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SMS Club




60 Swan St, Richmond
Night name:SMS Club
Music:Com/Top40, Party/Retro, Bands, RnB/Funk
Short desc.:One of the biggest Thursdays anywhere
Age group:
Correct at:Feb 25 í08 (Max Moose)

5 years on and you just can't beat the Depot! They're doing it up at the moment so hopefully I can be the first one through those doors when they re-open and never leave!! I LOVE DEPOT!!!
Jodie Rath, Port Melbourne , Tue Jan 22 13:44:06 2008
We had planned a big night at the old de pot for a while. One of the boys flew
down from Sydney to be there and we were all psyched. Fitta even came just to
put it all in perspective so the scene was set. Then we find out our F*****
cheap drinks have been calously removed with no prior warning. Two men were
wounded over ordering at a hyper inflated price. Fitta jumped on a grenade for
me and is in intensive care as we speak. It is fair to say the owners have
really screwed up on this one but I guess he does not understand the culture of
thursday nights. Long live next blue.
Bruce, Reservoir, Fri Oct 7 13:49:31 2005
I like the music and people that go. the band is also really good. on thursday
nights they have cheap beers and other drinks.
rubina, Werribee, Wed Sep 21 04:25:18 2005
Just to let you guys know Play-Doh are now at the Depot Thurs nights. Come down
and party with us and make up your own mind!!!
Steve, craigieburn, Tue Aug 30 14:12:50 2005
Good People, Good Times, Great Posistion, Good Mates, Good size, Good Value,
Good Music, Good Women, Good Drinks, Good Night
AnonyMoose, Burwood, Tue May 31 03:02:36 2005
Good People, Good Times, Great Posistion, Good Mates, Good size, Good Value,
Good Music, Good Women, Good Drinks, Good Night
Shaun, Burwood, Fri Apr 29 17:56:12 2005
I am a Uni Graduate and have yet to find a job so I am still able to drink it up
at depot, perhaps it is stopping me from getting a job. I suggest you all bet on
brisbane this week as they are a sure thing. I will celebrate with you all at
E Wakefield, Black Rock, Fri Apr 29 15:11:03 2005
Good night cheap drinks, good when ya still studying and have no $s.
AnonyMoose, Wantirna, Mon Apr 11 16:29:26 2005
There's a pretty good crowd, cheap drinks... easy to get to via train, pretty
Anonymoose, Sat Apr 9 07:30:24 2005
I'm Back. They have finally banned me from the casino so i have decided to
return to where it all started - The Depot!!! I love the people (guys and
girls), the drink special, the music and especially the fact it is close to
southbank. So bring it on Depot!
Chris Vocal, Rosanna, Wed Mar 30 19:28:38 2005
I always have a blast at depot, even met my future wife there. I would love to
have my reception there one day that is how much i love the place.
Ash W, Beauey, Wed Mar 30 16:52:19 2005
What kind of crowd at depot on a thurs? as in what age?
boz, eltham, Sat Mar 5 20:14:31 2005
It's filled with great people most of the time with a variety of different
music that keeps the house rockin' all night long!
Emma, Doncaster East, Sun Jan 9 03:06:30 2005
I have heard a rumour that cog are going to perform at depot in a few weeks, is
this true as spud will be there with bells on. Amex is in with the punters as is
depot, next best thing to the cas.
cog fan, Wed Jan 5 18:36:33 2005
waller is a good golfer but he will never win a stitchem unless he has a lesson
a day like wakefield. crilly may as well shave his head coz he's only delaying
the inevitable. spud just needs to take a good hard look at himself a work out
if he has cut ties or not. depot rocks.
Jimmy D, Tue Jan 4 21:51:26 2005
I am a big fan of the place, the $2.00 spirits and $1.00 pots really hit the
spot. ir is nicely located on hoddle street, near west richmond station. the
quality there is top notch, mark my words on that one. Waller is a good golfer
and crilly is not bald
J.Depor, Coruna, Mon Dec 27 19:43:57 2004
Depot is a great place to have a big night, goes late and cheap drinks help. I
only hope none of my progeny drink there as it is so much fun it will make me
look bad.
S.Express, Doomben, Fri Dec 24 10:05:00 2004
I am a track runner and after a gruelling campaign of up to 4-5 months of hard
work there is nothng I love to do more than celebrate with the boys at depot. My
stomach ulcers may not like it but the place is too good to miss. get there if
you can
AMEX, Gold Coast, Fri Dec 24 10:01:33 2004
I loved my trip over here, i met a couple of great guys, patriculy a strapping
tall blond bombshell. The talent there is unbelievable, even his friend was
cute. I also went to Geebung on my holiday. The depot killed geebung however.
Shaz, Warnambool, Wed Dec 22 16:48:59 2004
I love going to depot, as i am out of work i have nothing better to do than piss
it up on a weeknight. well depot is the place for that, cheap drinks aplenty.
Heaps of nice ladies to, just ask dogga, he picked up 12 there last week. My
only concern is my annoying mate loves the place as well, I can't get rid of the
Ellit W, Black Rock, Wed Dec 22 16:44:30 2004
18.11: Frysie+ Kane Rockstar DJ
Tonight is the official launch of Melbourne Party Season 2004!
Depotís Rockstar DJs present Frysie & Kane
Big Brother housemates Frysie & Kane are heading to the Depotís big Thursday to
have some fun. Kane will be DJing head to head with rockstar DJ Brad Sassman.
Depot, Richmond, Thu Nov 18 06:13:21 2004
18.11: Rockstar DJ Kane+ Frysie
The Depot presents:
Rockstar DJs
This Thursday November 18
with RYAN (FRYSIE) & KANE from Big Brother
Kane now resident DJ on rotation vs Brad Sassman
DJ Rockstar at the Depot every Thursday.
Where the best fashion meets the best of R&B, meets the best of house.
DJs all on the big stage all night
Brad Sassman vs Kane on rotation every week with DJ Jaz, DJ Chris and special
guests weekly.
The biggest Thursday night in Melbourne just got bigger!
The Depot
Functions · Live Bands · Pool
60 Swan Street Richmond
The Depot, Richmond, Wed Nov 17 04:28:37 2004
good crowd cheap drinks
Jason, richmond, Fri Nov 12 03:34:24 2004
Huge End of Exam Party(18/11) with DJ ROCKSTAR.
Thursday at the Depot just got even bigger.
Meet Kane and Frysie from BB. Where fashion meets the best of R & B, meets
house. DJ' S all night on the big stage
Matt, Richmond, Tue Nov 9 15:50:16 2004
Caught word of the full new line-up for the Depot's new band-free Thursday. It
will be dominated by rock-star like DJs, one with a particularly big profile
from interstate. We will keep you posted.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Oct 12 05:23:47 2004
Depot on Thurs nights is the best, the crowd is fantastic, drinks are cheap and
the music is just the best. Especially the hot looking boys that play in the
band Slumberyard ! Although this Thur night is their last gig there, so eveyone
head on down, it gojng to be huge !
Aleesa, Wantirna Sth, Wed Oct 6 09:18:36 2004
Slumberyard moving to Thursday at Rus bar. Expect cheap drinks to follow
Simon, South Yarra, Mon Sep 20 12:48:36 2004
23.09: Kane vs Sassman
Get ready for Kane vs Sassman
Grand Final week
September 23rd.
Kane from Big Brother goes head to head on the decks with Brad Sassman.
Slumberyard as normal till Midnight then the showdown starts.
Depot, Richmond, Thu Sep 9 17:16:15 2004
it's awesome fun, good crowd
nat, the patch, Thu Aug 26 03:43:09 2004
Hey guys...
Great to hear all the feedback. Just jumped on the sight andf noticed nobody
leaving msgs lately. Looks like you're all busy studying.
Anyhow we're still rockin' each week. Cam White where are you???
Matt from Depot, Richmond, Tue Aug 24 18:45:26 2004
cheap drinks, good music, gets packed, fun place
jess, doncaster, Sat Jul 24 22:25:01 2004
Being of Indian descent I am sometimes worried about the places I go. I have not
been sledged about being a gup once at depot.
Satchi, Kew, Mon Jun 28 12:29:57 2004
What a place. Great cheap drinks, great atmosphere. Wanna go out with friends
this is def the place u can dance talk or just get pissed its great.
Hawkz, tulla, Sat May 22 13:04:15 2004
Good crowd, awesome cover band
Arron, Heidelberg Heights, Mon May 17 03:52:56 2004
Because it has cheap drinks, great atmosphere, beer garden and heaters:)
Katie, kew, Sat May 15 03:19:00 2004
Been a while since I've ventured to the Depot on a Thursday. It was pretty busy
for this time of year. Reasonably good looking crowd in too.
Slumberyard are the main feature of the night these days. The boys know how to
have fun, especially with the uni crowd. They are about the only hard coverband
going around at the moment.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue May 11 06:05:23 2004
awesum atmosphere, uni nyt, cheap drinx!!!
Mat, Cranbourne, Tue May 11 01:20:31 2004
fun, lighthearted and causual. good atmosphere and vibe bands are really good.
can sit down and chat in the beer garden
haylee, knox, Thu May 6 01:21:23 2004
good music cheap drinks pool tables and nice beer garden
joey joe joe jnr, east malvern, Thu Apr 29 03:26:39 2004
I love going to depot with the boys from footy. It has given me a chance to get
to know them really well. We always enjoy ourselves and look forward to it after
training. Without the depot I think I would only get 10 minutes playing time a
Sean C, Black Rock, Sun Apr 18 16:50:40 2004
great music, good crowd of people, cheaper drinks then most place, great
atmosphere, great bar ppl!
anna, ashwood, Tue Apr 6 04:17:52 2004
I'm a uni student, so i think Depot is a great uni night. I am able to
contemplate my future with lovely young ladies. The cheap bourbons set me up
for a good nite later in the evening usually at the Casino. Im geared up for a
big night this Thursday. If only they accepted Amex behind the bar, then we'd be
locked in for a big night.
Chris Spudocale, Echuca, Wed Mar 31 22:23:11 2004
Great night to go out after the cricket and talk to blokes who don't like my
bowling. I also enjoy sitting back with a bourbon and talking fishing. I
picked up Mark Skaife there & Russell Ingall - what a GUN! Hopefully i'll bring
along my harmonica next week and get some tips from the band.
Cameron White, Beaumauris, Wed Mar 31 17:20:27 2004
Awesome - great place to kick back and relax and have a bit of fun
Sasha Radford ;), melb, Wed Mar 31 16:00:08 2004
good bands, cover music is fabulous cos u get the live atmosphere, with out not
knowing the songs
Anon, warrandyte, Mon Mar 29 14:56:00 2004
I am getting sick of Depot and I am thinking of going elswhere, what will win
out. My desiree to go somewhere else or the fact I am a tightarse and want to
save a dollar or two
El W, Black Rock, Thu Mar 25 15:10:23 2004
come on girls and boys!!! get down to the depot and have a drink with me. we can
talk about motor racing, fishing or fashion!!! who knows one of you may get
lucky...hope to see you there. xxxoo
Chris V, Thu Mar 18 12:20:49 2004
hot boys, cheap drinks, great friendly crowd, great mix of dance music and the
very good lookin SLUMBERYARD and the wacky crazyhaus!! wat more could ya ask
for ;)
kylie, scoresby, Fri Mar 12 16:02:26 2004
How ggod was the Grand Prix on the weekend ! I dont care about Michael
Schmacher, all i care about is the Holden Racing Team. Skaifey had some bead
luck, but Jason Bright came through for us. Does anyone have any Holden racing
parafanalia that they no longer want ? I am willing to pay top dollar. I will be
at the Cas tonight if anyone wants to show me what they've got. I'll be wearing
a holden racing top and cap, easily identifiable.
Chris V, Woop Woop, Thu Mar 11 13:01:13 2004
I got a cab to Silvers after the Depot with these blokes that live up the Coast.
I decided not to go in and have a good time, i much preferred walking from
Silvers to the Casino, it helped me stay alert and sober up for a big night on
the tables. I love the Casino neally as much as Mark Skaife and the whole Holden
Recing Team.
Chris V, Rosanna, Wed Mar 3 11:43:02 2004
Depot was alright but the night really took off when we got to silvers. This
place is amazing, it was a ahame I had these two losers from black rock with me.
Ash W, Beaumauris, Sun Feb 29 11:17:40 2004
WOW!!! wot a depot!!! so many HOT GUYS!!! I picked up this real cutie!!! hope
he's there next week!!!
Chris V, Rosanna, Fri Feb 27 16:17:33 2004
I am constantly being asked to come to the depot by a couple of Melbourne
followers, when AMex next runs in Melbourne I will be sure stop by
Alan Bailey, Gold Coast, Thu Feb 26 16:24:06 2004
Great to see you are a fans of me Spud and Apprentice. I also love the Cas, and
have been known to sneak away from venues to have a bet. Keep wearing that
racing parafanalia, the chicks dig it.
Mark Skaife, Mt.Panorama, Thu Feb 26 16:14:18 2004
I love to celebrate a deportivo win by kicking back at depot. One night I was
celebrating and I was alerted by another party goer that it was actually the
british lions that had won, too many scotch's I think
Brushed, Beaumauris, Thu Feb 26 16:12:19 2004
I am such an Alco I stay out until all hours when I should be resting up for
work./ I have even fallen asleep at work and blamed it on the heating. All the
same I rate the depot and it gives me a chance to relax
Al Kaholic, Snndy, Thu Feb 26 16:07:24 2004
I love the Depot, the main reason is cause its close to the Cas (Casino). I can
duck away to the Cas without anyone knowing i'm gone. P.S. I am in love with
Mark Skaife.
Apprentice, Claiming 3 kg, Thu Feb 26 13:22:47 2004
Depot is a great nite out. i can wear wot i want, i.e. my car racing gear, and
the cheap drinks get me to a stage where i can court girls to my hearts content.
i'm looking for a girl who's into fishing.
Spud, rosanna, Wed Feb 25 22:47:36 2004
I got my friends, got my cheap drinks,I got the depot to go to, depot's on,
depot's here again, back to greet me like an old friend.Well that's the thing
about depot. I'll meet afriend outside the pub, we'll argue over who's gonna
drink the most, he'll drink scotch, i for bourbon. well that's what depot means
to me, that's how i like my depot to be.
Greg C, Carlton, Tue Feb 24 19:05:58 2004
I love the cheap drinks as it allows me to kick on for an all nighter. I even
rescheduled a swim with the dolphins so I could go this week.
Desiree, Black Rock, Thu Feb 19 15:33:00 2004
The Budgie is quite true in what he/she is saying. I would give up a fishing
trip to go to the Depot on a Thursday night, its that good.
Gone Fishing, Wilsons Prom, Wed Feb 18 14:39:10 2004
its just a fun place to go heaps of cool people and its got cheap drinks and a
good band
budgie, Rosanna, Mon Feb 16 03:29:21 2004
It doesnt get any better than the Depot on a Thursday night, cheap drinks and a
friendly crowd. Cant ask for anymore than that !
Nemises, Moe, Fri Oct 31 12:09:08 2003
Depot is the best!!! Great people, great band and great booze. You can't beat
$2.50 spirits anywhere!! Just get there early unless you love queing up :-)
Jessie, Croydon Hills, Fri Sep 26 12:49:51 2003
good range of music and cheap drinks! Hate the que though!
Ange, Cheltenham, Fri Jun 27 09:15:07 2003
Slumberyard take the reigns at the Depot from Metrik begining tonight.
Slumberyard are probably the maddest and best alternative coverband in
Melbourne. Their Foo Fighters covers are just magnificent.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jun 12 22:01:25 2003
i liked it cuz of the sexy band metrick but they've gone to frostbites now i
Ez, sassafras, Thu Jun 12 01:15:07 2003
it has heaps of young people, an awesome beer garden but mostly you cant beat
$2.50 spirits
Matt, williamstown, Wed Jun 11 06:13:15 2003
Depot is the best. Cheap piss, and tons of hotties.
Ryan, Melbourne CBD, Thu May 22 17:32:34 2003
My favorite place in Melbourne. Cheap drinks and there were these two girls...
What else do you need?
Ryan, Melbourne, Tue May 20 07:14:48 2003
I know so many people who go there - and the whole place is pretty friendly. The
drinks are also cheap which is good.
Taryn, Ivanhoe, Thu Apr 24 19:12:41 2003
Depot was enormous 4 Good Friday Eve. Huge queue from about 9pm, and full until
about 1.30-2am.
As always it was an excellent uni crowd, and lots of fun. Metrik were on fire,
and the crowd had an awesome spirit. Great night. (Sorry Emily & Chelsea,
I couldn't find the car you wanted photographed)
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Apr 21 19:57:18 2003
I have been getting out a bit lately, Depot would have to be one of my fav's!!
Heaps of hot guys & chicks!!
Jodie Rath, Port Melbourne, Tue Mar 25 13:29:45 2003
I'm a uni student - thursday is uni night at the depot and that means cheap
drinks. Works for me.
Steve, Mitcham/Ringwood, Fri Mar 21 20:38:46 2003
good crowd, good music, good night out
Vicki Bevan-Jones, Warrandyte, Sat Mar 15 04:16:59 2003
Because all my friends go there, and everyone there i know somehow. because
it's a cool place and the band is really good!
Tiffany, Templestowe, Fri Mar 14 03:27:04 2003
good atmosphere, friends r all there, cheap drinks, good music
Alicia, heidelberg, Wed Mar 12 23:16:20 2003
Another big night at the Depot tonight. Huge queues from 9.30/10. Inside packed
and warm (very humid day). Great young crowd, 18-22 enjoyed up and comers Metrik
on stage, and the DJ was pouring out a good current commercial mix with a few
new house tunes too.
The beer garden was extraordinarily popular again. Definitely a night to check
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Feb 7 07:19:53 2003
went to depot last night for the first time, had an awesome night. good band,
cheap drinks, and a decent crowd. if i would make one suggestion, get some more
bar staff. the amount of time people had to wait for drinks was almost un-
scott, Fri Dec 27 14:38:19 2002
Heard a lot of good things about the Depot on Thursdays. It is meant to be one
of the big ones, and it is. For some reason everywhere seemed to quieten off
about 1, but I arrived at Depot around 1.30, and it was a very good crowd. Large
numbers, but great quality too. Much like a 18-21 year old version of Star Bar
Sunday, and there is nothing wrong with that!
Alternative coverband Metrik in the main room between commercial DJ sets. Front
bar has pool tables for some variety.
In general a very good night out. Get there early, though, as the queue can be
long (under the rail bridge) and slow.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 9 06:07:05 2002
thursday nights are mad fun at depot now... $1 illusion shots, $1.50 pots and
$2.50 basic spirits before 12
JorDzZz, Mon Jul 8 16:47:51 2002