MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Sain Bar

149 Toorak Rd, Sth Yarra

April 15, 2001 - What a night, indeed! Sain Bar will always be right up there
with the clubs/bars that really meant something special to me growing up...not
only was there the sexy soulful/r'n'b tunes, and the velvelty vibe of the crowd,
but there was something extra special on that night, that particular night of
April 15, Easter Sunday - it was that night that I met Ash my gorgeous one, my
lover, my inspiration, my best friend...and 3 years on, we are still together,
happy as ever, and to be married in April 2005... Oh what a night, indeed at
Sain! xx
Stef 'da wrat' , Melbourne, Wed Apr 14 11:52:55 2004
April 15, 2001
Sain Bar was the Sunday choice of a couple of friends of mine, who are dealers at the Casino. They were looking for a cruisy Sunday, with a bit of style.

The crowd at Sain Bar is fairly broad ranging. Straight off the top, the music is R&B, probably leaning more towards soul. You find a DJ playing deep tunes, before a band takes over. This means you have a very different night to most clubs in town. It attracts a crowd with very distinct tastes. It is a more mature crowd, even though the age range is probably 18-35, with most in the 25-30 range. They are people who are full time employed, so dress well, and act in a more sophisticated manner.

We rolled in fairly early, probably around 9.30 or 10, to find the place reasonably busy. By 10.30 or so, just in time for the band, the dance floor was full, and the rest of the venue busy enough.

The venue consists of one L-shaped room. You enter off the street, and down some stairs to reception. To your right is a lounge area, very reminiscent of the Gin Palace. It is a great space to chill-out over a few drinks, with a great view of the venue. Opposite this area is the dancefloor, and stage for the band. Beyond that is the bar, and the bit the wraps around to create the L. This has a few bar tables and stools, but acts as a great place to stand and watch the band. It is not a huge venue, but a larger venue would struggle to create the right feeling.

Sain Bar certainly does achieve a good feeling, but you really want to have the right tastes to make the most of it. Soul really is an acquired taste, and great for a change of pace.

If you are looking for something sophisticated, yet laid back, and you love soulful music, definitely take a look at Sain Bar.

Ben Clissold