggest night in melbourne. Always have a blinder there.
Great DJ's, females and drinks. All round perfect
tommy, South Yarra, Sat Sep 11 12:27:56 2004
It is so much fun and i know heaps of people there, they have awesome music too.
Nicole, Bentleigh, Mon Aug 9 17:50:31 2004
One of the better night spots in melb, superb beats, drinks and ladies, however
dont expect an easy root here. Try to go in with some skirts to improve chances
of getting in. Dont bother inviting your mates from the country.
Justin, Malvern, Mon Jul 19 01:03:53 2004
the atmosphere is fantastic always have fun there!! and music is great 2!!!
Amelia, Mt Waverley, Fri Jul 16 02:45:54 2004
I have to agree with YT, thursdays are just impossible to get in on. Why they
have to be so stupid and fussy i don't know. I've been there twice before and
loved it...great place..but they seriously have to pull their fingers out on the
way they let people in.. they make the excuse that it's members only on thursday
nights when i've been in on a thursday anyway
Corey, Caulfield, Sat Jul 3 19:39:37 2004
Great crowd, great music, a really great atmosphere and people always seem to
be in good moods! The decor is especially nice
Sarah, toorak, Wed Jun 16 02:31:41 2004
Don't waste your time going to Seven... Thursday night headed out there after
Billboard and queued for about 20 minutes... after waiting for us to get to the
front of the queue a rude bouncer told us we can't get in cos of 'gender
inbalance' and i had too many male friends with me!?
YT, Sat May 8 16:57:20 2004
i love the party retro type room they have on thursday nights. heaps of fun.
caity, ringwood, Fri Apr 16 06:55:30 2004
can anyone put people on guestlist for thursday nights? if you can let me know:
nathan, templestowe, Mon Apr 5 12:56:53 2004
hot guys everyone is funky
izzie, black rock, Thu Mar 18 15:44:18 2004
good atmosphere, great music, sexy ladies
Dean, st kilda, Wed Mar 17 03:08:50 2004
cheap drinks and hot chicks!!! you can't beat $1 beers and $2.50 spirits along
with great music and just all around top atmosphere
jimmy, carlton, Wed Feb 25 00:53:33 2004
great atmosphere, great people, music that you can dance to and is not
nic, doncaster, Fri Feb 20 00:58:00 2004
This coming thursday will be MASSSSSIIVVVEEE at seven...Practically free drinks
most of the night. Place to be. Great scenery and music a must on thursday 19th
wendal, Sat Feb 14 14:50:30 2004
A reasonable night down at Seven last night. Not exactly the biggest crowd ever
seen as Seven, and the guy-girl ration left a little to be desired, but good
retro fun was had by all none the less. The main room was not open, (just the
lounge - retro) but the DJs and the crowd in the lounge were all there to have
fun (not too many heroes or posers - always a good thing)
Scott Markworth, Melbourne, Fri Aug 29 16:36:17 2003
it has good music, 80's and the people are nice easy to get to and i always
have a good time without any hassle getting in
Lucy, vermont sth, Fri Jun 6 07:41:37 2003
Seven has the greatest variety of music i have ever been experienced to, the uni
crowd is great! lovin the cheap drinks and the women well!!!
darren richards, Malvern, Thu May 29 10:34:12 2003
You can go starspotting and have a drink with the girls in one night!
Nicole, Pakenham, Fri Apr 11 06:40:27 2003
good drinks good music good fun
luke, narre warren nth, Sat Mar 29 18:28:45 2003
It's got the greatest mix of music along with great drink specials and one of
the friendliest crowds
Fiona, Ringwood, Mon Mar 24 19:33:19 2003
Cheap drinks, music variety, uni wind-down, plenty of scenery
Stuart, Malvern East, Fri Mar 21 21:30:44 2003
good crowd, good music, good location
Julia, Calton, Fri Mar 21 20:36:29 2003
the music is really cool. there is an excellent crowd & the place rocks!
tan, east doncaster, Fri Mar 14 05:50:13 2003
Young crowd, cheap drinks and lots of dancing to all different kinds of music.
Alanna, essendon, Wed Mar 12 23:15:03 2003
seven would be a much better nite out if you could guarantee your whole group
will get in. not once have my male friends been let inside- clubs need both
sexes to be successful guys!!
cara, balwyn, Thu Dec 5 17:46:36 2002
Thursday is a university-based night with downstairs DJ’s Tim Patterson, Pete Tran, Phil Ross and Sean Quinn playing progressive house and dancefloor monsters. Upstairs Derrick Kristie and Quentin playing vocal house classics. - Media Release (3.5.01)
Thursdays are an institution at Seven as the Super Crew deliver a relentless mix of house and progressive music with residents in the main room: Tim Patterson, Pete Tran, Phil Ross and Sean Quinn. Upstairs Derrick K and Quentin spin quality house. Guests have included Jeremy Healy, Nik Fish, Andy Van and Chilli Hi-Fly.

Upcoming at Super – Nik Fish, Sydney’s best DJ, returns to rock the dancefloor on 28/06/01. Thursday nights at Seven gets your weekend off to a flyer! - Media Release (3.5.01)
June 29, 2000
The word for Seven on a Thursday is trendy. This venue explains how all those rave-fashion type shops stay in business. For guys, strictly cargo pants, sneakers, and clubby T-shirts, no collars. Girls for the look, from very classy through to very clubby. Basically dress comfortably to dance to a night of techno and house.

Seven was created September 1999 as a merger between the Redhead & Saratoga. These were two of Melbourne's trendiest and classiest venues, both with a fantastic reputation for pulling the greatest DJs from all over the world. Seven is similar, except that it is much more house/techno focussed, and the crowd dresses very club trendy.

Thursday represents the student night. The crowd is aged 18-22, and the primary catchment would be University students. It is a similar type of crowd (and night) to upstairs at Blush (Silvers Thursday), or the main room at Redhead.

We rolled in somewhere before 11pm. By about 11.30, there was a crowd there, and around midnight saw enough for upstairs to open. I left early, just as a Uni Law Ball afterparty rolled in - doh! That apparently filled the rest of the venue.

Seven has two levels, and three rooms. Downstairs (at ground level), features a striking entry which leads into the impressive looking, but smaller than expected main room. This room features a dark standing area (where you could dance) with some seating, based around the groovy bar on the left wall. The steps upstairs and cozy booth couches are on the right. At the far end of the long, narrow room, is a decent dancefloor, with good lighting.

The DJ and booth are placed on a stage at the back of the room, in front of a pretty impressive video screen. The DJ booth is designed to be seen from anywhere in the room, to cater for the international DJs that frequent Seven. There is a clear focus on the music and dancefloor.

Upstairs looks great. On your right, above the ground level dancefloor, is the moodiest room I have seen for a while. It is primarily a dancefloor, with a bar on the right wall, and DJ (Cue?) in the booth, surrounded by couch seating, on the back wall. He provides funkier house music, for people to groove to. Had you turned left at the top of the stairs, you would find a lounge room, with a pool table. It feels a little out of context with the rest of the venue.

I suppose the best way to summarise Super Thursdays at Seven, is trendy, driven by the fashion for house and techno music. Clearly it is designed to cater for those with defined musical tastes. It was good to visit a distinct, well designed venue.

Ben Clissold
September 30, 1999
Thursday night at Seven is for those people who love going to a club like no other. As the name suggests, it is open seven nights a week but Thursday night rocks the house. I went there for its opening (30-09-99), so everyone was there to check it out.

The majority were eighteen and nineteen year olds with a few handfuls of people in their early twenties. The peak of the night was at around 12:30pm. The crowd was a bit of a Redhead crowd, so it was good to see old faces again.

You can wear basically anything as long as you look neat and presentable. The actual dress code is smart/casual and they allow runners such as Cons, Vans and those good old Spice Girl shoes. People were dressed very comfortably. There were the usual guys in Helly Hanson jackets, and the girls wore a range of clothes from short dresses with high heels (as you do) to pedal pushers, runners and singlets. I found that wearing runners was very comfy for the type of music being played.

They have progressive house on the ground level, which includes a few dance numbers. This is where the big dance floor is, with some original lighting techniques going on. There is one section of the dance floor which is kind of like a stage, put aside as a ‘try-hard’ podium space. There are no actual high podiums to dance on, probably because everyone there is techno dancing and would just fall right off.

Upstairs they play deep house which is kind of funky. As well as a dance floor, they have a bit of a ‘make-out’ / ‘chit-chat’ room going on. The toilets are downstairs but everyone got confused with the signs of male and female: you will know what I mean when you go there. There is a bar upstairs and downstairs which does not mingle with the dance floors at all.

The drinks prices are a little below standard bar prices. For example, your Vodka and mixes are $3.50 before midnight and then go up by another dollar. They give pass-outs which is good. The cloak room has been reduced to $3.00 per item and the entry fee is $7.00, like the name of the nightclub, or $5 on a guestlist.

I personally went there to have a good night out and dance, dance, dance. I left there at around 3:30ish and the crowd was still strong.

Overall, it was a pretty impressive night with good house music and a massive screen behind the DJ showing a range of different still and moving images. I highly recommend it and may even get a door list there of my own one day.